co-working space

For all of you remote employees and freelancers out there, finding a nice working space can be harder than finding a job. Sure, you can work from home, but you will need a hell of a discipline for it. After all, who can resist the magic of TV, sofa and popcorn?

Your next option is a coffee shop. Yes, it sounds cute and classy, really gives that Carrie Bradshaw vibe, but you will spend a lot of money on drinks (one latte is approximately $6 or more), your seating is limited, it is noisy, and of course, Wi-Fi is just awful.

You now realize that the best option is definitely a co-working space. For the amount of money you would spend on that fancy latte, you can enjoy the comfort of an office every day like you are a regular employee. You will have people to talk to, you will get a daily routine and just when you think it can’t get better, you will realize that you don’t work in the same place as your boss.

With all this being said, here is a list of the coolest modern co-working places you should definitely check out.

Image source: travellingforbusiness.com

Bat Haus, New York

If you are a New Yorker who loves that laid-back atmosphere and a cool environment, Bat Haus is a perfect place for you. What makes this place beautiful is the fact that it doesn’t look like an office at all. It is a 2000 square foot open quirky space with various unusual ceiling decorations and a huge backyard. Some people even had their wedding here. They offer you a Monday through Friday access to the office, and the best part is that you will never be able to work overnight. Why? Well, at about 7 pm, a party starts (wink) – literally. For example, there’s a weekly theme party called Drink n’ Draw.

Image source: wework.com

WeWork, San Francisco

Oh my, where should I start? Should I start with happy hours? Parties? Friday brunches? Maybe cupcakes? Wait, I know, I’ll start with its simple and straightforward structure and pleasant minimalistic interior. There are huge portal windows that let sunlight in, and we all know that sunlight can increase our energy. The prices are more than affordable, and not just that – they also organize summer camps (with rock climbing and everything, just like the ones you went to while you were in primary school!).

Image source: amazonaws.com

Paramount, Sydney

It is probably the most beautiful co-working space in the entire Australia, for sure. It was once the home of the Paramount Studios and now, it keeps everything in place with its 22 private suites for up to 5 people. You can also find boardrooms for up to 8 people, meeting rooms for up to 5 people, a centralized kitchen area with a brass bar etc. The interior is classy and luxurious and fulfills all the requirements of an office space.

Image source: wsj.net

NeueHouse, New York

This is the place where a social club meets co-working space. It is a modernly designed place which is suitable for every taste. Why? Well, first of all, it is really spacious. Second, it is packed with books and the interior is really pleasant because of the countless shades of warm brown, which give you a homey feeling.

Image source: wecandoitnow.com

Aeona, Sydney

It is located at the top level of a beautiful part of Devonshire Street. Although the interior design isn’t as glamorous and flashy as other ones on the list, this place has something that other places don’t have – a rooftop terrace which gives you the best Sydney skyline view you will ever see. However, you could make the interior a little bit better by getting yourself a sturdy desk, like one of these fantastic office desks. It is perfect for corporate parties, barbecues, weekly gatherings and happy hours. Not to mention that it is a perfect place for at-work relaxation and thinking. Aeona also provides you with showers, boardrooms and private offices.

Knowing that 40 percent of US workforce consists of freelance workers, the need for co-working spaces has become much bigger over the last few years. If you want to know more about these workplaces, have in mind that many of them offer tours and free trials where you’ll be able to experience that environment first hand.