Modern Ideas to Add Emerald Green to Your Interior Design

Diamonds ARE forever, but (by the looks of it) as long as they are emeralds. Emerald green – the colour of jade, Amazonian rain forests, and Irish grasslands. Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone. Mother Nature’s most abundant shade. This luxurious jewel hue has always been on the trend radar, but after the Pantone Institute named it the colour of the year of 2013, its newfound fame heightened the impact of the colour which does not seem to subside. It is the colour that symbolises richness, sophistication, class, and prosperity. Being a universally appealing tone, emerald green easily translates into both fashion and interior designs. The rich tone brings the sense of renewal, and what could be a more appropriate choice for a home redecoration project. We love how it fits into every room and style. Below we give you some ideas how to incorporate this everlasting green shade into your home.

1. Paint the Walls


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You can choose to add emerald subtly, with a few décor pieces, or you can go totally over the top with it. If you are brave enough, use is as a wall colour. It works excellent on accent walls, or on tall ceilings, but we say paint the entire room. Do even the doors and windows. It almost acts as a neutral in this case, since lush green brings peacefulness into every space. Furnish with neutral colour and natural wood furniture, or add a touch of Art Deco with yellow accents. If you are uncertain whether you would an all green room, go first with jungle patterned wallpapers. They can be easily torn down if you change your mind.

2. Patterned Textiles


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Pillows, curtains, bedding, upholstery, floor mats — if you can find them in emerald green, we say do not think twice. If they come with any pattern, it is a double bonus. Since emerald is Mother Nature’s favourite colour, you can easily find nature-inspired patterned textiles. If you decide to go with a different colour for the walls, then you can be even more daring when it comes to these accent pieces. To add dynamics, mix them with beige, navy blue, and red details.

3. Giant Rug


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Imagine stepping barefoot on lush and soft grass. Now imagine being able to do that as soon as you open your eyes. A giant green rug will give an outdoorsy feeling to your bedroom. Lay a ‘lawn’ inside your living room with a wall-to-wall carpet and you can sit on this ‘grass’ even on a rainy day. Just the thing you need to lift up your spirit.

4. Bright Cabinets


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White and wood cabinets are convenient because they go with everything. But are you looking for convenience or are you trying to create a space you will love? After all, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. There has never been a colourful kitchen that did not look chic, and emerald green kitchens are stunning. However, these kitchens are not for the faint-hearted. The key here is to find balance. If you are going for green cabinets, do light floors and countertops. Keep the accessories simple. Exposed brick walls match emerald perfectly, just like copper accents (e.g. lamps).

5. Gorgeous Green Glass


Did we say to keep the accessories simple? This excludes glass. Green glass is back, and in big style. Think glamour and elegance mixed together in a vase or a glass. Go to your local thrift store. You will probably be surprised by the choice of green glass they have.

What is your favourite shade of green?

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