5 Ways Cushions can Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Living Room

In the world of interior design, the cushion has a special role to play. Primarily used to emphasize focal points, bring furniture to life, and create that highly sought-after homey vibe, cushions have the ability set the ambiance of the room just right. Whether you are going for that artistic Boho Chic look or a more modern approach in your living room, the look wouldn’t be complete without the right selection of cushions.

That said, it’s not like you can simply scatter a few pillows around the room and hope that the design will magically become more vibrant and welcoming to your friends and family members – no, it takes careful planning and consideration. So, let’s take a look at the five effective ways you can use cushions to enhance the look and feel of your living room.

Complement the theme of the room

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Firstly, ask yourself what the main goal of your living room design is, what kind of emotion you hope to evoke, and what the predominant look you’re going for really is. Much like any other room in your home, the living room should enjoy a unique theme, a guiding design that will dictate your choice of accents and accompanying decor.

For example, a more eclectic theme would benefit from an artistic assortment of cushions, designs boasting patters and textures from different time periods. On the other hand, these designs might not complement a more modern look quite as well, so all the more reason to choose complementary pieces. Even so, there is something to be said about strategic contrasts. Here’s how to use them.

Add contrast for a dash of personality

The design of your living room should be an extension of your personality, and it will be up to the accents in the room to portray that unique identity in all its appealing glory. The cushions you choose will play a leading role in bringing this look and feel to life, particularly if you use them to showcase all of the different sides of your persona.

This means that you should not only arrange cushions like a pro for maximum aesthetic appeal, but also know how and when to use contrasting designs to eliminate monotony and reveal the quirky, playful side of the design. Use a contrasting hue or pattern to emphasize a focal point, such as a sofa, an old armchair, or even a comfortable seating area on the floor.

Create a cushiony floor seating arrangement

Sitting on the floor is a unique bonding experience that never fails to appeal to every generation. Whether your kids are playing on the floor or if you’re sitting snuggled together and watching a movie, there is a number or reasons why you would use pillows to design a comfy seating area on the ground. The key here is, of course, decorating for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.

To achieve this, make sure every part of the body rests on a comfortable surface. Create a warm resting spot for your feet with comfy round rugs in front of and beneath fluffy pillows that boast a bit more stuffing to support the weight and keep their shape – this will ensure that the party will go on no matter how long you sit on the floor. As a final touch, complement the area with a few chunky-knit blankets you can throw over your younglings during those long movie marathons.

Master the art of layering your cushions

When adding cushions to your bedroom design, you need to consider two things: how many cushions is too many, and how you should mix and match your pieces to frame the design while giving it a unique, harmonious look. This might seem like a delicate task, but there are certain rules you can follow.

Firstly, understand that the number of cushions you should put on a bed will depend on its size. As a general rule, though, add one larger cushion for every seat, and then complement with an accent cushion if necessary. This gives you an opportunity to layer your cushions and create an interesting, vibrant image with different patterns and colours. Use the same mindset for every furniture piece, but keep functionality in mind.

Pick the right size for every piece of furniture

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>A piece of furniture needs to be functional. There is no point in bringing an armchair into the mix that looks good but is uncomfortable to sit in, nor is there a point in layering pillows so that the person has nowhere to place their respective derriere.

With that in mind, be sure to pick the right cushion size for every piece of furniture. Generally, a 50x50cm cushion works well for a sofa or an armchair, but be sure to inspect the ergonomics of the piece before buying. If the furniture has a protruding backrest, a cumbersome pillow might make for an oddly stiff sitting position. In such cases, it’s better to go with smaller pieces that accentuate the design while making the furniture more comfortable in the process.

Final thoughts

The cushion can be a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled designer, and now you have the information you need to choose the right pillows for your living room, as well. Use these tips to enhance the look and feel of the living room and every other room in your household, and create a comfortable living space the entire family will love.

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