This is the year when we commemorate great anniversaries: 200 years since Charlotte Bronte’s birth and 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death. In light of those events, all over the world there will be seminars, workshops, celebrations, and book clubs which will serve the purpose of commemorating these great writers. For all of us who have that creative spark, here are writing rooms bound to inspire everyone.

A hidden, secret nook

Similarly to romantic secret passageways behind rich people’s bookshelves we see in movies, you can make your own secret writing and reading nook in your own home. For this, you will, of course, need an empty space in form of cupboard under the stairs (think Harry Potter). You can easily order ready-made bookshelf door which can be attached to the entrance of the space you are trying to hide and completely hide it. Inside you can bring plenty of soft blankets and plush cushions so you can stay for as long as you like. Just make sure you have enough natural light or at least a good lamp so that long hours spent over your book, notebook, or laptop do not damage your eyes.


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Magic mezzanine

If you have high ceiling in your home, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a house, you can use the space to make your own comfortable mezzanine writing room. Because you don’t have to close it off completely or hide it, there will be plenty of natural light so you can focus on preparing the space. Bring in a desk and a chair for your notebooks and laptop. Or if you are more into writing from an ‘unconventional’ position, bring in a mattress or an armchair and give it a go. Of course, no writer is ever calm without their books, so make sure all your favourite ones are placed on the shelves or simply arranged on the floor beside you.


Image credits

Your own library

Is there a better way to get inspired than in the space filled with books? Stephen King said that books are uniquely portable magic, and you will need some magic if you are looking for inspiration to finish your writing. Pretty much every writer and bookworm is fantasizing about having their own library at some point in their lives, but until those dreams become true, you can do what you can to make your own small library. Libraries are so easy to make and so amazing that there is a hostel in Japan which offers you a chance to sleep in small nooks placed among bookshelves – every booklover’s dream!


Image credits

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring writer or not, an enthusiast, or simply a devoted reader, everyone deserves a quiet corner for themselves, their books, notes, and thoughts. And you should look for inspiration in different photos of various book and writing nooks from all over the world. Something will catch your eye and inspire you to create your own space.

Well hello there, interior design and décor lovers! Yes, I absolutely understand the craze and excitement whenever there’s a new space to give life to or an old one to inject with new energy and passion, and that’s precisely why I am writing this blog post about Australian interior design blogs – while staying unique in your décor endeavors is understood, everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes and what better way to find it than stalk some of the best décor blogs out there!

The list I am about to give is based solely on my personal tastes and décor choices, so be free to hate it or love it (hopefully, the latter)!

Without much further ado…

Blog #1 – Interiors Addict

Jen Bishop, a former journalist and magazine editor, is the founder of Interiors Addict; a passionate lover of beautiful design and an interior design enthusiast with little design qualifications, the girl is running a blog which is definitely one of my favorite and most gorgeous places to visit. As far as I am concerned, the passion of the team and exuberance are evident in each and every blog post, whether we are talking new products, inspiration or how to guides. If you love their website, you can always check out their sister site Reno Addict

Blog #2 – The Design Files

Back in 2008 a wonderful thing happened for all of us interior design lovers; Lucy Feagins, a Melbourne based design guru started a blog which has quickly evolved into a daily design inspiration and destination of many.

Lucy’s blog has been featured in such great mags like Out Magazine, Design Quarterly and Real Living Magazine. Her blog is definitely a must read for daily home inspiration, as it covers everything from Australian architecture to interiors and art. Intrigued?

The Design Files | New York City | Martyn Thompson from The Design Files on Vimeo.

Blog #3 – Absolutely Beautiful Things

I love, love, love this one! Anna Spiro started it way back in 2006, and the blog’s been flourishing since then. Spiro, who is the owner and curator of a unique and exquisite Brisbane shop called Black & Spiro, inspires us with her personal inspirations and talented laid out all through her blog. What’s amazing about her blog is that, it is not only the place to visit when you are lacking ideas, but a hot spot that offers great insight into the world of a buyer for an interiors shop.


Black & Spiro’s project Halcyon House 

Blog #4 – Get In My Home

Ok, Get In My Home may be the one that takes the cake. Emily is a big supporter of Australian products. She writes about them and combines them achieve worldly, charismatic and minimalist interiors. If there’s anything you need to achieve similar decor, you’ll find the local products here. Emily’s blog has been featured on Kit Home & She Knows so you can be sure that her way is the right way. Her chic style is accompanied with comfort food. Check out her blog for a drooling session.

image 1

Emily Osmond

Blog #5 – The Happy Home Blog

The name says it all. Belinda has been running the joint with grace and joy since 2007. What’s so special about this one? Well, Belinda has successfully merged good taste with family oriented decor. She loves DIY so if you are a fan too, you’ll enjoy reading her adventures with her beautiful four kids. One thing that I love is her take on her own style over the years. Read it here. She is consistent, her ideas are lovely and bring a dash of fresh air.

What has led to where she is now? She wrote for Fairfax Community Newspapers, then moved to Cosmopolitan magazine and she was one of the people behind the launch of Real Living magazine. She took a break from all that after her firstborn Zak came into the world. Three more rascals (this is how she calls them, so cute!) followed.  That’s why her blog gives out that relaxed vibe you’ll feel comfortable with.


Belinda’s adorable kids

I hope you enjoyed this lovely, albeit short, list. Let us know if there’s a decor blog that stole your heart.

Feature image credit: Humble Homes

At first glance, one-room apartments do not seem like a perfect stage for design ideas. On the contrary, these cramped spaces give decorators many headaches. However, one Swedish small haven is about to change this notion. The irresistible charm of the Scandinavian decor was used to pull together a striking home, which responds to obstacles with stylish ingenuity and interior design prowess. It demonstrates the art of making every inch count, and deploys smart design tactics: This is a master class in how to engage in decorating a small space.

White sensation

The first thing that stands out in the unique shelter is the monochrome visual appeal, as this enthralling all-white space embraces the Scandinavian color philosophy. Gorgeous white floor and walls are accompanied by pastel accents that make the room more captivating. Furthermore, the clutter is kept at bay, which provides enough room for daily activities and for people to move around freely. Finally, a large count of windows infuses an airy and spacious feel, which is paramount to Nordic flats.

A photo of a small white kitchen

This shows in the open kitchen and dining area that emanate a sense of freedom. Differently-colored pastel chairs add drama and deliver a whimsical touch to the room, which is complemented by minimalistic wall art. An industrial pendant light draws the eye up, and reminds us of the importance of lighting in assembling a stunning environment. Wall shelving provides storage space in the kitchen, with effective lamps located above it. A small ’50-style, pastel green refrigerator is a spectacle in its own right, and it also acts as a room divider.

A photo of a small apartment in Scandinavian decor

Make room

A comfortable sitting area is the hub of domestic life. It serves as a convenient place for various household activities and social gatherings. There are many windows that let the natural light and fresh air in, summoning the sense of openness and calmness. A grey ARÖD floor lamp compliments the natural blessings, and with its adjustable arm and head, it is a highly-functional source of directional light.  The statement wall on the opposite side introduces some style with the wacky artwork, and shows us we should not shy away from daring focal points when decorating.

Small Apartment

A private sleeping nook is concealed behind the wall, offering sublime coziness. There is also a door that breaks the room and creates an illusion of more space. Behind it, an open wardrobe is located, which is a nice solution for the shortage of storage capacities. There was even space left even for a chill-out corner, which is located above the bedroom. This is a great way to maximize the horizontal space and take advantage of the high ceilings. Make an effort to nurture such strategic thinking whenever decorating and designing a spatially challenging home.

Scandinavian Inspired Apartment

More power to you

Sometimes less is more. Nothing proves this statement as superbly as a tiny, adorable Scandinavian-style home. It has everything one could need, and it is astounding indeed how much style and beauty were packed in 45 m2. This proves that by making the most out of small space, it is possible to transform it into a retreat that transcends the spatial limitations. Merging unparalleled functionality with minimalistic edge and appealing design, this is a small dream home come true.

Images via

A complete refreshment in the sphere of contemporary interior design comes in a form of monochromatic influence whose sole objective is to embellish the living space in a sleek and elegant way. For those who prefer the cleanness of the minimalistic approach, but wish to add a certain twist to it, the monochrome design allows you to play with the sleek combination of black, white and grey and create outstanding textures, patterns and shapes which will surely give your home a sophisticated approach. And for those who observe the contemporary design as tedious, this is the chance to learn how even the simplest designs can make a great difference.

Monochrome Magic

Image source

The Dark White Rises

Going for a full modern approach like this one requires a bit of strategic planning as well. While the monochrome design has the ability to transform a space and give it a true sophisticate splendor, it is good to keep in mind that it is a thin line between monochrome and monotone. To avoid a dreadful and tedious ambient, the best way to go is up…or down for that matter. Playing with height and composition of certain objects in the living space allows you to create an illusion of movement in the room. This trick is also useful as it gives you the opportunity to make your living space a bit more interesting without digressing from the primary design idea.

Monochrome Home Decor

Image source

Shine like A Star

As one of the main characteristics of a monochrome design is creating an ample space with a somewhat dark color palette, it is crucial to learn how to use the art of illumination to build up the ambient in the whole space. This is especially important as the magic of monochrome design tends to leave a bit of a cold and distant vibe in the space. This is where the ambient lighting comes in. The use of natural light in the space is quite often practiced in designs like this, as the warm sunrays give a warmer approach to a somewhat eerie space. Also statement lighting is something that can truly transform a home; especially modern floor lamps. For a more grandiose approach, chandeliers have the ability to add a dash of light as well as elegance to the room.

Monochrome Inspiration

Image source

Pattern It Up

For some, the extensive use of black and white might seem a bit limiting when it comes to decorating the space. This is where textures and patterns find their way into the monochromatic design. Geometrical shapes and clean lines are still in focus, so naturally the use of horizontal and vertical lines, checker designs and dots are some of the best ways to enhance the beauty of the space.

Home Decor

Image source

Nature Always Finds Its Way

While the minimalistic design is more focused on creating a sterile atmosphere without the use of greenery, it is safe to say that nature always finds a way to infiltrate even in the most arid environments. This is how natural materials and fabrics can greatly embellish the living space, even in the gloomy monochrome interior design. This was popularized by the Scandinavian contemporary trend, where the use of raw wood and pale timber makes a wonderful blend with the industrial finishes of the minimalistic design. For a softer approach, take it from the northerners and overstate your living space with a sheepskin throw.

A strict and bold design with a dash of sophisticated is the simplest way to describe the true wonder of the monochromatic interior design. The wise play of neutrals, the blend of nature and the fine art of illumination create a ravishing setting suitable for every soul.

Feature image source:

If there is one specific designer you need to pay attention to it is Young Huh who was featured in Lonny Magazine in “Next Big Names in Design”. The New York based mastermind behind the creative interior design was not always into design. Rather than that, she used to be interested in becoming a lawyer. The thing that she passed the NY and NJ bar exams did not make her become a lawyer. She realized that her office will not be the courtroom and changed all the courtrooms lying ahead of her for creative surroundings. After having spoken to a friend who decided to ditch his career for starting his own business she realized that she needed just the same. And she entered the world of designers.

Young Huh

Image credit


Since 2007 she has been on her own creating unsurpassed interior design elements which have won numerous awards. In 2011, her home got featured in a local magazine called Westchester Cottages and Gardens and she was given the award for “Innovation in Design Awards Interior Design Winner”. And the awards kept being given to her.

Young Huh

Image credit

Why her?

What is it that made the world watch out for Young Huh? It is the simplicity and space-widening colours combined to make everybody speechless. Young Huh loves white and it is often the most important colour in her design.

Travelling back in time

The kitchen she has designed in Mount Kisco, New York is the perfect example of what a creative genius we have in front of us. She managed to recreate the early 1900s look by using all the modern details. Although there are stainless steel appliances, the overall impression is definitely that you have travelled back in time and you woke up in a beautiful cosy 1900s kitchen. The key to her design is humbleness and it is seen the best in this kitchen design. No redundant items, she opted for quality instead of quantity. Even the colours she used epitomise the period she was pointing at – the blue-green cabinets make us reminiscence about the long forgotten times.

image 3

Image credit

This is not the only example of travelling in time that Young Huh has for us. The marvelous Victorian House she designed will leave you breathless. Old-fashioned wooden table and chairs along with the carpet and wallpapers will make everyone visiting this house feel super cosy and welcome. Her love for candles can clearly be seen here. And this is not so typical for Young Huh – there are so many ornaments seen in the carpet and wallpapers. Yet, she still avoided any kind of kitsch and created a fascinating environment.

image 4

Image credit


Her retro vibe can be seen in the project called Beleza, too. The 70s-like chair along with the large amounts of beautiful plants surrounding it are great for unwinding. Still she used white as the most important colour and added lots of plants to make a pleasant, soothing environment with the colour green.

image 5

Image credit

Young Huh is a designer which is yet to show us her biggest masterpieces. Although her time is yet to come, we already fascinated with the projects she has done, the sheer simplicity of colours and clever choice of accessories and cannot wait to see more from her.

The world of furniture and interiors has never been so rich and colorful thanks to the creativity and inspiration of young and unique designers. One such remarkable designer is Samuel Amoia who manages to join completely different worlds of material and architecture in order to create something new yet familiar, interesting but simple and most importantly both beautiful and comfortable in his breathtaking designs.


Image credit

Fascinating material combo

The most distinctive feature characteristic of Amoia’s furniture design is his impeccable sense to combine magical materials like minerals and crystals with industrial materials such as cement and plaster in order to create a piece that can be said to represent a modern world fairy tale. Heavy textures and color combinations in his work embody both the grungy and gentle feeling that appeals to a lot of people nowadays. Most of his designs are nature-inspired which can be seen in his never ending inspiration to mix and match different crystals and colors but the true value of his creativity lies in the fact that he always manages to create something that would prove to be a great addition to minimalist style homes as well as the complete opposite ones.


Image credit

Unique minimalism and perfect comfort

Amoia’s work in the field of interior design leans a bit more towards the minimalist and functional style but he never misses the opportunity to add some quirkiness into the décor. Therefore, regular furniture and lighting will be a sufficient accessory on their own with Amoia’s specific approach to the use of materials and incorporation of a bit unconventional details and positions of the furniture without ever sacrificing comfort and basic purpose of the specific piece.

Functional art

No matter how you look at it, this designer’s work is a form of art and the sculptural vibe of his furniture proves this point without fail. It seems that the main priority for Amoia’s creations is to bring art itself closer to people’s daily lives and enrich the homes with warmth and calming properties of crystals and minerals.


Image credit

Refreshing and beautiful accessories

Amoia studio does not only provide stylish and timeless interior design and functional and sculptural furniture but also pays attention to details that give the final touch to any home. For example, different lighting solutions will illuminate the room perfectly while at the same time being fun and outstanding. Special attention that is given to the design of mirrors is bound to make people love their reflection more while the incense collection from Cinnamon project effectively unites mystique and sensuality in the smallest and simplest decorative accessories.

Many grand things are expected from Samuel Amoia and his team in the future. Someone who is able to incorporate intriguing sculptural concepts with purposeful functionality will always be an ascending star in the world of design because no matter how much the people’s need for order and unity in homes intensifies, a dash of something special and personal is more than necessary.

When they want to rearrange a residential area and put their ideas into realization with the right measure and good taste, celebrities, and those who are not, invite interior designers. They ‘work in the shadows’, redesign the furniture, visit the shops, fairs, flea markets and are ready to meet even the smallest demands in order to provide their customers with exactly what they want and what reflects their personality the best.

Patrick Mele

Image credit

New star of interior design

One of the up-and-coming interior designers is a thirty-year-old Patrick Mele from Connecticut, who, before founding his own company Patrick Mele Design in New York, dealt with brand design. He studied architecture at Syracuse University and majored in art history and culture. The nature of his education is reflected in the space that he creates, the space in which the architecture and art, and fashion from a historical perspective permeate.

Interior designer Patrick Mele posing for a photograph in the apartment he decorated

Image credit

Bits and pieces of Mele’s unique style

Tricks of light, sculptures, mixed textures such as animal patterns and vertical stripes, baroque chandeliers combined with modern architecture, are some of the elements which he works with. Patrick has an incredible gift to connect seemingly incompatible styles.

It is impossible not to notice how each project has an artistic touch in the form of ceramic and stone busts, heavy metallic pots or Chinese porcelain pots, or wall art that ranges from the Renaissance through graphics to urban abstraction and so on. Collision of old and new and a few historical epochs in one room are perfectly normal when the work of this interior designer is in question.

beautifully designed interiors

Image credit

Mele works in such a way that in his sophisticated style he injects the personality of his clients, thus creating an amazing living space. In every project he has to make himself independent of the ruling trends because if something is not to his taste and liking it would definitely look fake in his project. Great attention is paid to light and the mirrors, unusual lamps and tall windows that sometimes take up a whole wall.
Even when it comes to furniture, there is a lot of diversity. The range of materials extends from the dark, through the painted or highly polished wood, to stone, brick, plastic, metals, leather and brocade.

Thoughts and projects

A piece of which this designer dreams of having is Fornasetti’s ‘Scaletta pano’ on wheels. Another favorite of his are ‘Cole & Son’ wallpapers. Mele believes that luxurious flowerpot palm opens up every space, while wallpaper adds a dose of fantasy and drama. In collaboration with friend and designer Hayley Sarno, Patrick has created his own line of wallpapers in black and white called ‘Sauvage / Savant’. Last summer, together with a group of New York designers, he responded to the call of Peter Fasano to come to Massachusetts and create a unique line of textile. Mele’s pieces look as if the designer played with a painter’s brush on the canvas.

In addition to residential buildings, Patrick deals with decor, design and organization of private and public events as well as exterior and interior of garden spaces, and in his work biography, he has already cataloged cooperation with major brands such as Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and the others.

You have your own entourage, wear fancy clothes and own the latest gadgets. You do all of these just to emulate your favorite celebrity. But wait, if you’re going all out in achieving celebrity status, shouldn’t your house mirror that of a celebrity’s as well?

During the recent years, celebrities have become so big and influential that a lot of people copy not only their looks but their houses as well. From actors to musicians, to athletes and even models, they all have the power to mold us and our homes to look either totally cool or downright outrageous.

Here are 10 easy ways to achieve a celebrity-looking house:

Develop an eye for class

Don’t blindly buy furniture pieces because they are “in”. Take insights from interior designers that are renowned for their taste in luxury. The luxurious pieces that you purchase should be timeless and give an overall sense of regality in your house.

Develop an eye for class

Image source:

Learn to accessorize

If you’re short on dough, you can pick some shiny accessories like some gemstones and attach them to a small piece of furniture or any favorite item of yours. It will introduce not only gleaming detail but an aura of sophistication as well.


Image source:

Go gold

Nothing says rich than a fancy gold finish. Spray-paint the sides of a mirror, a chandelier or any metal accessory to bring a formal feeling connecting art with a golden touch.


Image source:

Upsize it

Use large-scale pieces as a theme. It will create opulence while making your rooms visually appealing. As they say “bigger is better”.


Image source:

Pick your fabrics

The right fabric helps establish or enhance the “feel” of your house. Fabrics like silks, velvets, jacquards, damasks, and ikats do a fabulous job of introducing an element of splendor into a space. If you can’t afford a whole sectional, try it in smaller doses like curtains or throw pillows.


Image ource:

Commit to Symmetry

If you like your house to represent stature and significance, then it’s best to apply symmetry. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people will see, and you want it to be just as elegant on the outside as it is inside. You can bring the symmetry to the garden and plants in front of your home by adding oversized planters on either side of your front door.


Image source:

Don’t over-decorate

When decorating, don’t go over the top. You don’t have to have everything all at once. A well decorated space is one that is curated over time so it’s best to go slowly and build slowly.


Image source:

Use unique furniture

One definite way to stand out is to have what most people don’t have. By using unusual shapes in your house, you’ll not only intrigue your guests but set your space apart. Try a multifunctional sofa that turns to a dining table or cool-looking chairs to accentuate an offbeat but distinct style.


Image source: www.

Incorporate statement art

Don’t let wall art be treated as an afterthought but instead treat it as a design opportunity. Meshing the right statement art with your existing space will provide you a glamorous and harmonious interior. Hang neon lights with bold statements or a big wall art for that striking impact.


Image source:

See your vision through

Rome wasn’t built in a day so stay the course until you complete your envisioned celebrity home. Do your research and stick to your plan so as not to cave into expensive impulse buys that weren’t a part of your original plan and set you back financially.


There’s nothing wrong with admiring and emulating celebrities, even up to the point of having your home look like theirs. Just don’t let it be the center of your life, instead enjoy the experience and take pride in your beautiful project.

This article was contributed by Joel Samonte 

Joel Samonte works as a Content Writer for Hoppler – the most advanced online tool that helps you search, buy, sell and rent properties in the Philippines. A true Bosconian to the core, health buff, devoted husband and a loving father. You can reach him at [email protected] or through LinkedIn.


When people speak of luxurious homes and different designers, they might come across some differences as to what luxury is all about. With many different styles emerging, that show off uniqueness and creativity, it is not that easy to pinpoint only one style as luxurious. New luxury designs’ range is vast so we asked some of our bloggers for their personal opinion.

Marie Nieves and perfect comfort

According to Marie, the perfect new luxury of a proper and cozy home is the ability to make it feel like it belongs to you completely. This does not mean buying expensive furniture and paying great amounts of money to decorators, but simply listening to your own likes and dislikes, and step by step, with help of some DIY projects, making your place comfy and a reflection of who you really are.

Comfortable decor

Clean and bright for Chloe Taylor

To Chloe, the idea of perfect home corresponds to the Scandinavian style of home decorating. Minimalistic approach is highly valued in this style and the code ‘less is more’ is more prominent that in any other style. Utilizing bright colors and simple and functional furniture designs while getting the most out of natural light is the luxury anyone would be thrilled to incorporate into their lives.

Scandinavian decor

Lana Hawkins’ indoor garden

Lana is a nature lover and therefore it is not surprising that her dream home embodies indoor green walls. Having a whole wall made of plants not only looks magical in any type of home but it also cleans the air and provides peaceful environment due to its ability to reduce outside noise. Being able to relax in her own home filled with invigorating greenery is all the luxury Lana needs.

Indoor greenery

Daniel Rogers’ take on Game of Thrones

It seems that the whole world went crazy about Martin’s Game of Thrones, so much so that it is nothing strange that some fans, like Daniel, want motives of Westeros in their home. This kind of décor is not that difficult to achieve. Everyone has their favorite House which details can serve as a way of accessorizing. Adding more wood, embellished frames and medieval-like candleholders and kitchenware can turn your home into luxurious Seven Kingdoms paradise.

Game of thrones decor

Zoe Clark values sensitivity and class

For gentle feminine souls like Zoe, shabby chic home décor is something to look forward to when spending time at her place. Mix and match of different styles and even different eras, all lined with a lot of white color, distressed wood and girly details with a vintage vibe represent both the innocence and sophistication of the owner.

Shabby chic decor

As seen above, new luxury home design solely depends on the person in question. Still, there is no question about the fact that all these ideas are perfect for bringing the best out of you when it comes to redecorating your home and finding the best way to express your genuine self, which, in all honesty, is the most luxurious way to live a life.

Sometimes we just feel lazy, and at other times we just do not have time to deal interior décor.Results are well-known for most of us, but that is when the BuzzFeed steps in to save the day. The company is renowned for brilliant life hacks and fun, to the point content, which is vigorously shared across the social media landscape.

This time around, we are presenting decoration hacks, or should we say a decor guide, that can be used for tricking your guests into thinking that you invested much time decorating. Go ahead and give your home a makeover using simple steps, and treat yourself with an interior that is infused with some personality and effortless style.


So fresh, so clean

The first thing to do is to introduce a breath of fresh air with potted plants. Do not worry, some vegetation like Aloe Vera is not only used in alternative medicine and cosmetics, it is quite sturdy. Watering it only once in a while will do the trick, provided that there is sufficient sunlight too. If the air still does not feel clean, do away with unpleasant smells around the apartment by setting scented candles around it.



Now, it is time to utilize all those jars collecting dust around the home. Just put random stuff like salt, sugar or rice in them and display it somewhere. Next, those expecting a party soon, should get their hands on a bar cart and get the liquor out of the freezer. To fill in the shelves, put some herbs in jars with water besides those bottles. Finally, round up the arrangement with a bowl of citrus fruit. There goes a nice focal point and a demonstration of décor skills.



Let us get together

A living room is a hub of domestic life, and also the best place for social gatherings. This means that the couch could finally use a facelift. Use some throw pillows to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It does not matter how cheap they are, as long as the colors match. It is also a good idea to turn off that overhead fluorescent light, and use lamps and LED strips instead to shed some light. A more intimate ambience is often what it takes to grease the wheels of conversation indeed.



Now, let us turn attention to those blank walls. Even worse, some people tend to keep old movie posters for a lifetime. Pictures from life are always a safe bet, serving as a talking point too, however annoying that can sometimes be. There are many other wall decoration possibilities that will add life to the rooms, so get the creative juices flowing. Feeling better about themselves and impressing the visitors, life hackers can kill two birds with the one stone.



A warm welcome

We have all been caught off guard by a surprise visit from the parents, or spur-of-the-moment parties. Having no idea how to tackle the mess and disorder often leads to creating an even bigger chaos. Following the tips above, however, one can tidy up and visually enhance the living space in no time.



So, when life throws all those layers of stress and mess at you, the best response comes in the form of creativity and smart solutions you can borrow from sites like BuzzFeed.