Designers to Watch out for: Patrick Mele

When they want to rearrange a residential area and put their ideas into realization with the right measure and good taste, celebrities, and those who are not, invite interior designers. They ‘work in the shadows’, redesign the furniture, visit the shops, fairs, flea markets and are ready to meet even the smallest demands in order to provide their customers with exactly what they want and what reflects their personality the best.

Patrick Mele

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New star of interior design

One of the up-and-coming interior designers is a thirty-year-old Patrick Mele from Connecticut, who, before founding his own company Patrick Mele Design in New York, dealt with brand design. He studied architecture at Syracuse University and majored in art history and culture. The nature of his education is reflected in the space that he creates, the space in which the architecture and art, and fashion from a historical perspective permeate.

Interior designer Patrick Mele posing for a photograph in the apartment he decorated

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Bits and pieces of Mele’s unique style

Tricks of light, sculptures, mixed textures such as animal patterns and vertical stripes, baroque chandeliers combined with modern architecture, are some of the elements which he works with. Patrick has an incredible gift to connect seemingly incompatible styles.

It is impossible not to notice how each project has an artistic touch in the form of ceramic and stone busts, heavy metallic pots or Chinese porcelain pots, or wall art that ranges from the Renaissance through graphics to urban abstraction and so on. Collision of old and new and a few historical epochs in one room are perfectly normal when the work of this interior designer is in question.

beautifully designed interiors

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Mele works in such a way that in his sophisticated style he injects the personality of his clients, thus creating an amazing living space. In every project he has to make himself independent of the ruling trends because if something is not to his taste and liking it would definitely look fake in his project. Great attention is paid to light and the mirrors, unusual lamps and tall windows that sometimes take up a whole wall.
Even when it comes to furniture, there is a lot of diversity. The range of materials extends from the dark, through the painted or highly polished wood, to stone, brick, plastic, metals, leather and brocade.

Thoughts and projects

A piece of which this designer dreams of having is Fornasetti’s ‘Scaletta pano’ on wheels. Another favorite of his are ‘Cole & Son’ wallpapers. Mele believes that luxurious flowerpot palm opens up every space, while wallpaper adds a dose of fantasy and drama. In collaboration with friend and designer Hayley Sarno, Patrick has created his own line of wallpapers in black and white called ‘Sauvage / Savant’. Last summer, together with a group of New York designers, he responded to the call of Peter Fasano to come to Massachusetts and create a unique line of textile. Mele’s pieces look as if the designer played with a painter’s brush on the canvas.

In addition to residential buildings, Patrick deals with decor, design and organization of private and public events as well as exterior and interior of garden spaces, and in his work biography, he has already cataloged cooperation with major brands such as Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and the others.

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