2017 decor trends

Like everything else in 2017, it is expected that kitchen design trends are about to undergo a proper revolution when it comes to design. While in the past, glamour and aestheticism were all the rage, in the following year the focus is going to be on simplicity and practicality. With this in mind and without further ado, here are a few kitchen trends that are bound to make the biggest splash in 2017.

Modern Kitchen Decor

Niche Appliances

As we already mentioned, one of the greatest focus shifts is going to concern practicality. One of the ways to achieve this is by placing your kitchen appliances in niches. In this way, they will still be easy to access while leaving your kitchen with more free space. This means that you will have enough room to add a dining table in the kitchen and make a crossover between the kitchen and the dining area. It simply doesn’t get any more practical than that.

Equipment is What Matters

Unlike living room or the hallway, kitchen has one practical function that overshadows all else. It is a place where you prepare food for you and your family. Therefore, anything that adds to its functionality is a welcome addition. This means that you should be more concerned with the specific characteristics of each appliance than its appearance. It also means that you should heavily invest in multi-purpose devices like toaster ovens. In order to find out which fits your needs the best, you might want to check out some blender reviews, toaster oven reviews as well as microwave reviews prior to making a purchase.
Grey Kitchen Elements

Shades of Kitchen Gray

For as long as anyone can remember, white was the favorite color of kitchen decorators all over the world. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that most kitchen appliances come in white by default. Frankly speaking, white does look impressive while everything is clean, but in the kitchen things get messy in no time. This is why, it might be a better idea to go with grey instead. In this way, you make your kitchen much easier to maintain without sacrificing its elegance. One of the rare win-win scenarios there are. Grey kitchen ideas are quite numerous, which means that you can find plenty of inspiration online.
Modern Kitchen

Maximizing Storage

Finally, you may want to maximize your kitchen storage capacities and therefore clear up the countertops. Believe it or not, no matter how much clear space you have in your home, the neatness of your countertop is something that makes the strongest impression on anyone who steps into your kitchen. There are several ways to solve this and one of them is going with multi-tiered drawers. If these drawers seem too big, you may want to add few drawer dividers to the mix and adjust them to your needs.


As you can see, while none of these ideas are 100 percent new, they all represent an important step towards increased functionality of your kitchen. In other words, when decorating your kitchen, all you need to do is ask in what way is this innovation going to improve my kitchen-experience or make my job in the kitchen easier. It really is that simple.