If you are a hunting aficionado, then what you need is a good hunting lodge retreat. For nature lovers and sportsmen, it is a true getaway from the pressures of urban environments. A hunting lodge is a place where one can spend a day out in the wilderness, but still return to a cozy lodge and a comfortable, warm bed. Hunting lodge design is essentially rustic, and all the elements you wish to add to it should reflect your hunting interests. Read through these design suggestions and use them as guidelines when decorating or redecorating your private hunting lodge.

Colors & Themes

The colors of nature give the best color palette for your hunting lodge decorating scheme. Rustic reds, deep blacks, hunter greens, and earthy browns are most dominating colors in this kind of interior design, with some pops of red, blue, and white (if the lodge is situated somewhere in a snow-covered mountain). By warming up the walls with these shades in reds, greens, or brown tones, you will provide great comfort and drama for your visitors and yourself. Another good choice is paneling on an accent wall, or apply some dark wood wainscoting in the living room. Remember, what you should pay attention to is to reflect the immediate outdoor surrounding onto the interior.


The most desirable option is to have more natural light and windows which give an unobstructed sight of the outdoors. Use metal curtain rods with slide floor-length draperies. They will provide privacy, texture and color when hung above the living room windows. A good alternative to that are wooden blinds, with which you can regulate the amount of light coming into the living space. They can also be raised to provide a clear view to the outside. For protection from UV rays, apply window tinting.

Furniture & Flooring

When it comes to furniture, it is all about the comfort. Bring in oversized chairs and sofas in butterfly leathers and rich wood tones. Cherry wood is a great choice, especially for side tables and dining sets, because the warmth of the cherry wood red tones will give the look of old traditional rustic cabins. Avoid saturating the lodge with wooden furniture if the interior walls are made of exposed logs and planks. You would not want to overdo it. Black or bronze glass tops and iron legs are great for accenting tables, because they add practical function and textual interest.

Suitable area rugs, and other cloth elements such as pillows and furniture throws will add more color and comfort to the overall design. Go with some dramatic floor coverings like a white faux fur carpet or a faux bearskin rug in front of a fireplace or reading chair, so to add more interest. A compelling and alluring floor rug can function as a room’s focal point and a warm place for resting your feet after a long day spent in the outside.


When accessorizing time comes, use what you have. Personalize your hunting lodge with your own things like trophies, photos, and hunting equipment like antique rifles or a camouflage-colored trail camera. What is often incorporated into a hunting lodge style are wildlife themes such as ducks, elk, deer, and bears. Elements that can also fit into the lodge décor easily are acorns, hummingbirds, wildflowers, and evergreen things. Hang your vintage items, antique hunting items, and photographs which you can highlight by framing them in 8-by-10 inch frames. Place sculptured metal or wooden lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces to provide additional illumination, but also complement the hunting lodge style décor. For a finishing touch, add lanterns, clocks, and decorative mirrors.