Designers to Watch out for: Lilly Bunn

A lot of people with a smartphone and enough time to pose in front of the mirror tend to think about themselves as designers or artists. However, getting people’s attention is a daunting task in the virtual realm saturated with visual content. That is exactly what Lilly Bunn did, but little did we know about her when she began her career in the Town & Country magazine.  It was only after working at a renowned McMillen Inc that she opened her own design firm and started making history.


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Revamping with style

Lilly became known as a fashion editor and owner of a successful interior design company. Her work is featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle, and she won many people over with lavish details, charming patterns and vivid colors.  Revamping a wide range of homes is one of her main duties, apart from looking after two daughters. Lilly likes to mix cheap and expensive pieces and can help you get more bang for your buck.

This is no surprise to people who know that she is able to pull off a Zara and Valentino mix with ease. After all, Lilly believes that not only your wardrobe, but also living environment should reflect your personal style. You can learn a lot from somebody’s home, and her example shows that fashion trends translate just nicely into interior space.


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Furthermore, designers like Lilly are no strangers to aesthetic experiments. Style is something that evolves with a person, and juxtaposition can lead to harmony.  Namely, Bunn demonstrated us that it is possible to create homes that are both elegant and livable, shelters that are casual, yet mesmerizing and glamorous. She has an eye for the whimsical, but sense of practical and traditional as well.


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Just the opposite

Lilly adores color and softness, and argues that neutral anchor pieces are the best choice because they allow you to adjust the style over time.  Keeping it simple is a way to create a functional, family-friendly living space, and sometimes a white wall is the best solution that gives a fresh feel.  Still, she does not hesitate to bring some life into homes with bright splashes of color and to add drama with bold patterns.  

This soon became her trademark, and the reason she has many devoted followers. Bunn prefers warm over sterile, and strives to infuse comfort in each home.  Because of her, many people discovered the power of chic accents like flowers, pillows and throw blankets. Yet, she does not go over the top, and uses pops of color in moderation. Striking this fine balance between the opposites is just what separates her from legions of other, would-be designers.


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In the spotlight

Both behind the scenes of the fashion world and on the cover of the magazines, Lilly is someone to watch out for. Contemporary and timeless, her style spellbinds and reminds us that we can look in our closet for inspiration.  Few people can achieve such a sophisticated symmetry of patterns, colors and décor pieces, but we can all learn from the best of the best. Merging fashion and interior design into a unique, stylish mélange, she proves that there are no limitations that a daring imagination cannot transcend.  

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Lana Hawkins
Bio: Lana is a student of Architecture and a food lover from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about interiors, but her specialty is landscape design. She enjoys playing in kitchen and cooking for her friends and family, spending time in nature and learning about other cultures by travelling.

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    i think the chair in the vogue piece is perfect. it’s a great way to use a pop of a color you love but don’t want to oerdvo. and against the more neutral colors, it totally works. what’s nice about a piece like that is that if at some point she wanted to, the chair could be moved to another room and do just the same magic in there.

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