How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

It’s time to decorate your home for Christmas! Check out Amy’s tips for Christmas décor and enjoy the holidays!

1. Incorporate lanterns into your design

 Christmas lanterns

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Lanterns  are a bit old-fashioned themselves, but their use as Christmas décor is very diverse. You can buy readymade lanterns or make some yourself. All you need are some empty jars. Put Christmas ornaments and lights inside the jars to get real holiday-like lanterns. You can also put candles inside for a cosier and warmer feel. Lanterns can also be made of metal, wood, or non-flammable paper. They can be used both outside in the yard or inside your house fro Christmas décor. Using a bucket, you can even make cool outdoor ice lanterns. Put some berries or acorns into the ice to get an amazing effect. You can never have too much lanterns, so place them throughout your home, even in bathroom.

2. Embrace different colour schemes


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It does not have to be all red and green. Experiment with some new trendy colours, or make your own unique combination. Metallic colours, such as gold, silver, bronze, or copper are very popular this Christmas. Their advantage is that they can be easily combined with each other, so you can even go for a three-colour mix. Add some clear lights to your metallic combination and you will have a real star cluster in your living room. Lime ornaments are one of the newest trends. They combine well with light blue. Another funky choice is pink. But if you are really bold, do a more-than-three-colours tree. Try out more combinations to see which one agrees with your personality, or let your kids do all the work.

3. Try an alternative Christmas tree


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Are you allergic to pine (or to the idea of pine), or your place is too small for a real Christmas tree? Try some alternative Christmas tree options. Make a tree-like formation of your personal library. Gather all the books with green covers that you have. First make a wider base and then stack the books on top of each other, slowly narrowing it. Or, stack the books on your bookshelf to resemble a pine tree. If you have some lights left, make the outline of a tree on your wall and tack it so it would not move. Hang a Christmas tree fabric on the wall, or draw a tree on a chalkboard. You can even cut out paper ornaments, colour them and tape them onto the chalkboard tree. Hang your photos, frames, and memorabilia on the wall in the shape of a tree.

4. Add natural elements to your design


Incorporate unusual natural elements into your holiday décor for a modern twist. Put feathers into glass ornaments, or scatter them around the house. Make wreaths and table centrepieces from living succulents. They can survive even after Christmas.

5. Get crafty with the kids


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Letting your kids help you out with decorating will make them happy and you will spend some quality time together. Let them make soft balls from leftover fabric and hang them on the tree, or give them your old shoe rack to re-purpose it and turn it into an advent calendar.

Have you got any other ideas for Christmas décor ?

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