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Bio: Lana is a student of Architecture and a food lover from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about interiors, but her specialty is landscape design. She enjoys playing in kitchen and cooking for her friends and family, spending time in nature and learning about other cultures by travelling.

When they want to rearrange a residential area and put their ideas into realization with the right measure and good taste, celebrities, and those who are not, invite interior designers. They ‘work in the shadows’, redesign the furniture, visit the shops, fairs, flea markets and are ready to meet even the smallest demands in order to provide their customers with exactly what they want and what reflects their personality the best.

Patrick Mele

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New star of interior design

One of the up-and-coming interior designers is a thirty-year-old Patrick Mele from Connecticut, who, before founding his own company Patrick Mele Design in New York, dealt with brand design. He studied architecture at Syracuse University and majored in art history and culture. The nature of his education is reflected in the space that he creates, the space in which the architecture and art, and fashion from a historical perspective permeate.

Interior designer Patrick Mele posing for a photograph in the apartment he decorated

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Bits and pieces of Mele’s unique style

Tricks of light, sculptures, mixed textures such as animal patterns and vertical stripes, baroque chandeliers combined with modern architecture, are some of the elements which he works with. Patrick has an incredible gift to connect seemingly incompatible styles.

It is impossible not to notice how each project has an artistic touch in the form of ceramic and stone busts, heavy metallic pots or Chinese porcelain pots, or wall art that ranges from the Renaissance through graphics to urban abstraction and so on. Collision of old and new and a few historical epochs in one room are perfectly normal when the work of this interior designer is in question.

beautifully designed interiors

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Mele works in such a way that in his sophisticated style he injects the personality of his clients, thus creating an amazing living space. In every project he has to make himself independent of the ruling trends because if something is not to his taste and liking it would definitely look fake in his project. Great attention is paid to light and the mirrors, unusual lamps and tall windows that sometimes take up a whole wall.
Even when it comes to furniture, there is a lot of diversity. The range of materials extends from the dark, through the painted or highly polished wood, to stone, brick, plastic, metals, leather and brocade.

Thoughts and projects

A piece of which this designer dreams of having is Fornasetti’s ‘Scaletta pano’ on wheels. Another favorite of his are ‘Cole & Son’ wallpapers. Mele believes that luxurious flowerpot palm opens up every space, while wallpaper adds a dose of fantasy and drama. In collaboration with friend and designer Hayley Sarno, Patrick has created his own line of wallpapers in black and white called ‘Sauvage / Savant’. Last summer, together with a group of New York designers, he responded to the call of Peter Fasano to come to Massachusetts and create a unique line of textile. Mele’s pieces look as if the designer played with a painter’s brush on the canvas.

In addition to residential buildings, Patrick deals with decor, design and organization of private and public events as well as exterior and interior of garden spaces, and in his work biography, he has already cataloged cooperation with major brands such as Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and the others.

Diamonds ARE forever, but (by the looks of it) as long as they are emeralds. Emerald green – the colour of jade, Amazonian rain forests, and Irish grasslands. Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. Mother Nature’s most abundant shade. This luxurious jewel hue has always been on the trend radar, but after the Pantone Institute named it the colour of the year of 2013, its newfound fame heightened the impact of the colour which does not seem to subside. It is the colour that symbolises richness, sophistication, class, and prosperity. Being a universally appealing tone, emerald green easily translates into both fashion and interior designs. The rich tone brings the sense of renewal, and what could be a more appropriate choice for a home redecoration project. We love how it fits into every room and style. Below we give you some ideas how to incorporate this everlasting green shade into your home.

1. Paint the Walls


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You can choose to add emerald subtly, with a few décor pieces, or you can go totally over the top with it. If you are brave enough, use is as a wall colour. It works excellent on accent walls, or on tall ceilings, but we say paint the entire room. Do even the doors and windows. It almost acts as a neutral in this case, since lush green brings peacefulness into every space. Furnish with neutral colour and natural wood furniture, or add a touch of Art Deco with yellow accents. If you are uncertain whether you would an all green room, go first with jungle patterned wallpapers. They can be easily torn down if you change your mind.

2. Patterned Textiles


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Pillows, curtains, bedding, upholstery, floor mats — if you can find them in emerald green, we say do not think twice. If they come with any pattern, it is a double bonus. Since emerald is Mother Nature’s favourite colour, you can easily find nature-inspired patterned textiles. If you decide to go with a different colour for the walls, then you can be even more daring when it comes to these accent pieces. To add dynamics, mix them with beige, navy blue, and red details.

3. Giant Rug


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Imagine stepping barefoot on lush and soft grass. Now imagine being able to do that as soon as you open your eyes. A giant green rug will give an outdoorsy feeling to your bedroom. Lay a ‘lawn’ inside your living room with a wall-to-wall carpet and you can sit on this ‘grass’ even on a rainy day. Just the thing you need to lift up your spirit.

4. Bright Cabinets


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White and wood cabinets are convenient because they go with everything. But are you looking for convenience or are you trying to create a space you will love? After all, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. There has never been a colourful kitchen that did not look chic, and emerald green kitchens are stunning. However, these kitchens are not for the faint-hearted. The key here is to find balance. If you are going for green cabinets, do light floors and countertops. Keep the accessories simple. Exposed brick walls match emerald perfectly, just like copper accents (e.g. lamps).

5. Gorgeous Green Glass


Did we say to keep the accessories simple? This excludes glass. Green glass is back, and in big style. Think glamour and elegance mixed together in a vase or a glass. Go to your local thrift store. You will probably be surprised by the choice of green glass they have.

What is your favourite shade of green?

2016 might just be the year you decide to redecorate your home. If you do so, you should make sure you follow some of the latest trends. Take a look at the following projects which might serve you as inspiration and help you choose designs, strategies and materials for redecorating.

Home Design Trends for Your Garage

Good news if you are not using your garage just to store your car – You can now have screen doors which do not interfere with the system of the garage doors. So, there is no need to open the whole garage doors when you just want to grab a couple of things. There are some systems that even have a door within the screen for easy access. The price of such garage doors depends a lot on the features you decide to go with, but on average, they will cost you around $1,400.

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Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood is going to be the ultimate flooring choice for many kitchens in 2016. Hardwood flooring brings warmth to your kitchen and gives it natural looks. Hardwood stands up to any stains but you should also cover the area you will be using the most with a small mat or rug. If you want to keep the traditional look you can go with mahogany or dark walnut stains. Even though flooring like this lasts for years you can refresh the kitchen by refinishing or staining them every couple of years.

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Solar Water Heater

More and more homeowners are deciding to use one of these. If installed carefully, a solar heater can provide a major percentage of a home’s hot water for a long period of time. Even though you will have to pay for the heater and the installation, the price of your utility bills will be reduced and after a couple of years, you will recover the expenses you had at first. Experts say that getting a solar water heater is one of the best ways to invest in renewable energy in 2016.

Deep Kitchen Drawers

You might want to organize your kitchen cabinets better in 2016. And installing deep drawers might just be a way to do so. It is one of the best ways to store your cooking equipment and still reach it easily. Most of the cooking pots and appliances like a toaster cannot fit a standard drawer and that is when a deep drawer might come in handy. You can also add dividers and inserts so you could separate your dishes and pots according to the set or size.

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Heated Entryway Floors

Heated floors are definitely a great choice for bathrooms, but in case you live in a cold area, you might want to install these in your entryway as well. First of all, this will keep your entryway warm during the whole winter and give you that pleasant feeling once you step out of your shoes. Also, we might have a wetter summer than usual, and this means we will be using umbrellas and raincoats. But having heated floors will keep your entryway from getting slippery and messy.

If you decide to redecorate this year, these are the things you should go for. Still, make sure you are always in search for some home improvements you can make.

You have your own entourage, wear fancy clothes and own the latest gadgets. You do all of these just to emulate your favorite celebrity. But wait, if you’re going all out in achieving celebrity status, shouldn’t your house mirror that of a celebrity’s as well?

During the recent years, celebrities have become so big and influential that a lot of people copy not only their looks but their houses as well. From actors to musicians, to athletes and even models, they all have the power to mold us and our homes to look either totally cool or downright outrageous.

Here are 10 easy ways to achieve a celebrity-looking house:

Develop an eye for class

Don’t blindly buy furniture pieces because they are “in”. Take insights from interior designers that are renowned for their taste in luxury. The luxurious pieces that you purchase should be timeless and give an overall sense of regality in your house.

Develop an eye for class

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Learn to accessorize

If you’re short on dough, you can pick some shiny accessories like some gemstones and attach them to a small piece of furniture or any favorite item of yours. It will introduce not only gleaming detail but an aura of sophistication as well.


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Go gold

Nothing says rich than a fancy gold finish. Spray-paint the sides of a mirror, a chandelier or any metal accessory to bring a formal feeling connecting art with a golden touch.


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Upsize it

Use large-scale pieces as a theme. It will create opulence while making your rooms visually appealing. As they say “bigger is better”.


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Pick your fabrics

The right fabric helps establish or enhance the “feel” of your house. Fabrics like silks, velvets, jacquards, damasks, and ikats do a fabulous job of introducing an element of splendor into a space. If you can’t afford a whole sectional, try it in smaller doses like curtains or throw pillows.


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Commit to Symmetry

If you like your house to represent stature and significance, then it’s best to apply symmetry. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people will see, and you want it to be just as elegant on the outside as it is inside. You can bring the symmetry to the garden and plants in front of your home by adding oversized planters on either side of your front door.


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Don’t over-decorate

When decorating, don’t go over the top. You don’t have to have everything all at once. A well decorated space is one that is curated over time so it’s best to go slowly and build slowly.


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Use unique furniture

One definite way to stand out is to have what most people don’t have. By using unusual shapes in your house, you’ll not only intrigue your guests but set your space apart. Try a multifunctional sofa that turns to a dining table or cool-looking chairs to accentuate an offbeat but distinct style.


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Incorporate statement art

Don’t let wall art be treated as an afterthought but instead treat it as a design opportunity. Meshing the right statement art with your existing space will provide you a glamorous and harmonious interior. Hang neon lights with bold statements or a big wall art for that striking impact.


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See your vision through

Rome wasn’t built in a day so stay the course until you complete your envisioned celebrity home. Do your research and stick to your plan so as not to cave into expensive impulse buys that weren’t a part of your original plan and set you back financially.


There’s nothing wrong with admiring and emulating celebrities, even up to the point of having your home look like theirs. Just don’t let it be the center of your life, instead enjoy the experience and take pride in your beautiful project.

This article was contributed by Joel Samonte 

Joel Samonte works as a Content Writer for Hoppler – the most advanced online tool that helps you search, buy, sell and rent properties in the Philippines. A true Bosconian to the core, health buff, devoted husband and a loving father. You can reach him at [email protected] or through LinkedIn.


Do you sometimes feel like you are drowning in garbage? Or that you cannot simply rid your home from all the unnecessary things? I, for once, had an issue with hoarding all kinds of things that were only piling up and making a huge mess in my home. My hobby gear like airsoft guns, camping supplies and kids toys took so much space. After I have decided that it is truly time to make some changes in my life, I realized that the first step towards a clean mind is a clean house. If you too have an issue with a cluttered and messy house, I recommend taking a peak at these miraculous rules for a clutter free life:

Declitter 1

Do Not Put Off Until Tomorrow…

…what you can do today, right? Train yourself to be a responsible adult and do not procrastinate when it comes to cleaning and putting things away. No matter how tired you are, make sure not to hold off your duties until the next day, as this can quite simply turn in a regular routine.

The Best Memories Are Kept…

…inside your head and not inside your home. I had quite a trouble with grasping this idea, until I realized I cannot hoard every little object someone has given me. As hard as it was, I decided to make a photo shoot of all my precious belongings and memories and I keep those photographs in one photo album, that takes just a small amount of space in my bedroom.

Declutter 2

Categorization Is The Key

If there is one rule you should follow thoroughly then it is this one. The key to a successful organization is categorizing everything. Group things according to relevance, priority, similarities or whatever suits you and do not forget to mark them. See-through containers and labellers saved my life!

Keep It Functional

This rule is based on one simple question: “Do I need this?” Sometimes it becomes quite hard to part with certain items, but in order to live a clutter free life, it is important to think in a practical and functional way. So before you decide whether you should keep it or not, ask yourself does it really serve any purpose to you.

Declutter 2

Use Your Storage Wisely

There should always be a specific space in your house reserved for storage. Of course, make sure to make the most of this space. There is no point of having a storage facility that will not be functional. So keep in mind that even your storage space needs to be organized and tidy.

Minimalism Is In

One thing that helped me a lot when I started organizing my life was all the modern and contemporary designs that were becoming quite popular in the world. So I decided to try this new minimalistic trend, so I asked the local rubbish removal experts for some advice of ridding my house from all the unnecessary trash and clutter. And you know what? It works like a charm!

Declutter 4

Go Digital

Another great thing about this internet era is that it can help you a lot when it comes to storing files, documents and all other important paperwork. Before, there were papers scattered all over the place. And now, I simply rely on the good old digital storage to keep my files organized for me.

Be Charitable

In the end, it is important to ask yourself if perhaps there is someone out there who needs those things more than you. Be charitable; do not hesitate to do a good deed and help someone who needs it.

So these are my magical rules of leading a clutter free life. They worked for me, so I surely hope they will help you organize your life as well.

Combining old and new in your décor might seem like an easy task, but, you will have to look into many a thing to be able to create an eclectic groove. Remember that eclectic design is all about creating harmony amidst chaos, which means that you have to plan every little detail to get the best results.

A Chance to Use Antique Elements

There are not a lot of interior designs which can include old-fashioned elements and make it look good. You will have to ensure that all your décor pieces have the perfect position, otherwise they will look out of place, and time. Combining the vintage look will take some careful planning, to be able to fit it into a modern overall design. Nevertheless, with an eclectic approach you can make it work, and in fact it will give your home a rustic and warm charm.


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Use Recycled Materials

One of the good things about mixing old thing in your home is that you can freely reuse recycled and reclaimed wood furniture pieces. Not only will it give your home a unique look, but you will be able to save some money while equipping your interior design. Be sure to stick to one overall design not to overburden your interior look and to make it possible for better design. On the other hand, you will be able to combine old furniture as well, which you might have lying around.


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Mind Your Color Choices

Creating a flow of colors which go from one into another will also create a feeling that your home is connected in more than just one way. However, the modern design is about soft and toned-down colors which do not attract too much attention. Try to keep your decorative items within the same color scheme as well because if they pop out too much, it could ruin the design you were working on.


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Go Wild With Lights

The lighting used in your home should be placed so that you get enough light to be able to see, without having to include additional lamps later on. You can install beautiful modern lighting to go with any room and which will fit perfectly into your eclectic design. Furthermore, it could become a focal point as its unique shape and look could bring the whole room together. Bear in mind to stick with eco-friendly solutions, as it will use less energy overall, and you will be able to save some money on the energy bill in the future.


Image credit

Bringing the Living Room Together

A living room will be a large open space with many challenges to overcome if you want to achieve good design. Instead of thinking up a completely new look, try to find inspiration in existing incredible eclectic looks. It will be a good starting point, and you can make sure to add your own charm into the mix, to make sure that you end up with an amazing look in the end. However, try to avoid adding in too many elements as you will only create chaos where you want to achieve a harmonious design.


Image credit

Try to avoid mixing together elements which clearly do not go together as it will only end up with a disaster and your home will seem like someone rampaged through. Your aim is to create a sense of coherence and serenity. Your décor design in the end should be able to relax you and to get your mind of the everyday struggles. Nevertheless, a few daring pieces will be able to enhance your eclectic design even more.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to get into the mood. A simple way to get the fire of love started is to decorate our everyday living space so that it reminds us of love and shows our appreciation, affection and feelings for our beloved. Your home décor can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, but here are a few of our favourite DIY ideas for the love season.

Make L.O.V.E. pieces

Any craft store will probably have big size letters made of wood or cardboard, so you can get your L, O, V, and E and decorate them. You can cover them in glue and immerse them in red glitter to get some sparkly elegance. You can for example paint them red and draw white and pink little hearts on them, or simply paste heart shaped stickers on them. A creative way to decorate the letters is to wrap them in yarn in different colours; they will look great in any combination.

Make a Valentine’s Day shelf

Dedicating a shelf or a central place like the mantel to Valentine’s decorations will make it the focal point of our home and show the importance we give to love. We can decorate this shelf with a vase with red flowers, Valentine’s cards, sweets and candies in red and white colours, a favourite picture of you and your partner together, and anything else that comes to your mind when you think of love. Add a nice little garland with red chord and paper hearts and there you go.

Make a floral centerpiece

Nothing expresses love like flowers and you simply can’t go wrong by sticking to this tradition. Get a of at least the double of the amount you would usually buy. Decorate your vase by wrapping it in nice wrapping paper with heart prints. Then cut out little strips of paper like the ones you find in fortune cookies and write love messages for your loved one to read, roll them up and attach them to the flower stems using some thread or yarn.

Turn your wall art into love art

Most people have at least some wall art hanging on their walls all year round and with time we simply stop paying attention to it. For Valentine’s Day and the time around this holiday, we can change this by simply temporarily pasting something over the original art using tack or transparent duct tape, or removing the art from their picture frames and replacing it with love themed cards or art prints. There are many art prints to be found online or we can draw and paint something ourselves. If nothing else, cut out big red paper hearts and place them over all wall art pieces.

Love bomb your home

You can always get red and pink paper and cut little hearts out, put some thread through them and make little hanging hearts. Only, our idea is to make hundreds of them and hang them all around the house, on your lamps and light fixtures, on your mirrors, door knobs, chairs, along the sides of the dining table, on counters and windows, everywhere. You can make heart garlands and add love notes and balloons to them if you wish. Pretend it’s someone’s birthday and make a big banner made of hearts or even a splendid surprise with a farm-fresh flower arrangement.

Heart themed home

The predominant symbol is of course the heart, and the colours are red, pink and white. Add a scented candle, some chocolates and let love flow in!

When people speak of luxurious homes and different designers, they might come across some differences as to what luxury is all about. With many different styles emerging, that show off uniqueness and creativity, it is not that easy to pinpoint only one style as luxurious. New luxury designs’ range is vast so we asked some of our bloggers for their personal opinion.

Marie Nieves and perfect comfort

According to Marie, the perfect new luxury of a proper and cozy home is the ability to make it feel like it belongs to you completely. This does not mean buying expensive furniture and paying great amounts of money to decorators, but simply listening to your own likes and dislikes, and step by step, with help of some DIY projects, making your place comfy and a reflection of who you really are.

Comfortable decor

Clean and bright for Chloe Taylor

To Chloe, the idea of perfect home corresponds to the Scandinavian style of home decorating. Minimalistic approach is highly valued in this style and the code ‘less is more’ is more prominent that in any other style. Utilizing bright colors and simple and functional furniture designs while getting the most out of natural light is the luxury anyone would be thrilled to incorporate into their lives.

Scandinavian decor

Lana Hawkins’ indoor garden

Lana is a nature lover and therefore it is not surprising that her dream home embodies indoor green walls. Having a whole wall made of plants not only looks magical in any type of home but it also cleans the air and provides peaceful environment due to its ability to reduce outside noise. Being able to relax in her own home filled with invigorating greenery is all the luxury Lana needs.

Indoor greenery

Daniel Rogers’ take on Game of Thrones

It seems that the whole world went crazy about Martin’s Game of Thrones, so much so that it is nothing strange that some fans, like Daniel, want motives of Westeros in their home. This kind of décor is not that difficult to achieve. Everyone has their favorite House which details can serve as a way of accessorizing. Adding more wood, embellished frames and medieval-like candleholders and kitchenware can turn your home into luxurious Seven Kingdoms paradise.

Game of thrones decor

Zoe Clark values sensitivity and class

For gentle feminine souls like Zoe, shabby chic home décor is something to look forward to when spending time at her place. Mix and match of different styles and even different eras, all lined with a lot of white color, distressed wood and girly details with a vintage vibe represent both the innocence and sophistication of the owner.

Shabby chic decor

As seen above, new luxury home design solely depends on the person in question. Still, there is no question about the fact that all these ideas are perfect for bringing the best out of you when it comes to redecorating your home and finding the best way to express your genuine self, which, in all honesty, is the most luxurious way to live a life.

Have you ever wondered why we like some colours more than others? Or why did you paint your wall a certain hue? Was it just a randomly picked colour, or is there a reason we always make similar colour choices. Some people claim that we have a proclivity for a certain type of shades and hues, and that this proclivity depends on and expresses our personality. Look around your living room, since this is the room where we send most of our waking hours, and see if you can notice any colour schemes. Then when you have found one (and we are certain that you will), read the following list to see what the colour you choose most often says about you.



Image credits

Ask yourself – what does yellow remind you of? Bright sunshine, high life energy, and roaring fires, of course. If you gravitate towards yellow, or other warm shades such as red, orange, or peach for that matter, you most probably have a cheerful personality. You follow your own rules and inspire others to do the same. Warm shades make the room look more welcoming and intimate. You probably like having people over.



Image credits

If, looking around your living room, you see a sea of blues, you are probably a bit introvert. Your home is your oasis and your safe haven from the crazy world. On the other hand, your strong will and determination and a no-nonsense attitude are what drives you. Unlike warm hues, cools expand a room, giving you the feeling of freedom. To avoid the chilly atmosphere, throw in a few brown details in your furniture.

Light Green


Image credits

Cool green shades are easier on the eyes, because they have a lower intensity. For this reason they remind us of something soothing and peaceful, like wide-open fields. If light green appeals to you, you are probably a good listener. Someone who calms other people down. You let them express their feelings and thoughts.



Image credits

Explosive pink reveals an explosive personality. You are most likely adventurous and tempestuous. You are always on the lookout for new experiences, you have to try and see everything. Pink loving person is someone who is easily bored by everyday, mundane things.



Image credits

It takes courage to go for brown painted walls. Brown coloured walls and décor show that you are responsible, diligent, and hardworking. You take your obligations seriously, and leave nothing to chance. Other people respect you, and you value their opinion.



Image credits

Maybe colours are not your thing. Do not worry. This just means you are a practical, even-keeled and satisfied person. This also goes for all neutral colours, like grey, beige, and ivory. You like permanence, cleanliness, and a classic look. To avoid the sterile and ‘boring’ look, work in some dark and light toned details in furniture, and plenty of texture.

Judging by your walls, what is your favourite colour? Would you say that your personality matches our explanation for your colour? Share with us your colours. 🙂

Organic gardening is a philosophy that advocates for the better health of the whole system and the well-being of the environment. To make your garden organic you need to free yourself from all the manmade chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. The emphasis is on cultivating sustainable and nourishing ecosystem where you can safely grow healthy, chemical-free plants.

What and How?

For this type of gardening you will need plants that are more resistant to diseases and pest problems since you are not going to use any chemicals. You also need to choose plants that are easily adjustable to any spot in the garden in terms of soil, light and moisture. When buying the plants and seeds, make sure to get them from farmers that grew them without using any chemicals. You need a clean start for organic gardening. There are many plants that are easily grown naturally and from a seed, such as cucumbers, annual poppies, sunflower, coriander, sweet peas, squash and many others.

Benefits of organic gardening

Benefits of Organic Gardening

The two biggest benefits of organic gardening are personal and environmental health. The use of pesticides and chemicals is linked to various diseases such as cancer, autism, birth defects, depression, infertility, Parkinson’s disease and many other defects and diseases. So, by growing organic garden you are simply skipping all the risks and saving the environment. Other than skipped risks you are introducing many other benefits in your life. By spending time outside in your garden you are exposed to sun and supplied with more vitamin D which helps you fight diabetes, strengthen your bones and joints and prevent depression. Also, you are exercising your body and reducing stress since gardening is calming activity, plus you have healthy and free fruits and vegetables which cannot so easily be found on the market. Organic gardens are not only beneficial, but they look stunningly beautiful and are actually a new trend in 2016’s landscape design.

Watering organic garden

Cleaning and Watering

It is of utmost importance to keep your new garden clean of dead, fallen foliage and other litter. These things can rapidly spread diseases on your plants, so once in a week you should pick up and clean dead foliage. Also, if you notice any infected leaves on your plants, you can prevent further spread by simply cutting off that leaf or an infected part.

When watering, do it wisely. If you leave the leaves of your plants wet they can easily catch diseases. Avoid using sprinklers, and instead turn to water-saving soaker hose and water your plants directly to their roots. Also, avoid clustering your plants closely together because that can cause the spread of fungal diseases. Give them space to breathe and grow freely.

Organic Gardening

Attract Good Insects

Even though they are sometimes annoying, insects can in great deal help you grow an organic garden. Insects that are your friends and that can help you get rid of real pests are ladybugs, praying mantis, soldier beetle, spiders and many others. So if you see one of these, you should actually be happy to have some help. The best way to attract these little fellows is by planting plants they love such as, daisies, sunflowers, yarrows, marigolds, purple coneflowers and other attractive species. These will look good in your garden and will bring along lots of help.

I also found a lot of interesting stuff at Bren Haas‘s website. She’s a gardening expert that has been growing her own organic food since 2008. Join this new trend and go organic. You, your family and the environment can in great deal benefit from this gardening so why not use the resources and nature smartly.