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Well hello there, interior design and décor lovers! Yes, I absolutely understand the craze and excitement whenever there’s a new space to give life to or an old one to inject with new energy and passion, and that’s precisely why I am writing this blog post about Australian interior design blogs – while staying unique in your décor endeavors is understood, everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes and what better way to find it than stalk some of the best décor blogs out there!

The list I am about to give is based solely on my personal tastes and décor choices, so be free to hate it or love it (hopefully, the latter)!

Without much further ado…

Blog #1 – Interiors Addict

Jen Bishop, a former journalist and magazine editor, is the founder of Interiors Addict; a passionate lover of beautiful design and an interior design enthusiast with little design qualifications, the girl is running a blog which is definitely one of my favorite and most gorgeous places to visit. As far as I am concerned, the passion of the team and exuberance are evident in each and every blog post, whether we are talking new products, inspiration or how to guides. If you love their website, you can always check out their sister site Reno Addict

Blog #2 – The Design Files

Back in 2008 a wonderful thing happened for all of us interior design lovers; Lucy Feagins, a Melbourne based design guru started a blog which has quickly evolved into a daily design inspiration and destination of many.

Lucy’s blog has been featured in such great mags like Out Magazine, Design Quarterly and Real Living Magazine. Her blog is definitely a must read for daily home inspiration, as it covers everything from Australian architecture to interiors and art. Intrigued?

The Design Files | New York City | Martyn Thompson from The Design Files on Vimeo.

Blog #3 – Absolutely Beautiful Things

I love, love, love this one! Anna Spiro started it way back in 2006, and the blog’s been flourishing since then. Spiro, who is the owner and curator of a unique and exquisite Brisbane shop called Black & Spiro, inspires us with her personal inspirations and talented laid out all through her blog. What’s amazing about her blog is that, it is not only the place to visit when you are lacking ideas, but a hot spot that offers great insight into the world of a buyer for an interiors shop.


Black & Spiro’s project Halcyon House 

Blog #4 – Get In My Home

Ok, Get In My Home may be the one that takes the cake. Emily is a big supporter of Australian products. She writes about them and combines them achieve worldly, charismatic and minimalist interiors. If there’s anything you need to achieve similar decor, you’ll find the local products here. Emily’s blog has been featured on Kit Home & She Knows so you can be sure that her way is the right way. Her chic style is accompanied with comfort food. Check out her blog for a drooling session.

image 1

Emily Osmond

Blog #5 – The Happy Home Blog

The name says it all. Belinda has been running the joint with grace and joy since 2007. What’s so special about this one? Well, Belinda has successfully merged good taste with family oriented decor. She loves DIY so if you are a fan too, you’ll enjoy reading her adventures with her beautiful four kids. One thing that I love is her take on her own style over the years. Read it here. She is consistent, her ideas are lovely and bring a dash of fresh air.

What has led to where she is now? She wrote for Fairfax Community Newspapers, then moved to Cosmopolitan magazine and she was one of the people behind the launch of Real Living magazine. She took a break from all that after her firstborn Zak came into the world. Three more rascals (this is how she calls them, so cute!) followed.  That’s why her blog gives out that relaxed vibe you’ll feel comfortable with.


Belinda’s adorable kids

I hope you enjoyed this lovely, albeit short, list. Let us know if there’s a decor blog that stole your heart.

Feature image credit: Humble Homes

When people speak of luxurious homes and different designers, they might come across some differences as to what luxury is all about. With many different styles emerging, that show off uniqueness and creativity, it is not that easy to pinpoint only one style as luxurious. New luxury designs’ range is vast so we asked some of our bloggers for their personal opinion.

Marie Nieves and perfect comfort

According to Marie, the perfect new luxury of a proper and cozy home is the ability to make it feel like it belongs to you completely. This does not mean buying expensive furniture and paying great amounts of money to decorators, but simply listening to your own likes and dislikes, and step by step, with help of some DIY projects, making your place comfy and a reflection of who you really are.

Comfortable decor

Clean and bright for Chloe Taylor

To Chloe, the idea of perfect home corresponds to the Scandinavian style of home decorating. Minimalistic approach is highly valued in this style and the code ‘less is more’ is more prominent that in any other style. Utilizing bright colors and simple and functional furniture designs while getting the most out of natural light is the luxury anyone would be thrilled to incorporate into their lives.

Scandinavian decor

Lana Hawkins’ indoor garden

Lana is a nature lover and therefore it is not surprising that her dream home embodies indoor green walls. Having a whole wall made of plants not only looks magical in any type of home but it also cleans the air and provides peaceful environment due to its ability to reduce outside noise. Being able to relax in her own home filled with invigorating greenery is all the luxury Lana needs.

Indoor greenery

Daniel Rogers’ take on Game of Thrones

It seems that the whole world went crazy about Martin’s Game of Thrones, so much so that it is nothing strange that some fans, like Daniel, want motives of Westeros in their home. This kind of décor is not that difficult to achieve. Everyone has their favorite House which details can serve as a way of accessorizing. Adding more wood, embellished frames and medieval-like candleholders and kitchenware can turn your home into luxurious Seven Kingdoms paradise.

Game of thrones decor

Zoe Clark values sensitivity and class

For gentle feminine souls like Zoe, shabby chic home décor is something to look forward to when spending time at her place. Mix and match of different styles and even different eras, all lined with a lot of white color, distressed wood and girly details with a vintage vibe represent both the innocence and sophistication of the owner.

Shabby chic decor

As seen above, new luxury home design solely depends on the person in question. Still, there is no question about the fact that all these ideas are perfect for bringing the best out of you when it comes to redecorating your home and finding the best way to express your genuine self, which, in all honesty, is the most luxurious way to live a life.