Glam it Up: Decorate Your Home Like Victoria Beckham

A sneak peek into the Beckhams’ home has revealed a look that has swept the members of the design community off their feet. Known for her refined style, Victoria Beckham has managed to capture a true sense of elegance and luxury in her home. Thus, if you’ve always been inspired by Victoria’s style or you’re simply charmed by the lavish appeal of her plush mansion, here’s how you can recreate such a look in your own haven.

Go with a simple look


First things first, the luxurious look of the Beckhams’ home doesn’t stem from excessiveness. On the contrary, their beautiful space features a rather simple look that exudes luxury and style. Victoria has opted for a simple design, combining both classic and contemporary design elements. Therefore, if you want a home that captures the elegance of Victoria Beckham’s mansion, you should keep it simple, subtle and sophisticated.

Add a touch of marble

Marble is one of the most prominent materials in the Beckhams’ mansion, so it’s no wonder that their entire home has lavish appeal. This extravagant material is used for a beautiful fireplace, white staircase, Victoria’s bathroom and in other areas in their home. Introducing marble to your own space is definitely the perfect way to recreate the appeal of Victoria’s home. However, if you’re limited by your budget, you can also find some great marble alternatives at a more affordable price.

Accessorise in style

As already mentioned, Victoria isn’t a fan of excessiveness and clutter, so she uses just a few impactful details when accessorising her space. Silver details, such as an elegant bowl, go hand in hand with her understated backdrop. Therefore, you can follow in her footsteps and decorate your sofa with sophisticated silver cushions that will both elevate your home décor and introduce a feeling of cosiness to your space.

Choose an understated colour scheme

color scheme

Mostly, Victoria’s home features an understated, monochromatic colour scheme of whites, off-whites, beiges, soft browns, greys, etc. However, she occasionally uses dark tones to create a striking contrast and break the monotony in her space. For instance, her hallway and staircase feature a soft, creamy white backdrop while the banister stands out with its dark look. She uses this subtle colour scheme beyond her walls, making most of her furniture elegant, white and made of natural materials.

Make your wallpaper textured

Wallpaper is widely used in the Beckhams’s mansion, creating stunning visual appeal. However, for a true touch of elegance, Victoria has chosen to go with textured wallpaper designs. One of the rooms features a stunning silver-toned floral print wallpaper that creates a truly elegant ambience. You can also try out this idea in your home, using it for your entire room or creating a single accent wall.

Invite plenty of light to your home

What makes Victoria Beckham’s home even more inviting and appealing is the amount of natural light that permeates the space. Big windows allow sunlight to illuminate her living space, making it seem airier, more open and welcoming. Some of her home’s slightly darker rooms seem certainly more enjoyable and bigger when brightened up by natural light. Therefore, you should definitely move your curtains to the sides and let floods of light inside, especially in your smaller rooms.

Show off your hardwood floors

hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are definitely one of the most stunning features of the Beckhams’ sanctuary. Such elegant floors give their space a timeless look that will never go out of style. In addition, this flooring option offers high-quality and durability, which makes it the perfect choice since they have a furry family member, Coco. If you’ve been hiding your hardwood floors underneath wall-to-wall carpeting, you should definitely reveal their beauty.

Go matte in the kitchen

The Beckhams’ kitchen is certainly stunning, featuring a sleek, modern look. Cabinets and other furnishings are dark-toned while appliances match the dominant colour scheme with their black matte finish. Yet, the entire arrangement is set against a sleek steel wall, which creates a striking contrast. So, you know what to do – make your kitchen sleek, modern and matte.

The home of Victoria Beckham is certainly a stunning example of luxury that stems from simplicity. Therefore, you should take a page out of her book and design a lush haven by introducing an elegant design that combines both classic and modern features.

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