Up until recently, in interior design, monochromatic designs, clear lines and minimalism used to reign supreme. However, the days of minimalistic Scandi design, crisp white color palette and monochromatic interiors seem to be over. 

It is now time for a new kid on the block – Kindercore. The ground principles of this interior design can be summed up in one sentence – where minimalism used to hold back, Kindercore goes all in. This emerging trendy movement embraces primary colors and is centered around creating interiors that are vibrant, carefree and almost childlike – hence the name. So, let’s see what some of the basic principles of this latest interior design trend are. 



Although quite simple in its design, Kindercore should not be mistaken for anything minimalist. Even though the shapes commonly featured in this design are quite simple and almost Lego-like, this is not a juvenile interior design trend by any means. Instead, one of the main things this trend is trying to achieve is to create a beautifully-designed, carefree environment that promotes happiness and good vibes. Color blocking and brightly-colored geometrical shapes are the staples that make this design truly pop. 

yellow sofa


As mentioned earlier, the most commonly used colors in the Kindercore trend revolve mostly around primary colors. However, it is important to note that this doesn’t mean you should paint your entire house top-to-bottom in these hues. Instead, if you are looking to implement this trendy design into your home, it would be best to do so in areas that feature quite a neutral design. To add some Kindercore into your home, look for chubby furniture pieces in some of your favorite primary colors. Additionally, Pantone’s spring/summer color palette can also serve as a great inspiration. By investing in just a few statement pieces you will be able to lighten the mood in your interior.

colorful chairs

Statement Pieces

Kindercore furniture is quite unique in its design so it comes as a no surprise that people choose to implement it as a sort of a statement in their interiors. Rounded edges, bold colors and unique designs are the things that make these furniture pieces stand out so much. Any interior space can easily be completely transformed by implementing just a couple of well-picked accent pieces. So, look for a uniquely-shaped coffee table in Crayola red or opt for a low-back armchair that not only looks stunning but offers the right kind of support as well. 

chubby furniture

Chubby Furniture

You also might be wondering what exactly is chubby furniture. Well, it is safe to say that if there were a furniture spectrum, this type of furniture would be on the opposite side of the clean-lined mid-century furniture pieces. Curved lines and thick sides make this type of furniture just enough juvenile to fit into the adult living space, without coming off as too childlike. These pieces are also generally unbelievably comfortable, which not only makes them a cool aesthetic choice but also a practical one. 

bright colorful wall

Why Kindercore?

In the end, you still might be wondering why Kindercore became so popular. The simple reason is that people just got somewhat tired of the spaces that looked too impersonal and stern and wanted to bring some color back into their lives. By creating an interior that totally follows the “Lego – but make it fashionable” vibe, you will be left with quite an inspiring interior that fosters good vibes, creativity, and cosines. If you take all of that into account, the popularity of this trend becomes quite obvious. 

There is something to be said about the fact that, once we reach a certain age, we tend to embrace once more the things that used to make us happy when we kids. These neotenic shapes and forms with their soft and inviting designs tend to drive quite a positive emotional response which makes them the perfect choice for our interiors. Wouldn’t it be nice to – at the end of a crazy day – come home to this childlike, inviting interior and allow it to instantly lift your spirits?

Like the truly kingdom of colourfulness, mixture of cultures and tradition, India belongs to those countries which are considered as real treasure placed on the planet Earth. With an extremely impressive combination of old religions, sacral oriental skills and natural approach to the lifestyle, Indian style contains a plentiful source of ideas and extraordinary creative power which can be applied in almost every segment of living. Whether is it quite rustic ambient or pure mystic essence of ancient East, those irresistible elements bring a dozens of glamorous alternatives for home arranging, decoration and furniture design.


Indian style inspired furniture and floor

  • Equipping home premises in the spirit of India is best to achieve with choosing those pieces of furniture based on old harden wood, which is usually decorated with unique curved ornaments. It’s not too much to say that this kind of furniture represents pure little masterpieces, which will revive old oriental spirit in your home. The furniture in dark, but still natural colours, mostly mahogany, would be the excellent hit if it’s made from little frayed pieces of wood.
  • To accomplish the unique sense of glamour and authenticity, include hard darken wood when designing floor and it would wrap up the oriental picture of the house. Not that far from the initial idea, naturally and neutrally coloured ceramic or marble tiles can be perfect solution in designing some parts of the house, such as living room or kitchen. Traditionally knotted Indian rugs and floor coverings, enriched with endless colour shades and adorable Hindu motives are absolute must for creating Indian style indoor environment.


Image courtesy of http://interiorhomepic.com/
Image courtesy of http://interiorhomepic.com/


Patterns, fabrics and colours for extraordinary pleasure

  • It’s almost impossible to achieve the true eastern atmosphere without recognizable and usually hand -designed patterns. Often inspired with floral shapes, geometrical elements or traditional mosaic based motives, those patterns are perfect ornaments on wall coverings, bed covers, bed clothes or curtains. There’s no better way to give your home a simple doze of Indian stylishness from choosing items created of natural silk, cotton or flax, originally combined in the bed room or living room design.
  • An ideal way of achieving full glamour and mystique of Indian design style is picking pleasant and vivid colours as a part of your interior. Those exotic colours, which include purple, red, orange and purple-blue will make tremendous contrast to the darken furniture, giving your premises cheerful and warm sense. Since the bold and deep colours are original impress of astonishing Indian temperament and lifestyle, they are instant connection to the entire wealth of Indian exoticism.


Image courtesy of https://bhaviillustrations.wordpress.com/
Image courtesy of https://bhaviillustrations.wordpress.com/


Image courtesy of http://aws.amazon.com/s3/
Image courtesy of http://aws.amazon.com/s3/


Unforgettable decor

  • India is definitely the country of ornaments and remarkable accessories, which is why you simply can’t miss those details in your home. Curved wooden pieces, candle holders combined with scented candles, or detailed religious statues must have been placed either on your tables or shelves. A plenty of decorated colourful pillows will bring pleasant cozy Indian ambient, whether they are laid on your bed or just gently placed on your living room sofa. Combine vases decorated with pieces of glass with fresh flowers, get scented sticks with aroma or jasmine or sandal wood and you can enjoy the radiant energy of your Indian home.


Image courtesy of http://www.decosee.com/
Image courtesy of http://www.decosee.com/