5 Home Appliances That Require Service Every Year

June 1, 2024
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In the modern world, you can’t live without home appliances. The appliances make your life easy, save time, and provide comfort. There are many home appliances that we use in our daily lives, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, garbage disposal, freezers, and ice makers.

These all appliances are made for the long run. They work 24/7, like refrigerators, water filters. But some home appliances require service and maintenance every year. If you don’t go for service, your appliance will stop working after some time. They need service and maintenance on time so they can keep working for years.

5 Home Appliances that Need Essential Service After a Year of Use

So if you want to keep your appliances working smoothly every day, you need to take care of them properly and service and repair home appliance timely. However, there are hundreds of home appliances, but the following are the five main appliances that require service every year:.

Air Conditioner

AC is the most used appliance in the summer. It works day to night in the summer and extreme hot weather. Air conditioners consume a lot of energy to make your room cool. Its proper care and maintenance are the most important things so it can work well and provide efficient performance. If you go for routine service, it will prevent issues that can increase energy bills and reduce equipment life.

When an AC system accumulates dirt and dust, its parts work less efficiently, reducing cooling capacity. So regular cleaning and servicing help maintain peak performance. Also, proper annual servicing extends the lifespan of your air conditioner.

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Water Filter

A water purifier or filter is another important and useful home appliance. It filters the water and provides you with clean, fresh water. Over time or after a year, filter cartridges can become less efficient, allowing impurities to pass through. Proper maintenance extends the filter’s lifespan, maintains water pressure, and ensures safe, clean water. Every year, cleaning filter housings and replacing filters are essential tasks. Remember, a well-maintained system keeps your water quality high and prevents issues like bacterial growth.


Dishwashers clean our utensils like cups, plates, spoons, glasses, and more. It removes food and garbage from your utensils and makes them neat and clean. Dishwashers also get dirty during this process every day. Dishwashers require regular service and maintenance to keep them functioning optimally. The gunk they wash off dishes takes a toll, so monthly or yearly cleaning is essential. Running the dishwasher within the recommended cycles and performing regular cleaning can extend its lifespan.

Heating System

Just like your air conditioner, your heating system should also be serviced annually. This is especially important if you live in a climate with harsh winters. A typical heating system tune-up will include cleaning the burners, checking the flu, and inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks.


Ovens, like all electrical appliances, need regular servicing to maintain optimal performance. Signs that your oven requires attention include uneven cooking, strange noises, faulty door seals, failure to turn on, or turning on or off unexpectedly. It is recommended to service your microwave at least once a year to ensure safe and efficient operation.

In conclusion, maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your home appliances is crucial for a smooth and comfortable daily life. While many appliances are designed to be durable and operate continuously, certain key devices require annual service to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. Air conditioners, water filters, dishwashers, heating systems, and ovens are five essential appliances that benefit significantly from regular maintenance. By scheduling routine service, you can prevent issues, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of these appliances, ensuring they continue to function effectively and provide the convenience you rely on. Taking proactive steps in appliance care not only enhances their performance but also contributes to a more sustainable and cost-effective household.

What is Water Pooling in Fridge & How to Prevent it?

February 12, 2024
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When too much moisture builds up inside the refrigerator compartment, typically as a result of condensation build up or small obstructions, causes water pooling in a fridge. Despite popular assumptions, it’s not usually a sign of a leak. Maintaining optimal fridge performance requires knowledge of the reasons and preventive strategies. 

5 Ways To Avoid Water Pooling in Fridge

Water pooling in the fridge can be successfully avoided, and a functioning refrigerator can be guaranteed, by checking the defrost drain, water supply line, door gasket, or obstructions.

Check the defrost drain 

Check the defrost drain to make sure there are no obstructions. Puddles form inside the refrigerator when water cannot adequately drain from it due to debris accumulation or freezing of the drain. Take out any food and shelves from the freezer to have access to the defrost drain so you may inspect and possibly unclog it. To clean any obstructions in the drain, flush it with hot, soapy water. Use a piece of wire to remove any debris if necessary. After the freezer has been emptied, reassemble it and check for leaks over the next few hours to make sure the problem has been fixed.

Check the Door Gasket

Check the door gasket, which is the rubber seal encircling the fridge door ensuring an airtight closure. If the gasket malfunctions, humidity can accumulate inside, leading to water formation. To prevent this, open the refrigerator door and carefully examine it for any signs of damage. If damage is evident, repair or replacement is necessary. If no damage is found, proceed to check if the leak has ceased after repairing or replacing the gasket.

Check the Water Supply Line

Check the water supply line, responsible for providing water to the refrigerator’s ice maker. If damaged, this line can lead to water pooling in the fridge. To check it, first, turn off the power to your fridge, then locate the water supply line, typically found at the bottom of the fridge. Examine the line for any signs of damage and ensure there are no leaks at the connection points. If the line appears undamaged, disconnect it to check for blockages, clearing any obstruction with hot soapy water if needed. It’s advisable to clean the line with soapy water regardless. Reattach the line and verify if the leaks have ceased.

Check the Water Tank

Check the water tank, which might be installed in certain refrigerator models to supply water to the ice maker or for dispensing cold water. If the tank develops a crack, it can lead to the refrigerator filling with water. To assess the tank, locate it within your refrigerator and carefully inspect for cracks or damage, ensuring thorough examination of associated hoses and connection points. If damage is found, replacement of the tank is necessary; otherwise, proceed to check if the leak has stopped after replacing the tank.

water pooling
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Check the Water Filter Assembly

Check the water filter assembly, as the connection point for the water filter head may become damaged, leading to the refrigerator leaking water. To inspect, locate the water filter unit, remove its cover, and if necessary, turn off the water supply. Remove the water filter using the appropriate method for your model and examine the assembly for any signs of damage. If damage is found, replace the water filter assembly; otherwise, reinstall the water filter and check if the leak has stopped.


There are various solutions to prevent water pooling in the fridge, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of appliances. By providing thorough guidance on checking and maintaining crucial components such as the defrost drain, door gasket, water supply line, water tank, and water filter assembly, customers can effectively identify and address potential issues that may lead to water leaks. Through proactive measures and attention to detail, Appliance online empowers users to keep their refrigerators in top condition, mitigating the risk of water damage and ensuring a hassle-free experience with their appliances.

6 Essential Types Of Machinery You Need When Building A Home

January 31, 2024
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To ensure a smooth and effective construction process, there are a few essential considerations to make before beginning the home-building procedure. Among these, apparatus assumes a basic part, as it speeds up the development timetable as well as improves the general nature of the venture. In this article, we will discuss six essential types of home construction machinery, highlighting their significance for the efficiency and safety of construction and their contribution to project success.

Excavators: The Foundation of Your Dream Home

One of the basic strides in house development is unearthing, and for this, you’ll require a dependable excavator. They are flexible machines that are irreplaceable for digging establishments, making channels, and evening out the building site. With different connections, for example, pails and sleds, excavators can deal with different errands proficiently. To prepare the groundwork for your dream property, it is essential to have access to a dependable excavator, whether you are building on a flat suburban lot in the suburbs or on sloped and rugged terrain. Moreover, their accuracy and speed in unearthing essentially diminish difficult work and venture delays.

Bulldozers: Shaping Your Landscape

When the uncovering is finished, tractors become possibly the most important factor in shaping the scene as indicated by your home’s plan and particulars. Bulldozers are heavyweight champions in earthmoving, fit for pushing enormous amounts of soil, rocks, and trash to make a level and even surface. These strong machines are fundamental for clearing the building site, clearing a path for your property’s establishment, and guaranteeing the legitimate seepage expected to shield your venture from dampness-related issues. Additionally, bulldozers use very little fuel, reducing operational expenses during the construction phase.

Forklifts: Efficient Material Handling

To keep the project on track in the busy construction environment, timely and effective material handling is essential. Because they are skilled at lifting and transporting heavy construction supplies, equipment, and materials, forklifts play a crucial role in this aspect. In New Zealand, where construction sites may vary in terrain and accessibility, having reliable forklift hire in Auckland – Adaptalift NZ can significantly enhance your construction efficiency. These flexible machines further develop security on location as well as diminish physical work, guaranteeing that materials are where they should be at the point at which they are required. Furthermore, forklifts come in different sizes and burden limits, making them appropriate for various material-handling assignments.

Cranes: Raising the Roof and Beyond

Cranes are irreplaceable in the development business, especially when it comes to building houses. They are pivotal for lifting and putting weighty materials such as steel radiates, rooftop supports, and substantial boards. Cranes come in different sizes and types, including tower cranes, portable cranes, and crawler cranes, permitting them to adjust to various undertaking necessities. Whether you’re developing a multi-story residence or a roomy single-family home, a well-chosen crane is fundamental for getting your structure materials where they should be. In addition, modern cranes’ precision and reach ensure that materials are positioned precisely, reducing the likelihood of rework and errors.

Concrete Mixers: The Heart of Structural Integrity

Concrete is the foundation of most private designs, and accomplishing the right consistency and quality is vital for guaranteeing the underlying trustworthiness of your home. For efficiently mixing and delivering the precise concrete mixtures required for your project, concrete mixers – mobile or stationary – are essential. These machines guarantee that your establishment, walls, and other underlying components are vigorous and sturdy, shielding your speculation for quite a long time into the future. Furthermore, cutting-edge technology is incorporated into modern concrete mixers to monitor and control the mixing process, resulting in batches of high quality and consistency.

Backhoes: Versatile Digging and Trenching

Backhoes are minimized machines that succeed at digging, trenching, and performing different unearthing undertakings in restricted spaces. They are especially valuable for more modest private development projects, for example, digging utility channels, uncovering establishments, or finishing. Backhoes are versatile and cost-effective tools for your home-building project because they combine the capabilities of an excavator and loader. Their deftness and convenience make them a significant expansion to your hardware munitions stockpile. Additionally, backhoes frequently come equipped with adjustable attachments that enable you to efficiently and precisely perform a variety of tasks, such as digging holes and grading surfaces.

If you want to build your dream residence, it’s important to have the right tools at your disposal to ensure a smooth and successful construction process. Six essential types of machinery are excavators, bulldozers, cranes, concrete mixers, forklifts, and backhoes. All of these machines play distinct but equally significant roles during various phases of construction. From setting up the establishment to taking care of materials and molding the scene, these machines are essential for making a protected, sturdy, and delightful home. By picking the right hardware for your undertaking, you can smooth out the development interaction, save time and assets, and eventually accomplish the property you’ve generally longed for.

Welding is an age-old craft. It is a simple process that helps join any two materials and is used across various industries like construction, automotive and even artwork. Welding can do it all, from fixing a slight issue in a kitchen appliance to helping build a ship or a plane.

Most home and business owners choose to hire a good welding company to fix equipment than spend a fortune on buying new products.

Anything from damaged furniture to appliances can easily be fixed with welding – if your metal table’s leg suddenly cracks, rather than buying a new table, it is far better to just get the crack welded.

There are a lot of service providers in the welding industry, not all the same, though. Some are better than others.

There are a lot of exceptional service providers in the market. So, be careful about whom to hire. Iron Works Construction, a company dealing in welding Billings MT area, is a reputable example of a good welding service provider amongst a number of other welding companies in the industry. Whether you’re hiring professionals in Montana or Edmonton, in order to choose the company best suited for your specific needs, you should consider some crucial aspects.

Even if you have never hired professional welders before, understanding the following five crucial factors will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get to it!


Always hire a reputable company because it matters a great deal. The quality of work done by experienced fabrication companies is elite. The way they handle their clients gives you a foresight about the quality of work they will provide.

It is also crucial to consider the number of years the chosen company has worked in the industry. It is also beneficial to take into account their trustworthiness within the industry.

Well-established companies with credible names have a knowledgeable and communicative staff and know-how to answer queries and deal with specific problems. To understand the professionalism and quality of services of a company, either carry out thorough research or inquire the business about their previous projects.

Take the financial stability of the welding and fabrication company into account as well. If the company is on good terms with its vendors, is getting their raw materials on time, then the company can provide you with quick and quality services.

Certified or Not?

A certified welding company will give you the peace of mind that only the best technicians are working on your project. Make sure that you have chosen a company that is proficient in working with your specific brand name. Choose a company that has integrity, is honest, and does quality work. They should give you an honest evaluation of the estimated cost of repairing anything.

Check if the welders of the company are all certified. Some trade organizations train and certify welders. Whether you need someone to repair storage tanks or take on a big construction project, always ask for relevant certifications from the American Welding Society.

With certifications, you have the guarantee that the company will have no problems handling your project and will complete it efficiently. Local authorities also issue permits and licenses, which are displayed by the business proudly.

Avoid hiring anyone who’s hesitant to show you their portfolio and qualification.

Reasonable Rates

Hire a company that will give you the best value for your money. The welding company that you choose to hire should have reasonable prices for their services. Drop a company that is too expensive or too cheap. Because low prices may seem attractive, but they might not do quality work, and high prices may not promise quality work either.

Compare the rates for the same services in different companies to get an idea about the standard rate in the market.

Whether you’re taking the work to them or hiring them for an on-site project – it may cost more when working on the site – is another aspect to consider. Using a generator for the fuel, transporting equipment, arranging commute for the staff and many other elements also become a part of the overall expense.

It is always advisable to ask around as well. It can be hard to trust a professional service. But when selected after extensive research, it can be of great benefit. For any job, get a price quote and set a timeline for the job to be completed.

Expertise and Equipment

Hire a welding company with state-of-the-art equipment—the more updated the equipment, the better the quality of service provided by the company. Different companies use different tools depending on the kind of work they offer, so you should choose the one best aligned with your interests.

Note the models of machinery and other equipment being used by the company. Modern machinery and equipment used in welding and fabrication also reduce the timeframe to complete the work. The use of the latest technology and equipment ultimately increases efficiency. Choose a company experienced in working with the specific material or structure you want to get fixed.

Positive Client Reviews

Like in any other service industry, customer feedback is crucial in the welding and fabrication industry as well. When hiring a company, check online reviews of their services and choose someone with considerable positive feedback.

Even if a company doesn’t have a lot of positive reviews, there shouldn’t be any negative reviews either. If someone thinks that a job for a particular company doesn’t meet the requirements, quit immediately. If you are satisfied with the work of your chosen company, don’t forget to leave positive feedback.


After considering all the aspects discussed above, it is also advisable to consent to a written agreement with your chosen welding company to avoid future inconveniences.

Good welders don’t just make good items, they also work with high-quality tools and adhere to safety measures following good industry practices.

Choose a professional welding service you can collaborate with on future projects as well. Do proper research to shortlist the right companies and compare costs and the quality of their services. It is likewise fitting to interview all the shortlisted companies and review their credentials and licenses to avoid wreck later.

Choosing the wrong welding company can cost you a lot of money and time, but you will be fine if you follow the above-mentioned points.

A house fire is probably many people’s worst fear, and not just because it can destroy a lifetime of valuable possessions but also because it can actually be life-threatening. Moreover, as dangerous as the flames are, it’s actually the smoke that is more likely to make you pass out and suffocate. All in all, it’s safe to say that fire and smoke is not something that should be taken lightly. With that in mind, here are a few ways to protect your home from these hazards.

What to do if your house catches on fire?

Knowing what to do in case of fire can save both your life and your house. So, needless to say, if you can extinguish the fire, do it. If you cannot, you need to get to safety before smoke fills your house, and you need to call for help. Now, if there already is some smoke and you can’t exactly run out in seconds, you should crawl your way out, as smoke tends to go upwards.


How to prevent fires?

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so it’s essential that you do everything you can in order to prevent fire. For starters, you should test your fire alarms at least once a month, and you should make sure to replace the battery as well. You should replace the battery once a year, even if the alarms only activated when you were testing them. After all, you don’t want them to malfunction when you need them the most.

Next, don’t let a small fire grown into a bigger one if you can stop it right away. Getting a fire extinguisher before you need it gives you a chance to learn how to use it. Even if you never actually need to use it, it can still give you peace of mind knowing that you have it. So, get at least two for your home, and one smaller extinguisher for your vehicle.

Also, you should come up with a safety plan, especially if you have kids. Most of us have gone through fire drills in school, but not many people organize such drills at home. So, come up with the best plan in case of fire, and make sure your kids are well familiar with it. The plan should include the safest route out of the home, what to do when the alarm goes off, and where to meet in case you get separated. Practice this together until everybody gets it right, and repeat the drill at least twice a year so nobody forgets it.

What are the health risks?

Besides damaging your property, fire and smoke can also cause some serious health problems. Believe it or not, the smoke can actually linger in your home for weeks after the fire. Not to mention how difficult soot can be to remove. Some of the possible health issues include bronchitis and other respiratory issues, skin problems, eye irritation, and in some cases, smoke can even lead to cancer, stroke, heart attack, and long-term problems for infants.

The reason why fire and smoke can be so dangerous is because of the things they melt. Many items, like carpets, fabrics, wool products, and plastics, release harmful chemicals when burned – these chemicals are what causes all the serious damage. This is also why home restorations after a home fire should always be done by professionals.

To sum up, fire in a home can be extremely dangerous, and besides destroying your property, it can cause some serious health problems as well. This is why you should do everything you can to prevent fires when possible and extinguish them quickly if possible. By being well-prepared, you would have one less thing to worry about, and your family would feel much more comfortable in your home.


This is a guest post by Jack Kewell.

People are always trying to make ends meet, and when it comes to home remodeling, it can become so expensive (the average price is $39.957) that you need to do your best to save every dollar you can. The majority does that by opting for low-end materials or taking matters into their own hands instead of leaving them to professionals. And sure, there are some projects you can take on yourself, or use a more affordable material, but sometimes these decisions come back to haunt you when you least expect, and you end up spending more money than you would initially have to. If you are planning on remodeling, we’ll help you out by telling you where you shouldn’t cheap out.

Electrical panel repair

Leaving the electrical repairs to professionals is common sense, but there is no harm in saying it yet again. Besides the risk of getting yourself electrocuted, there is also the chance it would be more difficult to sell your property one day. Modifying the electrical panel requires getting a permit. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to get an ESA (Electrical Safety Association) Certificate, which is a common thing for agents and buyers to ask.

Major plumbing works

Sure, you can unplug your toilet, but any major plumbing work should be left to the plumbers. It is vital to avoid complicated jobs that include the main supply line or the main stack.

Skylight installation

Skylights are great solutions for dark rooms where there is no place for a window. With all the fuss about the natural light being a sought-after feature among the home buyers, they are also a pretty good investment. However, the roof is a tricky place to install a window, and if you don’t do it properly, it can deteriorate over time and allow water into your home.

Window replacement

Similar goes for window replacement. For this task, you need specialized tools and skills. You can’t just improvise when it comes to removing and installing windows. Also, the windows are very pricey and important for energy-efficiency, so saving money on this could actually cost you more than you thought it would in the first place.

Appliances repair

Regardless whether we are talking about gas or electrical appliances, this is the area you should definitely avoid. Both of these power sources can be dangerous to tackle, and even if everything seems fine when you’re done with the fixing, there can be leaks or small malfunctions which can cause serious backfire. In some cases, it is better to buy the new ones. Nevertheless, with good quality units, paying a handyman and getting spare parts is a good investment, too.

Basement renovation

A finished basement not only adds space to your property but also value. Many homeowners decide to take on this project because they don’t consider it to be the main part of the house, and they think the flaws won’t be that obvious. However, some basement projects can result in major structural issues, so it is better to take your enthusiasm elsewhere.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is the plague of many houses built before the 1980s, and during a renovation, the particles of this toxin can get into the air and cause health problems. If you suspect your house could host this dangerous guest, turn to the professionals.

Roof repairs or replacements

There are many cases when people get injured by falling from the roof. Even if you do know what you are doing, it is not worth the risk.


If hitting the walls with a sledgehammer sounds fun to you, think again. What if you hit the load bearing the wall? Or damage the pipes and wiring? Not so fun, after all. For such massive projects, you need to know exactly where to hit, so it is better to call the pros.

Faux finishes

And for the finish line? Don’t do your own faux finishes. The effects of stone or wood on the walls can be beautiful, but if done clumsily, they can look like a hot mess. These projects that rely on aesthetics should be done by people with trained eyes and hands.

There is nothing wrong with saving money where you can, but usually you get exactly what you’ve paid for, and in these cases, that could be – a disaster. These were the tasks that should always be left to the professionals with the right skills and tools.

Farming begins with working on simple and easy tasks for the younger. No one begins their farming journey immediately driving tractors being a young one. Picking up rocks, sticks and doing my side of help. And the Skid Steer Attachments will be best friends while accomplishing these tasks.

There are numerous skid attachments and they have their own objectives. Based on the requirements and duties one can choose an attachment accordingly.


This is affordable and practically easy to use, which makes it the coolest among other attachments. Having a bucket attachment is like having the best wheelbarrow. It will be easy to redo a few driveways with the help of the skid steer and a bucket.


These are frequently used for moving the pallets of materials and sometimes AMSOIL products in the weight of gallons. Forks are best when there is not much usage of forklifts in a daily working day. Make sure to place a few rocks under to make it easy to use next time while moving anything.

Brush Hog

Brush cutters are an ideal attachment while cleaning land and mowing gardens or any other overgrown areas. This helps in cutting with perfect width. While getting a brush hug, confide with the size and speed of the brush. Thick brushes can affect the brush cutter and need high maintenance.


Tiller is not a necessity like other skid steer attachments. But it will save lots of time and energy while working on the farm. It is not for small areas, as you can use small tools that can be more cost-effective than a tiller.

When it comes to larger areas like landscapes, should use skid steer having tiller attachment. The purpose of a tiller is to pulverize tough soil.


Augers are for drilling holes for trees, fencing, footings, and many more. For digging different solid there are different drive systems. But all augers can be attached and dug down around 6 feet. If you need more, you can get an extension.


There are numerous trenchers but you need to check all the aspects before buying or renting out a trencher. You need to analyze how deep and wide to dig and get a trencher appropriately. These attachments usually work effectively when it comes to utility lines, drain pipes, and irrigation systems.

Landscape Rake

This attachment is used for gathering sticks, rocks, and cutting soil. These can pulverize and aerate the level of soils by collecting the rocks. There are many variations in this attachment so get the one that is appropriate for your usage.


This is one of the favorites for every farm cleaner. Sweepers can collect the rocks, debris in the hopper, rocks, or any other particles and dump them in a chosen place. It will keep control of the amount of dust in the farms and in the surroundings.

These are some of the Skid Steer Attachments that can be used for cleaning the farms effectively without any trouble.

Contrary to popular belief, automating your house doesn’t take away from it’s homely atmosphere. If anything, turning your abode into a “smart home” can literally transform it into a haven of relaxation, comfort and safety. That’s why air purifiers, sleep enhancing devices and high-tech sound systems are becoming standard features at some of the world’s top luxury villas and resorts. Let’s look at how these and other amazing technological gadgets can turn your home into a comfortable oasis.

360 Degree Wireless Speaker System

Ever walked into a hotel to hear relaxing melodies wafting as if through the walls? Well, they’re probably using a Bang and Ofulsen wireless speaker system. With an elegant aluminum design that looks more like a sophisticated contemporary art piece than an audio device, these 360 degree speakers create an immersive audio experience. The sound system connects to streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and TuneIn to create customised playlists. So you can choose your music according to the ambiance you want to create, whether it’s vibey, therapeutic or calming sounds. You can find Bang and Ofulsen wireless speakers creating a bespoke atmosphere at some of the world’s best spas and hotels, including Cafe Royal in London and d’Angleterre in Copenhagen.

5 Smart Automation Gadgets For Your House

Nest Learning Thermostat

This energy saving smart thermostat is fast becoming a favourite among property owners all over the world, and it’s not surprising to see why. Not only does it come with a convenient round dial design, but as the name suggests, it also “learns” what your preferences are and automatically creates a customised schedule to suit those preferences over time. However, you don’t have to use the dial as the device comes with an app that allows you to alter your home’s temperature and control settings from anywhere. The App also gives you an overview of how much energy you’re using so that you can control your energy consumption to meet your family’s needs. My favourite feature about the Nest Learning Thermostat is that it can sense when everyone is out of the house, and turns itself off automatically, saving you even more in energy costs.

5 Smart Automation Gadgets For Your House

Luna Smart Bedcover to Improve your Sleep

The Luna Smart Bedcover acts a central nervous system for your bedroom, adjusting the lights and temperature of your bed and the room to suit your preferences, making it warm in winter and cool in summer. Throughout the night, the bedcover tracks your sleep and then sends the information to your Luna app, which you can then view the next day. Basically, it calms the entire atmosphere of your bedroom as you fall asleep, helping you to optimise your sleep so that you can wake up feeling well rested and revitalised every day.

Kuna Outdoor Camera

The Kuna is a tiny Wifi camera that comes camouflaged inside an outdoor light fixture. This smart camera immediately notifies you when someone’s at the door by sending an alert to your phone. This way, you can ask the delivery guy to leave your package at the door for you to pick it up later, or spot intruders without them even knowing it. You can even set off a 100+ decibel siren alarm if you see someone trying to break in or speak directly from your phone into the camera’s speaker to deter them. In fact, you can use your phone as a remote control to speak to people on your property at any time, from anywhere, thanks to the Kuna app.

5 Smart Automation Gadgets For Your House

The camera is weatherproof, and comes in three different styles and two different colors, namely bronze and black. So it looks chic whether you place it at your front door, gate or at your garage. Lastly, Kuna gives you live and recorded video in HD quality, and crystal clear sound with motion detectors that are programmed to only notify you when an actual person is at the door. No more annoying alerts from random dogs or joggers passing by your door.


Awair is a nifty device which purifies the air in your house, eliminating toxins and chemicals so that all you’re left with is refreshingly clean air. It comes with an app that lets you know which factors affect your air quality from temperature, to humidity, chemicals and dust. It also helps you track air quality as it changes, while actively following the improvements in air quality over time. With better air quality comes improved sleep, better health and even the cessation of allergies. I especially love that the device is made from natural materials and can connect with other smart devices like Nest and Alexa for easy integration into your smart home.  The Awair comes in various sizes, from big units that can cater to entire floors, as well as smaller devices can be placed in compact spaces like nurseries and bedrooms.

5 Smart Automation Gadgets For Your House

With smart home devices like these, life has truly become been easier and more relaxed. From optimizing sleep or livening things up with customised sounds, and enjoying peace of mind with stylish safety features, we have officially entered the Home IQ Tech age. And there’s never been a better time to enjoy a smart home than today.