Open Bathroom Concept for Master Bedroom

Starting as a signature feature in many luxury boutique hotels around the world, and following the modern interior trend of ultimate accessibility, open bathroom concept found its way into the homes. Pretty soon it incited passionate reactions. Those who cherish their privacy more than anything, frown on the idea disapprovingly, while exhibitionists embrace it. As with most design innovations, time will show how practical or impractical it really is. But for now, we have listed a few advantages and disadvantages of the open-plan bedroom that we have noticed.

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Open-concept bathroom

Benefits of the open-concept bathroom

Accessibility is its key advantage. Getting out of the bed and stepping directly into the shower is particularly practical in the mornings when you are in a rush to get ready for work. Secondly, multi-purpose rooms save space significantly. If you have a limited floor area, you will accomplish more by placing a shower and a sink in the same room where you sleep. It is not such an unusual combination after all, since both the bathroom and bedroom are considered to be intimate spaces. This open concept design will make a small room look larger. Plus, knocking down the walls will allow natural air flow and ventilation, and natural light will penetrate into the otherwise dark bathroom. Your bathroom will no longer be a purely utilitarian zone, but will get a new spa-like feel to it. Enjoying long baths will get a completely new dimension. If nothing else, this modern design has a unique look and will make you feel like you are sleeping in a luxury hotel every night.

Bathroom Ideas

Disadvantages of the open-concept bathroom

The strongest argument of those who are con open bathrooms is the lack of privacy. Some even argue that a separate bathroom is the guardian of marital happiness. We agree that this is a bold choice, which is not for everyone. However, the open bathroom concept does not need to include the toilet. Actually, it probably should not include it because of the transmission of odours. If the shower or bath are sensibly oriented, your privacy will remain intact. You can always consider placing etched glass walls, smart electric glass walls, sliding screens or blinds to protect your privacy. Perhaps a bigger issue here are different daily routines. Early birds will wake their partners up every morning with the noise of showering and shaving, while night owls will keep them up every night for the same reason. Of course, none of these issues matter if you live alone and do not share your bedroom with anyone.

Open-concept Idea for Bathroom

Wider bathing space means cooler bathing spaces, due to the airflow. If you are one of those persons who are always cold, it might be a problem. Again, you can put up some kind of transparent dividers, thus preserving the openness of the space, but reducing the flow of air at the same time.

According to the Fantastic Handyman Plumbers, residual moisture and damp migrating from the bathroom into your bedroom can be a huge problem and cause a number of hazards. You will need a proper ventilation system, with a dual function – negative flow in the water closet, and a positive flow in the sleeping zone, to make this work.

Moisture migration from bathroom into the bedroom can be a huge problem. You will need a proper ventilation system, with a dual function – negative flow in the water closet, and positive flow in the sleeping zone, to make this work. Unconventional design trends are always tricky if you are planning on selling your home any time in the future. They might increase the value of your home, or bring it down just the same. Ultramodern bathroom could unnaturally stick out in a traditional Victorian-concept home where every room has a separate function, or it can be a nice modern touch.

Are you intrigued by the idea of open-space bathroom? Would you incorporate it in your home redesign or are you completely against it?

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