Kids room basic decorating principles

Decorating a kids room is a challenge for many different reasons. At the age when they’re ready to have their own living space, kids are not yet independent enough to decide on their own about the way their room should look. It’s up to the parents to create the perfect balance between their choices and the child’s wishes. The adults are the ones who’ll make all the important decisions, like room design, furniture and wall colors. If you’re getting into this undertaking, first thing you should know that there is no universal rule on how the room should look. Every child is different, so embrace your child’s uniqueness before making all the decorating decisions. There are, however, few essential principles you should stick to, when it comes to kids room decorating.

Safety comes first

Being a parent means that you have your child’s safety in mind, and that is your absolute priority. Depending on the age of your kid, you’ll want to make sure the furniture and other room accessories are completely secure, and present no potential peril for him. When buying furniture, there are some characteristic you should keep in mind: it should be safe, comfortable, simple and functional. If you’re decorating the room for your toddler, it is crucial to avoid exposed electrical outlets and sharp corners of furniture, as well as all possible heavy and breakable items on the shelves. It would be wise to inform yourselves about basic safety issues prior big decorating action.


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Keep it age appropriate

There is no doubt that a toddler and a grade-schooler will have different needs and wishes when it comes to their room. Having this in mind, you should choose furniture based on your kids age and interest. In younger age, probably the room of your little one will be filled with toys for fun and education. Later on, when the schools starts, it’s the right time to place books on the shelves, geographical maps on the walls, writing table, a globe, etc. As your kid grows it will develop its own interests and will want to have part in decision making when it comes to his living space.

Make it timeless

Children grow faster than you can imagine. They’ll outgrow most of the furniture and the accessories pretty quickly, so you’ll have to think ahead when deciding for it. When choosing furniture, opt for neutral color palette, which you can, when the kid is small, decorate with fun and colorful disposable and changeable items, like pillows and coverings. Neutral colors are better options than stereotypically gender specific ones, like baby blue and pink. When buying furniture, don’t spend a lot of money on the items you’ll have to replace, like a chair or a table, once your child has outgrown them. One of the best investments you could make is multipurpose and transformative furniture.

Make it joyful and lively

The kid is a joy of life by itself, so it is important that the room that you have intend for your precious reflect all the happiness and the fun of the world. One of those changeable items which can make the room look exciting in just a few seconds are curtains. Depending on the theme of the room, you can have fun with different patterns and colors. The toys may serve great as a decoration, because they come in different colors and sizes, and they are definitely something your kid will love. Add a lot of different color pillows on the bed. Make learning a fun experience by placing educational toys and different books into the room. You can decorate the wall with photos or your kid’s drawings.

Know your kid’s likes and dislikes

Having its own room is a big step in a life of a child, it’s his first encounter with independence. The design of the room should reflect kid’s personality. Colors, accessories, bed, furniture, shelves should be appealing for your special little girl or boy. Be sure your child agrees with your decoration choices. If you’re planning a room for a school-grader or an adolescent, be sure to discuss with him/her about his interests. When a child is interested in sports, geography, music, travels, books, history, superheroes, etc, why not make it the central theme of the room? It will bring immense joy to your kid, and it will make your job a lot easier when it comes to coming up the theme of the room.

Enjoy the decoration along with your kid. Include him/her to the decision making and later on into decoration itself.

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