Designers to Watch out for: Samuel Amoia

The world of furniture and interiors has never been so rich and colorful thanks to the creativity and inspiration of young and unique designers. One such remarkable designer is Samuel Amoia who manages to join completely different worlds of material and architecture in order to create something new yet familiar, interesting but simple and most importantly both beautiful and comfortable in his breathtaking designs.


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Fascinating material combo

The most distinctive feature characteristic of Amoia’s furniture design is his impeccable sense to combine magical materials like minerals and crystals with industrial materials such as cement and plaster in order to create a piece that can be said to represent a modern world fairy tale. Heavy textures and color combinations in his work embody both the grungy and gentle feeling that appeals to a lot of people nowadays. Most of his designs are nature-inspired which can be seen in his never ending inspiration to mix and match different crystals and colors but the true value of his creativity lies in the fact that he always manages to create something that would prove to be a great addition to minimalist style homes as well as the complete opposite ones.


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Unique minimalism and perfect comfort

Amoia’s work in the field of interior design leans a bit more towards the minimalist and functional style but he never misses the opportunity to add some quirkiness into the décor. Therefore, regular furniture and lighting will be a sufficient accessory on their own with Amoia’s specific approach to the use of materials and incorporation of a bit unconventional details and positions of the furniture without ever sacrificing comfort and basic purpose of the specific piece.

Functional art

No matter how you look at it, this designer’s work is a form of art and the sculptural vibe of his furniture proves this point without fail. It seems that the main priority for Amoia’s creations is to bring art itself closer to people’s daily lives and enrich the homes with warmth and calming properties of crystals and minerals.


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Refreshing and beautiful accessories

Amoia studio does not only provide stylish and timeless interior design and functional and sculptural furniture but also pays attention to details that give the final touch to any home. For example, different lighting solutions will illuminate the room perfectly while at the same time being fun and outstanding. Special attention that is given to the design of mirrors is bound to make people love their reflection more while the incense collection from Cinnamon project effectively unites mystique and sensuality in the smallest and simplest decorative accessories.

Many grand things are expected from Samuel Amoia and his team in the future. Someone who is able to incorporate intriguing sculptural concepts with purposeful functionality will always be an ascending star in the world of design because no matter how much the people’s need for order and unity in homes intensifies, a dash of something special and personal is more than necessary.

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