Swing into Style: How to Design a Golf-Inspired Home

January 3, 2024
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For some, golf is so much more than just a sport—it’s a lifestyle. If you love golf so much that you wish you never had to step foot off the course, we may have a fun solution for you. Design a golf-inspired home, and you’ll always be immersed in that relaxed, natural feeling! 

Create an environment that reflects your own love for the game. The good news is that it’s not as difficult as it sounds; here’s how to take it from start to finish, whether you’re an experienced designer or not! 

Establish What Golf Theme You Want 

Golf is filled with subtle themes. Choose what you want your space to reflect, and you’ll be off the best start to build on. 

Classic and Sophisticated 

Golf is an elegant sport. If you’d prefer a sleek, sophisticated look in your home, imagine golf at its most basic—light neutrals (bunkers), smooth greens, and clean lines separating them. Finishing touches can include vintage golf posters or prints and if you can find some real vintage equipment, bonus. 

Rustic and Earthy 

One of the most captivating things about golf is the connection with nature. If part of your love for golf is being outdoors, consider a more rustic, earthy theme in your space. Exposed wood, stone, and natural textures will make this style really pop. Add a few succulents or potted plants and watch your space come alive. 

Modern and Playful 

Modern-day golfers aren’t afraid to show some personality, and you shouldn’t be either! Opt for bright pastel shades, contemporary furniture, and funky add-ons, like portable putting greens, golf-themed mug coasters, or custom-made designs incorporating golf balls or clubs. 

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Transform Your Living Spaces 

Once you’ve got your theme down, you can start getting creative. We recommend starting with the living spaces first. Here are some ideas: 

Living Room 

The living room is where you spend a lot of time relaxing but also entertaining guests. Mix comfort and style and be subtle about the golf theme. Layer it in your chosen theme as a foundation. From there, opt for things like: 

  • Plush sofas in sleek green or sand-trap white. 
  • A coffee table made of reclaimed wood. 
  • Golf memorabilia displayed on shelves/walls. 
  • Stunning landscape photos of golf courses. 
  • Repurposed golf clubs, golf balls, golf gloves, etc 

Dining Room 

A classic wooden dining table and green-cushioned chairs is a great start. When it comes to dining, golf-themed centerpieces can be a fun and unique touch. Get creative! Or, you could go full restaurant-style and deck the walls with golf-themed pics and memorabilia, cultivating the feeling of a golf course restaurant. 

Idea: Print out an almost full-size image of a golf course view and hang it on the wall to give the impression you’re looking out over the course. Great lighting is a must! 


Keep it sleek, keep it modern. Stainless steel appliances bring a contemporary sophistication to the space and bring golf into it by choosing green accents and golf-themed accessories like cupboard handles. 

For something a little different and fun, place a golf mat below the sink and catch some putting practice in between washing the dishes! 

Create a Golfer’s Retreat Bedroom and Bathroom 

Decide if you want your bedrooms and bathrooms to fit the theme too. If not, so for neutral, minimalist themes to complement the golf theme in the living spaces. If yes, here are some ideas. 

Master Bedroom 

Ever been to a golf resort? Create that same serene, tranquil feeling in your bedroom. A four-poster bed adds a touch of class, and green canopy curtains bring an undeniably natural, outdoorsy feel to the space. 

A plush green rug in an irregular shape feels like a green right there in your room. Place golf memorabilia around to remind you of your love for the game. A walk-in closet is a nice idea, providing plenty of room for golf gear. 

Guest Room 

If you really want to show off your love for the game, have some fun in the guest room! Decorate with golf-related posters or framed golf course photos, and choose lamps and other goodies made from recycled golf equipment. 


Spa-like showers and heated towel racks (designed to look like golf clubs, of course) will give you that locker-room-at-a-private-golf-club feeling. Keep it minimalist. 

Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces 

Of course, you can’t have a golf-inspired home without pampering your outdoor spaces to golf course standards. 


The most obvious idea (but the biggest undertaking) is to turn your backyard into a mini-golf adventure! It’s an amazing project for golf lovers. You might need to move some earth and build out a few holes, but it’s worth it. 

You don’t have to stop at putting, either. If your yard is big enough, create a small chipping area with a sand trap so you can practice any time. Manicure your gardens carefully, creating clean lines around the edges to give them that golf course feeling. 

Patio or Deck 

Once your golf-inspired backyard is finished, create a cozy deck where others can watch you play. You might want to have a dedicated cupboard or shed where you stock up on golfing equipment so the kids can have fun on the course too! 

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The Finishing Touches 

You can be as light or as heavy as you want with the finishing touches. Be creative and have fun with it! 

Golf Memorabilia as Decor 

If you’ve got old golf clothing, a meaningful old club or ball, trophies or medals, or a shirt signed by your favorite golfer, of course, you should display it in a place of honor! Personal memorabilia is more meaningful and brings some of your personality to the room. 

Add Some Playful Accessories 

Look for fun golf-related accessories to add some fun to your space. Pillows, rugs, pictures, tablecloths… Even golf ornaments can be a unique addition, even if they are a little cheesy! 

Ambient Lighting 

A golf course is never dark, even if it’s packed with trees! Pay attention to the lighting and make an effort to create a bright, inviting feeling in your space. Natural light is a win, but if you can’t use it, try to light it up to look as natural as possible. 

Don’t Forget the Technology 

If you really want to bring golf into your home, install a golf simulator. Not only will you be able to get the joyful feeling of swinging your clubs without leaving your home, but it’ll bring a true golf atmosphere to your space! 


It’s not hard to design a golf-inspired home. It’s a very individual thing, so take some time to consider what golf means to you, what you love so much about it, and what sort of feeling it inspires in you. Use this as motivation to create your perfect golf-themed haven. 

More than anything, have fun with it! Remember, this is about designing a space that you’ll love and feel comfortable in. It’s all about what feels or looks great to YOU. Enjoy! 


About the Author 

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. When he’s not on the course working on his own game or mentoring young golfers, he writes in-depth articles for his website, Golf Influence

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