Creating an eco-conscious home in 5 easy steps

As an increasing number of people are starting to incorporate eco-friendly, planet-conscious notions into their everyday lives, the demand for environmentally friendly products and eco services is constantly growing. It’s not hard to do your bit for the planet, and with a little bit of thought and working with the right business, you can quickly achieve a well-decorated, eco-conscious home too. Looking for some inspiration? Look no further.

Eco-friendly walls

This might seem like a far-fetched idea, but you can actually look after the environment with how you decorate, as well as with the vehicles you drive and the diet you eat. When it comes to decorating, opt for either eco-friendly wallpaper or an eco-friendly paint supplier.

Little Greene, for example, are a great brand when it comes to sourcing friendly products; their water-based paints all carry the lowest eco-rating in the industry, and the VOC (volatile organic compounds) content for them is virtually zero. This is great for curbing solvent emissions.

Additionally, their oil-based paints are formulated with sustainable vegetable oils, and their wallpapers come from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forests. They are printed with non-toxic pigments, and their wallpaper paste is also solvent-free. They recycle where possible, and their paint tins are made from 50% recycled steel that can also be recycled after use.

They’re not the only company though, and Farrow & Ball (amongst others) also produce eco-friendly paints for the home. They’re similarly water-based with a low VOC. Other wallpaper brands to consider include Graham & Brown’s eco collection, Makelike’s hand-printed natural dye recyclable wallpapers, and Angela Adams’ PVC-free, Greenguard-certified wallpapers.

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Second-life consumer products

A great way to care for the environment is to buy products that are pre-loved or to reuse what you have already got and upcycle it. This is an easy way to keep your carbon footprint down, and also helps to give your home plenty of character and charm. You will be able to find vintage bargains both online and in second-hand stores and charity shops.

It helps to curb landfill waste and ensures furniture gets another lease of life. Any furniture you are looking to get rid of should be disposed of in the same way so other people can find a purpose for your belongings in their home. Just because it doesn’t serve you well anymore, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t see its potential. When cleaning your furniture, make sure you opt for natural detergents and eco-friendly products too.

Consider your choice of wood

When you are in the business of buying wood, make sure you opt for FSC-certified wood. This means it has been produced from sustainably sourced wood that isn’t going to cause devastation to the planet. You should look for the tick logo of the FSC. It will guarantee that the wood has been harvested using a strict set of 10 principles.

Wood is also a great product to upcycle, and you can always sand down and paint second-hand wooden furniture to give it a new lease of life and ensure it wasn’t cut down from the forest in vain. Lots of furniture producers make stylish coffee tables and dining tables out of reclaimed oak from buildings and factories.

Avoid carpets

If you want to be truly eco-friendly, real wood flooring is the best way to go. The production of carpet includes a lot of chemicals and pollutants, which can be harmful to the planet during manufacturing. Similarly, it releases a range of toxins into your home throughout its lifespan, and even when it is hardwearing, it will still need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

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Add plants

House plants are a great way of getting natural energy into your home while also helping to purify the air. They breathe in carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, and also soak up any lingering harmful toxins and pollutants. They also help to create a sense of zen and can be really easy to maintain. Lots of people opt for air plants as something unique, which can be grown without soil and limited maintenance.

Transforming your humble abode into an earth-friendly haven is not hard at all. As with other things in life, small changes in our mindsets are more than likely to bring about positive effects both on our lives and the planet we inhabit.

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