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Decorating a kids room is a challenge for many different reasons. At the age when they’re ready to have their own living space, kids are not yet independent enough to decide on their own about the way their room should look. It’s up to the parents to create the perfect balance between their choices and the child’s wishes. The adults are the ones who’ll make all the important decisions, like room design, furniture and wall colors. If you’re getting into this undertaking, first thing you should know that there is no universal rule on how the room should look. Every child is different, so embrace your child’s uniqueness before making all the decorating decisions. There are, however, few essential principles you should stick to, when it comes to kids room decorating.

Safety comes first

Being a parent means that you have your child’s safety in mind, and that is your absolute priority. Depending on the age of your kid, you’ll want to make sure the furniture and other room accessories are completely secure, and present no potential peril for him. When buying furniture, there are some characteristic you should keep in mind: it should be safe, comfortable, simple and functional. If you’re decorating the room for your toddler, it is crucial to avoid exposed electrical outlets and sharp corners of furniture, as well as all possible heavy and breakable items on the shelves. It would be wise to inform yourselves about basic safety issues prior big decorating action.


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Keep it age appropriate

There is no doubt that a toddler and a grade-schooler will have different needs and wishes when it comes to their room. Having this in mind, you should choose furniture based on your kids age and interest. In younger age, probably the room of your little one will be filled with toys for fun and education. Later on, when the schools starts, it’s the right time to place books on the shelves, geographical maps on the walls, writing table, a globe, etc. As your kid grows it will develop its own interests and will want to have part in decision making when it comes to his living space.

Make it timeless

Children grow faster than you can imagine. They’ll outgrow most of the furniture and the accessories pretty quickly, so you’ll have to think ahead when deciding for it. When choosing furniture, opt for neutral color palette, which you can, when the kid is small, decorate with fun and colorful disposable and changeable items, like pillows and coverings. Neutral colors are better options than stereotypically gender specific ones, like baby blue and pink. When buying furniture, don’t spend a lot of money on the items you’ll have to replace, like a chair or a table, once your child has outgrown them. One of the best investments you could make is multipurpose and transformative furniture.

Make it joyful and lively

The kid is a joy of life by itself, so it is important that the room that you have intend for your precious reflect all the happiness and the fun of the world. One of those changeable items which can make the room look exciting in just a few seconds are curtains. Depending on the theme of the room, you can have fun with different patterns and colors. The toys may serve great as a decoration, because they come in different colors and sizes, and they are definitely something your kid will love. Add a lot of different color pillows on the bed. Make learning a fun experience by placing educational toys and different books into the room. You can decorate the wall with photos or your kid’s drawings.

Know your kid’s likes and dislikes

Having its own room is a big step in a life of a child, it’s his first encounter with independence. The design of the room should reflect kid’s personality. Colors, accessories, bed, furniture, shelves should be appealing for your special little girl or boy. Be sure your child agrees with your decoration choices. If you’re planning a room for a school-grader or an adolescent, be sure to discuss with him/her about his interests. When a child is interested in sports, geography, music, travels, books, history, superheroes, etc, why not make it the central theme of the room? It will bring immense joy to your kid, and it will make your job a lot easier when it comes to coming up the theme of the room.

Enjoy the decoration along with your kid. Include him/her to the decision making and later on into decoration itself.

The place you live in usually reflects who you are as a person. If you live alone, that is, lead single’s life, you are bound to decorate it the way you feel it is right, and make it feel warm and welcoming when you come home.

We all know that there are some stereotypes, and when someone shows us a picture of an apartment we would immediately know if there is a girl living in it or a guy. When you were in college, the only difference was that boys’ room was always messier and full of junk and dirty plates, whereas girls always keep their rooms fresh and clean, with the smell of vanilla in the air from one of those scented candles and sticks.

When they grow up and get their own places, both guys and girls spend a little bit more time and imagination when it comes to decorating their home to suit them, their needs, and personality.


His Place

In a bachelor’s apartment, you are bound to see more darker tones, from the walls, hardwood floors to furniture, and it is probably because one of the stereotypes that start as early as ‘baby boys wear blue and baby girls wear pink’. That is why a guy will always have black, grey, dark brown or olive things surrounding him, making him feel manlier.

Even though you are a guy, if you are a true bachelor at heart, you will always look neat and polished, and your wardrobe will have to be full of high quality suits. Trust me, a good walk in closet is not just for girls.

The most important thing every guy needs is a corner in his apartment where he will keep his gaming gear, with a comfortable couch where he can lay back, relax, take a joystick in his hands and stare at the screen all day. Here he will spend a lot of time with his other single friends, but also invite the ones who have already tied the not, but are looking for an hour break from the real life.


Her Place

On the other hand, girls will have livelier colors in their apartment. They are much bolder with colors, and if it is not on the walls, then there are a lot of red, yellow, orange and pink details that give the space that warm feeling.

In a girls apartment you will always have that one corner with comfortable couch with a coffee table in front of it, where they gather with their gal pals for a regular Sunday gossip session. There will be many cushions, colorful covers on the furniture, and most commonly flowers or scented candles on the table.

In a single girl’s bedroom you will find the most comfortable bed ever, covered with colorful linens, and way too many cushions. Above the bed, if there are not any shelves with books, then she will undoubtedly decorate it with interesting pictures and paintings.

And like in the guy’s apartment, girl will also dream of having a big walk-in closet filled with designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. She will need a big mirror so she could try out different clothes and combinations when preparing for a night out with her single girlfriends.

The Bathroom

Probably one thing that will differ the most when it comes to girl vs. guy’s place is the bathroom. Men tend to have only the most necessary things like shampoo, shaving cream, razor, perfume and maybe, but just maybe, some would have a comb. However, in a girl’s bathroom you are bound to find a lot of different beauty products, and a guy could not identify at least half of them.


Things change as we grow up, and stereotypes that say how guys do not worry about their looks, or design of their apartment break. Both girls and guys spend a lot of time thinking about decorating, the only difference is color, the amount of details used for decorations, and how they spend their free time in there with their friends.

You have been coming home to the same old bedroom for some time now, and you clearly do not feel the same as you did when you first decorated it. Sometimes you look at the old posters, and stickers and ask yourself “what was I thinking?” But you feel rather stuck with it, as the room is really small, and you know how hard it is to work with small spaces. However, there are ways to make your tiny corner seem bigger, and most importantly, more functional.

Bring It Up Your Bedroom

Has it happened to you that you did something at the desk, and when you wanted to get up, you hit your chair on the bed?
That is all because of the lack of space, but it is not like you can throw one of those two things out of the room. The design culture has come up with the solution on how to use the height of the room to your advantage and get more space out of it.
Another great idea is to put the table under the window so that you could have enough natural light, especially when two windows only.
Leave your desk right where it is now, and build the bed right over it, just make sure that you install the right lighting fixtures so that it is not too dark when you work on your computer or read a book.


A Place for One More

You always wanted to invite a friend for a sleepover, but you had no bed to offer to them. The simplest solution is to hide one mattress under your own bed, and pull it out only when you absolutely need it. And it is not only for sleeping, you can pull it out every time you need an extra sitting space, as it is perfect for playing cards, board games, or just chatting with your friends.

Get a custom bed

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and worths most of your investment. According to Jonathan Prichard and the Mattress Insider Company, custom and odd mattress designs are mostly made to fit extravagant and unique bedroom settings.
A custom-design bed can come in large size or foldable form, with metal or wood frame, depending on you what tone you want to set for the room.

Hidden Storage

There is enough space in your room for most basic furniture, but as you are growing up, you realize that you need more and more storage space. You have sorted out all of your clothes and shoes, but what to do with all the books? You can always add more shelves on the wall, but sometimes even that is not enough. So instead of the pull-out mattress, pull out and empty storage space, where you can place all of your valuables and collectibles. It is also very practical for bookworms, who would not need to get out of bed in the evening to grab one for a bedtime story.


It is all about the Little Things

When you finish with reorganizing the room so that is fully functional, it is time to think about the details that make it a warm and welcoming place. First think about the linens, as after a hard day all you will want to do is come home and throw yourself on the bed, and dive in the sea of cushions. You can get or make one of those with messages or quotes on them, as they always make and interesting decorating detail.


Then, if you feel a little bit of claustrophobic, put a big mirror on one of the walls, as they reflect both picture and light, what will make your room seem bigger.

Chose an interesting wallpaper or a sticker for the wall that you like, but if you are going for the wallpaper that will take up most, or all the walls, go with more neutral one, and then add other colorful details in the room to break the monotony. However, if you have a small place, do not over clutter it, but go with just a few figurines or scented candles.


Some of the things you can do yourself, and save some money on redecorating, but most important thing is not to be discouraged with the lack of finances. You do not need to make a big change all at once – start from one thing, and then others will come with time, and soon you will have your little seventh heaven.

Candles have always been a practical and beautiful ornament in our homes. Apart from providing an additional, source of mild light, candles also have numerous other purposes. They embellish every room and provide it with the subtle scent, making the air in the room fresh and pleasant. Today, candles of various shapes, colors and scents can be bought, but our choice usually depends on their price. However, what would you say if we told you that you could make a candle on your own? Homemade candles are affordable, since you practically make them out of things you already posses. They represent your uniqueness, since you can personalize them choosing the shape, dimensions, scent and even colors of the candle on your own. Amazing, isn’t it? The entire process entails several phases that need to be strictly followed if you want to achieve positive results.

How to make a candle?

The process of making your own candle is creative and not difficult at all. Firstly, is buying the ingredients needed for making your own essential candle, such as wax flakes, essential oils, crayon pens and finally, a container for a candle. When it comes to tools, you should have chopsticks, scissors and a pot. When you have found all these things, you can begin. The first step is melting wax flakes, after which you are supposed to add colors and scents according to your tastes. The wax is then poured to the candle container, in which was a candlewick was previously placed and fastened by two chopsticks. Finally, you need to leave the candle for a couple of hours to cool.

How to make and decorate candleholder?

Now, here is more creative process. Choosing a perfect candleholder and its decoration is one of the most interesting parts of this procedure. Firstly, you have to determine what kind of a candleholder you actually want to make. You can choose the design and the material you want to use.

One of the most creative ideas is making an indoor candleholder from a small piece of branch. All you have to do is to have an appropriate tool in order to drill it from inside, making enough space for a candle. Since the candle is practically within the holder, its light and scent are reduced. This technique of making a candleholder is quite simple, cheap and it serves its aesthetical function.

You could also make tiny candleholders out of plaster, which looks really nice. However, although it seems as more complicated process, don’t be discouraged. Following the steps for making it, you will definitely succeed.

You can use jars as candleholders, as well. One way to do it is to paint the jar with translucent glass paint and put the candle inside. The light provided with such a candle will be more intensive and colorful. You can use them even for a party, as an embellishment, which is especially interesting when you several of them.

Finally, you can make a candleholder out of a tin can. The procedure is quite simple- all you have to have is nails and hammer for punching holes. You can decorate it whatever you want, making those holes in different shapes and dimensions. Such candleholders are really elegant and fascinating.

These are just some of the possible ideas you might use when decided to make your own candle. These instructions will simply help you to achieve your goal, but you can choose any design and method you like. Such candles will bejewel your home, giving it sophistication and mild scent. Since they are a result of something you were trying to do hard, they can also serve as unique presents for everyone you love. So, don’t be lazy for, once you try it, you won’t regret for sure!

Modern crib is simply not complete without some cool artwork to bring in some style and life to it. It seems that art has never been so available in all its forms, especially when it comes to interior design.

The rules and trends about art pieces are flexible now and there are some very interesting art pieces that could easily find place in some of the modern style cribs.

Here are some examples of this cool modern day art.

Inside Graffiti

Urban style looks really cool. So, it comes logically to try and bring in some of the street art inside. This is a very cool and a very interesting example for it.

This is Chris Brown’s apartment in which he left a really awesome graffiti piece on the wall. Those bright colors are well supported by pretty basic and dark color of the floor and furniture and the light is just perfect for that street charm. The whole apartment is just fun because of it.


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Wall Sculptures

When there is enough space and the design of the room allows it, a way to go with the sculptures nowadays is to make them into wall sculptures. In that way, it seems like a fusion of wall painting and sculpture and the texture and the ambiance that such artwork creates makes the home a very interesting place to be at.

This third dimension added to the place on which you expect to find a painting is just the touch of modern at that makes it interesting and more enjoyable.

Wall Sculpture
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Artsy Furniture

Modern art is all about blending, redefining, reinventing and making new uses of the old things. Therefore, it is easy to imagine that some forms of contemporary art pieces can very well and very easily serve as furniture.

In that way, you get usable art that brings in style and adds real quality to your everyday life. We all know about the big, red, lip shaped, pop art sofa. Here is something in that direction and how such stuff look in modern versions of home.

You need a really big place to have this sculpture in, but if you consider that it can be used as a bed or a type of sofa at the same time, it seems a bit easier to decide on using it in your home.

However, the really cool design of it justifies the space it will take up.

Artsy Furniture
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Another chair like that is this lovely rattan chair. Its form resembles a real sculpture, while it is obvious that it is still furniture. However, not only does it look good, but it also redefines the way you sit and keep your entire body while you talk to somebody.

You have to lean over and turn. This forces you to pay attention to the person with whom you are communicating. This is a far more artistic piece of furniture that it may seem on the first glance because of this function that it has.

Artsy Furniture
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Modern Day Animal Trophies

Of course, you won’t go killing animals and severing their heads just to put them on the walls. Something like that would be totally inexcusable.

However, we all know that there used to be such way of decorating homes and it is fun to see the modern version of art that communicates with that old style of decoration and still introduces the modern form, material and look in general. Wyatt Ellison has made this elegant and interesting bear head to be mounted on the wall.

It is just a perfect piece for a modern home that wants art with a good message but not too pretentious so that it can still find its place in a home rather than in a gallery.

Modern Animal Trophies
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If you want a very elegant and cool look for your crib today, it means that the art that you are bringing in and choosing to be a part of your everyday life has to be thought provoking but it also needs to stay within the limits of the interior design and not overstep it as too much art in home renders it useless and misses out the point of art.

And of home.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the house became too small for a family? Well, there are several practical solutions to this situation. Firstly, the space can always be expanded, both horizontally and vertically.

However, when even this doesn’t help enough, there is one more thing to be done- reorganizing and utilizing your attic. There are many problems that can be concerning, such as the height of the room, heat, insulation and even, the additional windows.

But, don’t worry, because the answers to all these questions are available and the realization of your plan is easily attainable. After all, it doesn’t seem as a no win scenario at all.

Height Is The Most Important

First thing first, you need to measure the height of your attic. Depending on the measurements, you will know whether the attic is appropriate for utilizing or not. This also depends on how you plan to use the attic.

If the attic is used as a bedroom for an adult, it has to be at least 2.4 meters high. On the other hand, if you want to turn it into the children’s room, the height of 2 meters will be sufficient.


Let The Sunshine In

Another crucial factor, without which the whole process would certainly be impossible, is the existence of windows. As any other room in your home, the attic has to provide healthy environment for both you and your family.

This means that the fresh air needs to circulate all the time, and a lot of natural light needs to be provided. But, one question needs to be posed. How can we construct the windows in the attic?

There are two solutions to this problem and they are highly dependent on the position of your home. If the house faces north-south direction, then the windows can be constructed on the walls, which is undoubtedly the best solution.

On the contrary, if the orientation of the house is in the east-west direction, then the windows can be inserted on the roof, which could be more exhausting and complicated process.

Warm And Comfy

Also, you should pay attention to the additional insulation on tile. However, during the winter and the summer time, there is a considerable difference between the temperatures in the attic and in the rest of the house. It is cooler during the winter and warmer in the summer.

Attic insulation


That is the reason why the insulation is highly recommended. There are several types of it, and the most commonly used are aluminum foil, glass wool or polyurethane layer, which could be easily installed beneath the tile.

You should also keep in mind that you need to be extremely careful when it comes to the selection of the materials you want to use for the construction. Lightweight materials, like wooden floors would probably be the best solution.

All in all, following these tips, you would certainly be able to give a special purpose to your attic.

Instead of having an additional room for pilling up the unnecessary stuff and clutter, you could expand your home by adding a whole new room, then organize and personalize it on your own. Finally, choose the interior details and the furniture and enjoy!


Have you ever had a feeling, while observing a particular home décor piece that it will never go out of fashion? Well, that is completely true.

No matter what their initial purpose was, some elements will always embellish your private space, giving it a sense of elegance and sophistication.

These essentials can be either certain pieces of furniture or even some ornamental details. More importantly, their use can be extended to various purposes.

Comfort In The First Place

While some pieces of furniture could look overly aggressive or require a lot of space, the other ones add style and personality to it. Such things are Bruno chair and Chinese garden stool. Bruno chair is of simple contours and it is a great mixture of modern and classical features.


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As its design is very plain, it could be used on various occasions, from the office to the dinning chair. However, Chinese garden stool is of smaller dimensions, but very elegant and gives the room an exquisite tone. Also, the diapason of its use varies from a garden chair to a stool or even a footrest.


Chinese Garden stool
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However, another great option for your room could be a Saarinen-style table, which simply radiates with its beauty and simplicity. Its elegant but at the same time simple looks can be used on various occasions, from a casual place where you can drink your morning coffee to a formal dining table.

Saarinen Style Tulip Table
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It Is The Little Details That Are Vital

The fundamental fact is that there are many other details that would fill your private space in such an exceptional way. Light fixtures have always been a great idea both to brighten and embellish your rooms. One of them is certainly a porter floor lamp, which is a great mixture of modern and traditional design. It offers a lot of diverse purposes, and most importantly, it can fit almost anywhere.

porter floor lamp
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Plug-in sconces could also be a great solution, since they require very little room. They are undoubtedly adequate for places that require moderate lighting, but also serve as an additional source of light beside your bed or at your desk. However, there are also many other ways to brighten and decorate your space at the same time, and the statement mirrors could certainly be a great solution for you.


Plug-in sconces
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They are edged with the finest, polished metal in various forms and shapes that are chosen by the customer. Except they look as a real piece of art, they emphasize the beauty of your room giving it a completely new dimension.

Since they can fit anywhere, you can choose to install them wherever you want. If you think that your living room or your bedroom is too plain, Mongolian pillows could undoubtedly serve the purpose. They are fluffy, soft and always bring a taste of sophistication.


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Their will associate both you and your guests with the warmth and elegancy, for sure. Also, if you are a well-organized and creative type of person, take into consideration the use of a bar cart in your bathroom or in a bedroom.

This unconventional, but innovative idea would be great for you store your personal stuff and keep them ready for use.

All in all, the sole fact that there are so many home décor pieces that could serve numerous purposes is quite amazing.As it has been said in the aforementioned tips, these details will not only serve a certain purpose in your home, but also, they will give it a sense of luxury and warmth.

Nowadays, as the negative effects of the global warming have finally started showing up and endangering our existence, many people realized how important the preservation of natural resources is. There are numerous controversies about the possible solutions that could help us save our planet, and some of them should be taken really seriously.

Some people have decided to use the materials that can be recycled or not to use the substances that can endanger the ozone layer. However, those with more creative ideas, and of course, with large amounts of money, undertake some more extreme ventures, such as building eco friendly houses. One of such people is Diane Cheatham, a renowned builder and contractor.

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Life In Harmony With The Nature

Diane Cheatham’s home is situated The Lake Highlands, a residential area that is built around streams and pounds in order to conserve water. The main purpose of this luxurious, 4,500-square-foot house is to present all its positive effects on the environment.

The materials used it the construction of the sole house are concrete and steel, with geothermal heating and cooling, high-performance windows and spray-foam insulation.

The interior of the house is really amazing. The rooms are immense and classy, designed and organized by many eminent architects and designers. As Cheatham stated, the most prominent part of her house is the kitchen since she loves to cook, but also to throw parties and have dozens of people around. Natural materials, such as walnut cabinets and gray-veined statuary marble counters make the kitchen look upscale.

Another enormous and beautifully designed room is the dining room, with the astonishing view from floor-to ceiling windows. However, there are many details in the room, such as a long custom table or simple leather chairs that are simply charming. The bench by a famous architect Christian Liaigre takes up a special place in the room. The vivacity of the whole place is achieved by adding elements such as tiny vases that hold fresh orchids.

Moreover, the exterior of the house is also fascinating. In a luxurious patio, which was completely sheltered from the sun, takes one’s breath away. Apart from furniture, there is a beautiful koi pond. Also, the house has large pool and the outdoor kitchen.

The Touch Of The Nature

All in all, there are many facts about the house that simply have to fascinate us. Firstly, the house looks magnificent, and undoubtedly resembles one of those houses from a fairytale. On the other hand, it has refuted beliefs that the eco friendly houses have to be plain, and probably uncomfortable.

Cheatham herself stated that this house is the most worthy and the best of all her residences. Well, you didn’t misunderstand anything. She has several residences, and believes that there isn’t anything wrong about it. Since she doesn’t spend much time there because of the nature of her work, she decided to make the house accessible to everyone who wants to visit it.

So, if you are interested in a tour around this beautiful house, here are several pieces of information. The price of the ticket is 15 dollars in advance and 20 dollars at the door.

So, if all these facts impressed you, don’t waste your time and visit it.

There are lot of gullible people today who are falling for something that is called the art of feng shui. They hire expensive consultants who advise them on how to choose a house or rearrange their furniture in respect to some ancient belief.

Although it is an old practice, feng shui has spread widely all over the western world and people are paying lots of money for it. It is easy for feng shui masters to target the misinformed and exploit their superstition. They even go as far as saying that feng sui is a science.


What is Feng Shui?

It is very hard to define it and not sound too offensive at the same time. Basically, it has to do with physically adjusting your environment in accordance with the flow of qi- the invisible forces that are running the universe. It already sounds fake, doesn’t it?

It is also associated with the position of stars and with bodies of water on earth’s surface. Feng shui is a diverse mix which has something for everyone and that’s why it is so widespread and popular.


Contemporary Use

People in tough economic or any other difficult situations often resort to desperate measures and one of them is hiring a feng shui consultant who would take their money for doing absolutely nothing.

They would tell you that your house is not positioned in accordance with the flow of qi and try to scare you with their ghost stories. If you can’t see through the lies, you fail to understand how real science works.  Always demand firm evidence and facts that support theory claim that feng shui can make your life better.

When they say that it can not be scientifically explained, which they will, kindly ask them to leave you alone.


Pen & Teller Sum It Up

The fact that feng shui is nonsense is demonstrated by Pen & Teller in one of their episodes.

They invited three consultants to help design the interior of a house according to the art of feng shui.

What happened was that every ‘expert’ gave different pieces of advice to the house owner on how to  move around her furniture to improve the quality of her life.

While one ‘master‘ claimed that red is not a good color for the living room couch, the other two said it was perfect and so on. This proves that these so called feng shui consultants have absolutely no clue what they are talking about and yet at the same time they are charging enormous rates for their useless advice.


The Compass

Since the invention of a magnetic compass alleged feng shui masters started using it in their practice. Contemporary consultants use a luopan – a disc marked with formulas in concentric rings around a magnetic compass.


That’s some hardcore science, right?


Real experts claim that the compass degrees are inaccurate because the device is not able to measure fluctuation of a magnetic field.

That’s bad news for feng shui consultants because it is yet another evidence that what they advise people to do is completely ungrounded. Moreover, it is a rip off.


Feng Shui On a Major Scale

The Chinese believe that if your building has a clear view of water, be it a pond or a river, you are likely to have success and wealth in life. Sounds like a harmless superstition but it is not. Huge amounts of money are wasted on it.

The building of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation has a wide space in front of it with a view on the harbor.

They even had help from the government of Hongkong to keep that space. But that’s not all. They installed two cement cannons on the roof of the building so that they point directly at the Bank of China, to balance the negative feng shui energy directed toward it.

HSBC Headquarters


I imagine that such a project would cost millions and the fact that it is based solely on faith in feng shui is somewhat disturbing.

At The End

So, feng shui is obviously a hoax, a trick for the gullible. Even the consultants don’t know exactly what they are talking about, making the fraud even more transparent.

I think that they should throw away their magnetic compasses once and for all and stop taking people’s money based on a pseudoscience.

It’s that jolliest time of the year again. And, as always, it’s time to decorate your home, but you think you’ve used up all your ideas last year? Luckily, we’ve got quite a few fresh ones straight from the fountain of ideas so that you can bring the true spirit of holidays and set your mood for enjoyment.


If, like the rest of us, you can’t resist buying new baubles each Christmas, then, like the rest of us as well, you’ve made quite a significant pile of them in your attic. So, try to organise them by colours. Try something different this year – use only one colour, or combine two – for example, something you’ve never tried before, like green and brown, pink and purple, or white and red. Or, you can decide to use classic colours – green and red.


If you feel innovative, then you will agree that a Christmas tree needn’t be a real tree at all. You can make your own tree with the right resources. For example, put the lights on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Another easy solution can be to arrange decorations inside your bookshelf in the shape of a tree. Or, pin them to a pinboard. Instead of baubles, you can try with big buttons. An eco-friendly solution can be to find a cardboard or some old shelf and cut it out in the shape of a tree and then decorate it, matching it with the rest of your less-is-more assembly.


This year, you can put your Christmas wreath not only on the front door, but onto the tree as well – and let it be the only decoration you’ll have. Or, you can try to sew one from buttons and cloth. It won’t even take time, and it sure will be original!


Instead of buying new baubles – go to a park and collect pinecones. If you’re not thrilled with the idea of putting brown pinecones, you can paint them and give them a modern look. See how they will look hanging off a chandelier, curtain or a lamp. Wrap up your couch pillow or coffee table so that it looks like a present, or just put bows and ribbons to give your pillow a designer look.


This year, you can dress your tree with lights only. But, make sure to use a number of lights, because you don’t want your tree to look like bare bones. Or, dress your wall with hanging lights. Make it shine! You can try dressing the handrail with lights only. But, watch out when you’re going up or down stairs – you don’t want to pull them out!


Another creative thing you can do is to put ornaments into a bowl and give your dining room another touch of Christmas. Or, you can put them into candlesticks and arrange them at the corner of a room. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

We hope that these few tips will indeed add some festive spirit to your home, so that you can relax and dress your finery and celebrate the upcoming holidays in a cosy atmosphere.