Do I need a rug?

How big is your room?

If your room is spacious and light, you may choose to leave the floor bare, especially if you have nice wooden ones lacquered with a quality lacquer. On the other hand, if the room is too little, you might not want to put anything else in there for fear it would make it look even smaller. However, if the room is really too big, you might to divide it into two or more segments. Instead of erecting walls and changing the dimensions of the room, you could simply try to do it by putting different rugs at different places of the room. One big rug at the sitting area, and one smaller over at the bookcase will visually divide the room into two parts, especially if they are of contrasting colours.



Depending on the room, you might want to use differently textured rugs to make the space more cozy. This is also great for children’s room, they will be spending hundreds of hours on those floors, and you want them to be comfortable while they’re colouring and playing with their cars, dolls, or puzzles. Also, if your guests will be taking their shoes off when they come to your home, having a fluffy rug in from of the armchair or a sofa will certainly make them feel cozy. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a rug to put under your dining room table it will be ten times more difficult to clean up the crumbs that might fall on it, so a simple rug would suffice.



If your floors have solid and peculiar colours, beautifully patterned tiles, sea foam floor boards, or something similar, you might want to show off their beauty to the world. Nevertheless, a beautifully coloured rug will not dull the beauty of such floors, but enhance it instead. Small, brightly coloured rugs will keep the dark room looking fresh and open, while other colours and designs can tone down a too-light space. Darker family rooms, hallways, and living rooms look best with bright rugs, but if your rooms have excessive sunlight you might want to consider colours which will not fade easily.


The issue of hygiene

You might not want to have a rug in the room because it collects dust and it is difficult keeping it clean, but you should know that they require minimal maintenance and are incredibly easy to clean. All you need to do is vacuum it on regular basis and make sure you clean up any liquid spillage before it dries and leaves a stain. Clean and dust-free rugs are not impossible to achieve, and it will keep the air in the room clean and minimize allergic reactions. They are in a way natural filters, they keep dust inside instead of letting it float around the room, and you only need to vacuum clean them.

You should take into account a lot if things: light, wall colour, furniture, the dimension of the room itself, etc. Do your own research because what works for one room may not be right for the other one, and before you make your own decision make sure you took everything into account. Experiment and express your own taste, let your room reflect who you are.

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