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Although vintage is getting more and more popular by the hour, some people are not that fond of introducing it in their homes. Their main argumentation is that they don’t want for their home to look like it is trapped in time. This doesn’t mean that they dislike the antique look in general. From time to time, you are bound to encounter an antique piece of furniture. At that moment, you will think it’s just perfect and when this happens you will need to know how to combine it with the rest of your home. Because of that, here are some tips and tricks on how to decorate with antiques.

Identifying Antiques

First thing you will need to know is a true antique. As we already mentioned, vintage as a style is extremely popular which means that antique looking furniture is everywhere. However, you are not interested in antique-looking but antique.

Decorating with antiques

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What you need here is usually a closer inspection and the texture of the wood cannot lie. First of all, the traces of aging should be all over the surface (even if they are covered up). Furthermore, these replicas are usually not handmade. On a true antique, you will be able to recognize a work of a true carpenter by the asymmetrical carving marks. Finally, the quality and diversity of wood you can find in true antiques will always be greater than that of even the best replica.

Epoch Is Not the Only Theme

One of the most important rules that you need to remember is that when it comes to decorating with antiques age is not the only theme out there. Even if you don’t sort your furniture pieces by the epoch they belong, this doesn’t mean that they must look out of place. You can also group these items by the same color, lookalike ornaments or some other physical similarity. A white vintage lamp is always going to look good, next to your contemporary blue sofa. Even though they are made almost half century apart.

Old and New Combo

A modern living room with vintage elements

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Next thing you can do is try and find a way not only for your old and new items to live together but to achieve a symbiosis. For example, there is no reason whatsoever why your brand new LCD TV wouldn’t look good on your antique stand.  The same is pretty much applicable to any other piece of technology as well. In fact, you can take this even one step further and get your home a decorative piece of vintage technology . This way, by pairing them up with the tech you currently use, you can reach a strong yet unique visual impression.

Room by Room

Although some people are in love with vintage, they simply hate the idea of their home looking like a museum. There is really no need for you to transform your entire house. You can make this transformation happen in a single room. The choice here is great since there are some great inspirations for both vintage kitchens and. This way, you can still enjoy all the benefits of having a contemporary home. Of course, with the addition of installing antique nightstand, vanity and shower-head in your bathroom. Some would call this getting the best of both worlds.

A vintage living room full of antique furniture pieces
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As you can see, decorating with antiques is not that difficult and it gives you a plethora of options you can decide to go with. Furthermore, seeing how there are no strict rules here but only guidelines (after all, it is interior design we are talking about) you will have a no small amount of customization in front of you. Because of all this, decorating with antiques can be both aesthetically rewarding and fun at the same time.

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You have your own entourage, wear fancy clothes and own the latest gadgets. You do all of these just to emulate your favorite celebrity. But wait, if you’re going all out in achieving celebrity status, shouldn’t your house mirror that of a celebrity’s as well?

During the recent years, celebrities have become so big and influential that a lot of people copy not only their looks but their houses as well. From actors to musicians, to athletes and even models, they all have the power to mold us and our homes to look either totally cool or downright outrageous.

Here are 10 easy ways to achieve a celebrity-looking house:

Develop an eye for class

Don’t blindly buy furniture pieces because they are “in”. Take insights from interior designers that are renowned for their taste in luxury. The luxurious pieces that you purchase should be timeless and give an overall sense of regality in your house.

Develop an eye for class

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Learn to accessorize

If you’re short on dough, you can pick some shiny accessories like some gemstones and attach them to a small piece of furniture or any favorite item of yours. It will introduce not only gleaming detail but an aura of sophistication as well.


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Go gold

Nothing says rich than a fancy gold finish. Spray-paint the sides of a mirror, a chandelier or any metal accessory to bring a formal feeling connecting art with a golden touch.


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Upsize it

Use large-scale pieces as a theme. It will create opulence while making your rooms visually appealing. As they say “bigger is better”.


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Pick your fabrics

The right fabric helps establish or enhance the “feel” of your house. Fabrics like silks, velvets, jacquards, damasks, and ikats do a fabulous job of introducing an element of splendor into a space. If you can’t afford a whole sectional, try it in smaller doses like curtains or throw pillows.


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Commit to Symmetry

If you like your house to represent stature and significance, then it’s best to apply symmetry. Your home’s exterior is the first thing people will see, and you want it to be just as elegant on the outside as it is inside. You can bring the symmetry to the garden and plants in front of your home by adding oversized planters on either side of your front door.


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Don’t over-decorate

When decorating, don’t go over the top. You don’t have to have everything all at once. A well decorated space is one that is curated over time so it’s best to go slowly and build slowly.


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Use unique furniture

One definite way to stand out is to have what most people don’t have. By using unusual shapes in your house, you’ll not only intrigue your guests but set your space apart. Try a multifunctional sofa that turns to a dining table or cool-looking chairs to accentuate an offbeat but distinct style.


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Incorporate statement art

Don’t let wall art be treated as an afterthought but instead treat it as a design opportunity. Meshing the right statement art with your existing space will provide you a glamorous and harmonious interior. Hang neon lights with bold statements or a big wall art for that striking impact.


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See your vision through

Rome wasn’t built in a day so stay the course until you complete your envisioned celebrity home. Do your research and stick to your plan so as not to cave into expensive impulse buys that weren’t a part of your original plan and set you back financially.


There’s nothing wrong with admiring and emulating celebrities, even up to the point of having your home look like theirs. Just don’t let it be the center of your life, instead enjoy the experience and take pride in your beautiful project.

This article was contributed by Joel Samonte 

Joel Samonte works as a Content Writer for Hoppler – the most advanced online tool that helps you search, buy, sell and rent properties in the Philippines. A true Bosconian to the core, health buff, devoted husband and a loving father. You can reach him at [email protected] or through LinkedIn.