Gift Ideas for the Fashionable Home Décor Lovers in Your Life

One would think shopping for home design enthusiasts is a mission impossible. It goes hand in hand with buying someone a perfume. It’s exhausting and incredibly difficult and the odds of the person liking it are not really on your side. Another problem is not even knowing where to start. Home décor is such a vast universe. How on Earth should we know where to look? Despite the pain this type of shopping brings, when you imagine the look on your friend’s face after getting them the best home décor gift there is, you’ll realize it’s all worth it. So, let’s get to it and see how to narrow it down and crack the code for getting the perfect present.


Contrary to popular opinion, minimalism enthusiasts actually like getting home décor presents. However, they may be the most difficult target audience as any gift you get that they already have or dislike, is considered clutter. That’s why you should tread carefully when it comes to buying gifts. However, if you know your friend’s inventory stats, a nice set of trays or cups and a teapot seem like a good idea. Scented candles goodie bags can also bring your friend joy. You can even pair coasters and candle holders. Regardless, your main guidelines are to stick to neutral colors and plain designs.

Antique lover

Unfortunately, given the delicacy of the situation, one cannot exactly categorize antiques here due to the fact that the availability of items depends on luck and circumstances. This is where you simply need to go and search until an item “speaks to you”. It is best if you go live as online shopping won’t give you the real idea or show you the true charm of the items. For instance, my mom wanted to have this special old book. It was about history of mathematics and not many copies were printed so it was impossible to buy it in any bookstore. However, one day, her friend found it in an antique store accidentally and bought it for her. She was ecstatic. So, go and try your luck at various antique stores and flea markets and you might just find the perfect gift.

Natural types

People find it quite easy to shop for this group. When in doubt, buy a plant. You can never go wrong with buying a beautiful plant in a nice naturally designed pot. Success is one-hundred-percent guaranteed. However, if you want to be a bit more creative, there are some lovely cooking sets that are nature-themed with branches for holders. There are also amazing curtain designs and drapes including scenery, animal prints and many more nature-inspired patterns. You could even consider a DIY of cacti in a glass terrarium. It will be a great touch in your friend’s home and it also has a personal note.

Bohemian rhapsody

Bohemians have that wonderful sense of romance. Your friend probably likes to cuddle up into a blanket and enjoy a good book and a glass of wine on a rainy afternoon. In that respect, you should consider getting them a soft warm plushy blanket that also has an interesting design. This would make any bohemian happy. Another gift idea would be pillows or even a plush toy that fits their living room. It’s important that the materials are natural and they feel good against the skin.

Hopefully, this classification gave you some idea on where to start and what to look for when getting home décor gifts for your friends. It will take you some time and effort, but once you see how happy you made them, you will have zero regrets.

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