Whether we want to admit or not, colours’ are giving meanings to our lives – just try to imagine your surroundings being colourless and you’ll realize that colours really make our lives and give beauty to it. This especially applies to our living spaces, which now, when modern era completely changed our lifestyle, should become precious oasis where we seek for peace, relaxation and inspiration. So, if you wondered what hues your living nook should embrace, this is the list of unavoidable colours you should stick to this year:

blue wall with artistic paintings
Image source: pixabay.com

Light blue

Blue was always known as more cold than warm colour, but paler nuances combined with other colours have the power to soften the entire space and provide immense dose of tranquillity. Light blue spectra is this year light desirable more than ever, especially because it allows creating transparent, but still modern and comfy appearance, so dare to combine it with cool grey nuances.  If your home lacks relaxing spirit, paint your walls or floors into light blue with a hint of bolder grey.

Colourful walls
Image source: pixabay.com

Greek blue

Inspired by powerful Mediterranean ambient, Greek blue is instantly reviving and refreshing, and, as such, unavoidable for living rooms missing energy and richer look. This is the hue of oceans and clear skies and it’s great to be paired with contrasted vivid colours, especially with pink and grey.

Greek Blue
Image source: www.pinterest.com

Pastels, but frosty ones

Pastels are like eternal classic, so you can stay loyal to them as long as you opt for radiant nuances exuding a dose of frozen and neon shine. Frosty pastels are perfect for walls and prevailing interior pieces, but you should spice them with bright tones to avoid over – united look. So, pastels lovers, feel free to embrace Dandelion tea, secret blush (something like bleached purple), elusive blue and dreamscape grey, but vivid look fans can stick to mint green, light pink or aqua hues.

Earthy brown as perfect contrasting

Yes, 2015 colour trends are glorifying bright colours, but dark wood as well as muddy brown nuances are also welcome, most likely for spaces where bright elements should be more accentuated. Earth brown palette is best if applied on walls when furniture and decor come in dirty pink and white with eventual haze blue accents.

Pop of optimistic brights

Radiantly bright colours, such as bold and soft purple, natural orangey, plastic lime and sonic blue are the hits of the season, and great for adding energetic accents to conversation areas, especially dining room. However, use them carefully, best on shelving decor and some furniture parts, where you can reach impressively alluring ambient if pair them with neutral walls and floors.

Muddy warms

Rustic, muddy appearance comes back to our homes, especially to those spirited with vintage motifs and old-fangled decor. A space warming up was never so easy, so rely on subtly and kind of dirty nuances, preferably olive green, dusty mint, aubergine and rusty tones. Combine them with grey, ivory, and if you’re brave enough, dramatize things with bright decor accessorize.

Explosion of colours will definitely reach its maximum this year, both in fashion and interiors, telling us once again that life without colours is empty and not exciting at all.

How big is your room?

If your room is spacious and light, you may choose to leave the floor bare, especially if you have nice wooden ones lacquered with a quality lacquer. On the other hand, if the room is too little, you might not want to put anything else in there for fear it would make it look even smaller. However, if the room is really too big, you might to divide it into two or more segments. Instead of erecting walls and changing the dimensions of the room, you could simply try to do it by putting different rugs at different places of the room. One big rug at the sitting area, and one smaller over at the bookcase will visually divide the room into two parts, especially if they are of contrasting colours.



Depending on the room, you might want to use differently textured rugs to make the space more cozy. This is also great for children’s room, they will be spending hundreds of hours on those floors, and you want them to be comfortable while they’re colouring and playing with their cars, dolls, or puzzles. Also, if your guests will be taking their shoes off when they come to your home, having a fluffy rug in from of the armchair or a sofa will certainly make them feel cozy. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a rug to put under your dining room table it will be ten times more difficult to clean up the crumbs that might fall on it, so a simple rug would suffice.



If your floors have solid and peculiar colours, beautifully patterned tiles, sea foam floor boards, or something similar, you might want to show off their beauty to the world. Nevertheless, a beautifully coloured rug will not dull the beauty of such floors, but enhance it instead. Small, brightly coloured rugs will keep the dark room looking fresh and open, while other colours and designs can tone down a too-light space. Darker family rooms, hallways, and living rooms look best with bright rugs, but if your rooms have excessive sunlight you might want to consider colours which will not fade easily.


The issue of hygiene

You might not want to have a rug in the room because it collects dust and it is difficult keeping it clean, but you should know that they require minimal maintenance and are incredibly easy to clean. All you need to do is vacuum it on regular basis and make sure you clean up any liquid spillage before it dries and leaves a stain. Clean and dust-free rugs are not impossible to achieve, and it will keep the air in the room clean and minimize allergic reactions. They are in a way natural filters, they keep dust inside instead of letting it float around the room, and you only need to vacuum clean them.

You should take into account a lot if things: light, wall colour, furniture, the dimension of the room itself, etc. Do your own research because what works for one room may not be right for the other one, and before you make your own decision make sure you took everything into account. Experiment and express your own taste, let your room reflect who you are.

What was called a “warehouse look” in layman terms, used to be seen only in enormous top-floor, attic apartments of those who usually could not afford anything else. However, times have changed and this brave and bold look can be found within the walls of some of the most expensive mansions all around the world. Modern architects prefer to expose, rather than hide; they combine neutral with utilitarian, wooden with metal, thus celebrating humble materials, showcasing amazing interplay between form and fiction. What used to be considered unfinished and cold is actually modern, innovative, unassuming and rather comfortable place you can proudly call home.

Image source: homeandecoration.com
Image source: homeandecoration.com

Exposed pipes and ducts

First signature element that every modern industrial look must contain are the pipes and ducts that are usually hidden behind the thick walls. It started as a necessity when people had to redecorate old warehouses and turn them into living spaces, and slowly became one of the most popular interior design ideas among those who seek out what appears to be “unfinished” look. It is also a smart choice for all-white spaces, as bright walls are a fabulous contrast to metal piping, providing even more light to the room, making it look visually bigger. Some people even incorporate old pipes into the furniture, so they use metal brackets and tubes to make one of a kind shelves, chairs, tables and even stairs.

Vintage furniture & accessories

Since what is usually concealed is already exposed, industrial design requires you to take a step further and experiment when it comes to furniture. But be careful, experimenting in this case does not refer to color and extravagant furniture pieces, but rather simple and neutral ones found at a local thrift shop. Old wooden coffee table surrounded with modern leather furniture, old TV turned into a retro bar or an old sawing machine you found at your grandmother’s attic, there is a place for everything that could in a way be called second-hand.

Effortless Lightning

Even though industrial spaces are usually quite bright, exposed electrical fixtures are still an important element to be incorporated in such homes. The options are numerous: you can choose to set up simple, old, iron triangular chandeliers above your kitchen island, or stretch cables across the entire ceiling just to have light bulbs hand in the middle of the room. Classical metal wall fixtures are also quite frequently found in industrially designed spaces that blend with white walls and exposed piping.

Cool Colors

Metal surfaces prevail together with wooden ones thus creating the perfect contrast, so in an industrially designed space you are bound to see metal ceiling in combination with wooden flooring, but sometimes even vice versa. Earthly green and brown, as well as many light neutral tones are the most popular color choices, with grey being the most prominent one, creating a bit uniform, but extremely chic and modern home. According to the Fantastic Services painters and decorators, the right color palette can make or break how your home looks and feel, especially if wall and ceiling painting is not done up to standard.

Basic Flooring

In enormous open-plan rooms, tiles and concrete are the most common choices for flooring. However, for those who prefer warmer colors, wooden and rubber ones are usually the alternative. But what is important is that the industrial design does not allow any rugs, even if you complain about the cold feet, and in that case, floor heating is your only option. Small portable mats are tolerated, but only on those places in your home that require you to stand for a longer period of time, like in the kitchen when washing the dishes. But only then. Once you are finished, they lose their purpose and must be removed for the sake of the amazing design.

Neutral tones, whites and grays, together with wooden floors, metal fixtures, pipes and mats are the signature elements of the industrial design. It gives your home a uniform look that still allows you to experiment with old and retro furniture, as well as add a couple of your own DIY projects. Show that you are bold and brave by exposing what is usually concealed, blending it all in one neutral earthly color.

Ever since the amazing George R.R. Martin released the first book of his epic fantasy novel serial called “A song of Ice and Fire”, it captivated the minds of millions of people throughout the world, and no one ever expected that a single book would make people scream for more. And as Martin formulated an epic fantasy fever that spread out even into a more mainstream audience, the fantasy drama TV show Game of Thrones set the world on fire, so now we’re living each day expecting next season to appear and eventually, another character to die. This show deeply triggered our imagination, and we must admit that the Lannisters’ and the Targaryens’ have left a mark on our very own Houses. Westeros is no place to live, with a Great War raging around, and another one just brewing up, but it is best kept safe as a dash of inspiration in our oh-so-mortal mundane life.


Brave men did not kill the dragons – they let them into their houses

Indulge in the passion of the fearless Targaryens and use the powers of the almighty dragon world by permeating your house with gothic-influenced dragon motifs. Apart from pillowcases and wall banners illustrated with the recognizable Targaryen crest, you can go step further and enrich your anteroom with glamorous dragon sconces just made to keep you away from dark nights. Your bedroom can become Fire and Blood for all unwanted visitors should you introduce dragon printed beddings, but scaly dragon eggs and winged reptile sculptures on side tables will turn your living space into the safest place in the world.

Image source: www.home-designing.com
Image source: www.home-designing.com

Your own Winterfell

The glorious Starks are having all but a good time these days, and yet they remain absolute fan favorites. There’s just something about the strength of their familiar bonds. Their medieval spirit will always be powerful and fearsome when necessary, and you don’t want to miss out on their might when you know that Winter is Coming! Bring the Stark sensibility into your home by dressing your bedroom with furry pillows, bed covers and shaggy rugs but don’t forget wooden accents, such as candleholders, an effective chain & wood chandelier and a rustically styled hardwood closet. Fear cuts deeper than swords, and your own Winterfell shouldn’t lack an elaborate display of medieval swords on the wall. Once winter comes, have a rustic stone fire pit ready, for yourself and your family dog- uh, dauntless direwolves. Top it off with stone brick walls decorated with a Godswood tapestry, dark timber high back chairs with rusty iron frames and plenty of wolf sculptures, and feel like the Lord of Winterfell. Keep your head!

Opulence – because everything’s better glammed up

Richly ornamented, golden bed frames, glowing branchy chandeliers and obvious golden upholstery is a smooth way to show who’s boss, so even if you’re not fond of the strikingly rich and surprisingly canny Lannisters, don’t feel bad should you steal a bit of their sass. A solid mahogany table ornamented with curved lion legs, paired with an ottoman with a curvy bronze trestle is an excellent way to “lux” your living room. Hear YOU roar! You can get really on point with lion door knockers, or soften things up with pillows wrapped into embroidered pillowcases, damask patterned crystal pottery (especially wine glasses) and gold ornamented mirrors. We hope your personal wine cellar can keep up with this task!

Image by eyeliam
Image source: www.flickr.com

Moroccan comfort of the fiery south

Going in-hand with popular interior styles, the Martells really provide us with some fabulous yet exotic ideas, from warm orange, red and yellow hues incorporated into geometrically patterned rugs and upholstery, to sun-inspired motifs over table tops, beddings, and most practically, mirror frames. Martells are fans of soft leathers, so feel free to enrich your living room with red leather stools and chairs covered with impressive oriental reliefs. Add embossed leather pillows, red glass lanterns and Moroccan-style side tables, and you’re ready to declare yourself Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken.

As you’re transforming your interior décor into a taste of the mythical kingdom of Westeros, always have back-up plans, and keep your friends close. As you know, when you play the game of thrones you either win or die.

Mid-century modern was a style in architecture, interior and graphic design from the mid 1930s – 1960s. The style developed from Bauhaus and Scandinavian modern in America, since many architects and industrial designers from Germany and Scandinavia migrated to the USA during the Second World War. After the war, there was an expansion of cities and suburbs, as well as the appearance of new technologies and new materials which combined into the new mid-century modern which explored new forms, textures and colors.

mid-century modern architecture
Image source: www.dwell.com

This style is recognizable by a simple, understated look, clean lines and geometric forms. It is uncluttered and functionality is a priority. Plastic entered the world of interior design with mid-century modern, and materials like wood, metal, stone, glass, vinyl and plywood were also commonly used. Colors were bold as well as neutral, but there was no excess of ornamentation.

Mid-century modern never went out of fashion, and in recent years its popularity has been growing even more. In this article we give you a few ideas on how to achieve a mid-century modern look in your house without changing all of your furniture or traveling back in time.


You can look for original pieces in antique shops, but this can get rather pricy. If you already have some furniture of this style, it is possible to repair and refinish it. There are still some companies that produce and sell mid-century modern pieces, like Knoll, Vitra, 2Modern, Artek and DWR, to name just a few. You don’t need to go for an exact replica of those times, iconic pieces have been copied endlessly and something resembling an original can fully fit your needs. Also, you might only need a few pieces of mid-century modern furniture to nicely set the tone of your space, try not to go overboard with bold colors and patterns, stay in one color range and one pattern. Some sculptural, curved central pieces like armchairs and chairs, especially if made of molded plywood, or fiberglass will make a big design statement in your living room.

mid-century modern furniture
Image source: thedesignfiles.net


Mid-century modern interiors are minimal but can speak loudly and boldly with stand-out wallpapers, bright textured rugs or curtains, colored glassware, designer lamps and modern artwork framed simply. For example, design mirrors are a perfect accessory, like the famous sunburst mirror from this era. Wallpapers with bold graphic prints were popular at this time, but if you wouldn’t dare go that far, you could try decorating only one wall with it. It is important not to clutter the walls with artwork; one or two bold high-end pieces of art will be enough. They can be abstract art, pattern prints, metallic wall plaques or large oil on canvases.

mid-century modern living room
Image source: www.household-decoration.com

Colors and finishes

The color palette was eclectic: red, yellow, blue, pink, aqua, orange and purple were frequently used, as well as muted colors like grey, olive green and brown. These were combined with the white walls and wooden ceilings. Timber stains were light, tables and chairs featured warm stains, such as golden chestnut or the classic walnut finish. Ceilings and walls were plain, without decorations. Floors were made of polished timber, concrete and stone and were carpeted. It was important there was a lot of natural light indoors and glass walls were not uncommon.

Whether you live in a new building, or are remodeling your old home, mid-century modern is proving to be a timeless way to design your space well in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Even though more than one hundred years have past since the Victorian Era, Victorian style has left a great mark onto the interior design that cannot be erased. Many people today are looking for clues how to copy that style and use it in their houses. This high demand is just the cause of this article – it is in the following few paragraphs that we will explain everything you need to know about Victorian style and give you clues how to decorate your bedroom (or any other room) in Victorian style.

Victorian Bedroom

What’s Victorian style all about?

Let’s face it – we are living in the twenty-first century and we no longer wear cylinders and long dresses at home or to the theatre. Due to this fact, if we wanted to bring some of that bygone Victorian style to our home, it would be normal to combine it with what we have – that is, modern style and modern things. Victorian style has evolved by now and it is normal to mesh things up, so for example you can pair modern acrylic chairs with an ancient wood table. The combination of an old dining table you got from your grandmother and reupholstered chairs with bold graphic print cushions would be perfect. Also, in the living room, you can reupholster Victorian style sofas and comfortable chairs in a very modern fabric, such as tapestry, floral or damask. This will give the furniture a statement: I am modern, but I like the old antique curves.

Victorian Style

How to add craftsman character?

Since we do not want to make you renovate your entire house, bulldoze it and make the ceilings higher and build completely new windows, we are going to try to spice the interior up with some craftsman character. Since Victorians loved ornately carved wood furniture made in walnut, oak and mahogany, you can add them almost anywhere where you have room. And do not stop at the furniture. If you want to redecorate your living room, do not stop at the sofa – add some wood carved mirror frames, lamps and picture frames. And let’s get things cleared out: Victorian furniture is not cheap and if you want best quality you will have to pay some extra cash for it. Handywork has a price.

Victorian Style

Colour-theme your (bed)room

When it comes to truly Victorian style vibe, you should not be afraid of paint colour. Victorians loved it, and so will you. So if you are planning to redecorate your bedroom, you can choose between the rich hues of green, red, blue and gold-brown. However, Victorian colours were somewhat dusty when compared to our modern hues and colour was everywhere, starting from the kitchen to the library. Victorian bedrooms had those big beds with curtains, so you should plan to invest into one. You can also add a fireplace mantle (you can find one in flea market or even buy a modern electric). Re-purpose old trims, doors and windows and add marble in order to promote high-quality aesthetic vibe that Victorian homes used to boast with.

And finally, the last piece of advice for this redecoration would be to consider painting rooms into warm white instead of bold colours. If you add Victorian accessories into it, the mixture of old and new will perfectly achieve the effect we are aiming at. Besides, you can add colour via accessories, such as textiles, rugs, lamps, cushions and wall art. And make sure your every room is painted differently. Add some romance with fresh flowers and there you have it – a perfect Victorian style home, meshed up with modern design.

We all need a place where we can relax and unwind. Some do it with the comfort of a book wrapped in a blanket in their favorite sofa. Others love nature and want to relax outside. If you have a big yard, you can remodel it to this particular need. A place where you can watch the stars in the evening while drinking a big glass of wine.

The deck

You are will have to hire a contractor for this. You want it to be flawless and you are not the best person for the job, unless you are a DIY nut. Anyway, you need to research what kind of wood would you like for your deck. The best choice is to use composite lumber. This composite is a mixture of timber fibre, plastic and an agent that bonds the material. It is the most eco-friendly option available on the market if you want to keep that timber look but you also want to think of the environment. Next, you need to decide on the finish. The available methods of treating wooden decking are painting and staining.

Image credit http://eachbatt.com/


When searching for the best piece of furniture on the market, be sure to make the durability of the material the paramount in your choice. The outdoor furniture is susceptible to weather and its condition can deteriorate over time. You need to familiarize yourself with the materials and how they are maintained. If you are into trends, then be sure to check out what is new and stylish for 2015. Timber furniture is the best option since it is cheaper than metal and looks better then plastic furniture. Additionally, when it gets cold outside, it is still more comfortable to sit in than metal furniture. For a more rustic style, you can buy wicker furniture. It is cozy, light and versatile. You can move it indoors and use it as living room furniture.

Image credit https://www.localsearch.com.au/


In order to add elegance and taste to the overall impression of your outdoor space, some decorations would be in order. Start with lighting. If you prefer not to have the space illuminated, opt for fire pits. Nowadays, fire pits can be bought in any store that specializes in outdoor furniture. They provide that unique lighting and warmth only fire can deliver. If you plan on reading outside when the weather is nice you will need a proper lighting. Outdoor ceiling lighting is a nice touch and it goes well with classically stylized wall lighting. One of the freshest trends is putting a rug and curtains on your patio. It adds the feeling of being in a living room. When you decide to add a carpet and curtains, remember to remove them when the weather conditions worsen.

For party animals

If your outdoor nook is meant to be a place where you and your friends gather to unwind together or just hang out, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. When you choose from the wide range of grills, think about everything each one has to offer. Gas grills are fast but they do not give you the authentic charcoal taste. Charcoal grills are for hardcore barbecue fans. However, the best choice is a portable grill as you can always switch it up and even cook inside. No matter which one you choose, you will be immensely satisfied with how your nook looks like since it is tailored according to your wishes and your wishes alone.

Like the truly kingdom of colourfulness, mixture of cultures and tradition, India belongs to those countries which are considered as real treasure placed on the planet Earth. With an extremely impressive combination of old religions, sacral oriental skills and natural approach to the lifestyle, Indian style contains a plentiful source of ideas and extraordinary creative power which can be applied in almost every segment of living. Whether is it quite rustic ambient or pure mystic essence of ancient East, those irresistible elements bring a dozens of glamorous alternatives for home arranging, decoration and furniture design.


Indian style inspired furniture and floor

  • Equipping home premises in the spirit of India is best to achieve with choosing those pieces of furniture based on old harden wood, which is usually decorated with unique curved ornaments. It’s not too much to say that this kind of furniture represents pure little masterpieces, which will revive old oriental spirit in your home. The furniture in dark, but still natural colours, mostly mahogany, would be the excellent hit if it’s made from little frayed pieces of wood.
  • To accomplish the unique sense of glamour and authenticity, include hard darken wood when designing floor and it would wrap up the oriental picture of the house. Not that far from the initial idea, naturally and neutrally coloured ceramic or marble tiles can be perfect solution in designing some parts of the house, such as living room or kitchen. Traditionally knotted Indian rugs and floor coverings, enriched with endless colour shades and adorable Hindu motives are absolute must for creating Indian style indoor environment.


Image courtesy of http://interiorhomepic.com/
Image courtesy of http://interiorhomepic.com/


Patterns, fabrics and colours for extraordinary pleasure

  • It’s almost impossible to achieve the true eastern atmosphere without recognizable and usually hand -designed patterns. Often inspired with floral shapes, geometrical elements or traditional mosaic based motives, those patterns are perfect ornaments on wall coverings, bed covers, bed clothes or curtains. There’s no better way to give your home a simple doze of Indian stylishness from choosing items created of natural silk, cotton or flax, originally combined in the bed room or living room design.
  • An ideal way of achieving full glamour and mystique of Indian design style is picking pleasant and vivid colours as a part of your interior. Those exotic colours, which include purple, red, orange and purple-blue will make tremendous contrast to the darken furniture, giving your premises cheerful and warm sense. Since the bold and deep colours are original impress of astonishing Indian temperament and lifestyle, they are instant connection to the entire wealth of Indian exoticism.


Image courtesy of https://bhaviillustrations.wordpress.com/
Image courtesy of https://bhaviillustrations.wordpress.com/


Image courtesy of http://aws.amazon.com/s3/
Image courtesy of http://aws.amazon.com/s3/


Unforgettable decor

  • India is definitely the country of ornaments and remarkable accessories, which is why you simply can’t miss those details in your home. Curved wooden pieces, candle holders combined with scented candles, or detailed religious statues must have been placed either on your tables or shelves. A plenty of decorated colourful pillows will bring pleasant cozy Indian ambient, whether they are laid on your bed or just gently placed on your living room sofa. Combine vases decorated with pieces of glass with fresh flowers, get scented sticks with aroma or jasmine or sandal wood and you can enjoy the radiant energy of your Indian home.


Image courtesy of http://www.decosee.com/
Image courtesy of http://www.decosee.com/

You have been coming home to the same old bedroom for some time now, and you clearly do not feel the same as you did when you first decorated it. Sometimes you look at the old posters, and stickers and ask yourself “what was I thinking?” But you feel rather stuck with it, as the room is really small, and you know how hard it is to work with small spaces. However, there are ways to make your tiny corner seem bigger, and most importantly, more functional.

Bring It Up Your Bedroom

Has it happened to you that you did something at the desk, and when you wanted to get up, you hit your chair on the bed?
That is all because of the lack of space, but it is not like you can throw one of those two things out of the room. The design culture has come up with the solution on how to use the height of the room to your advantage and get more space out of it.
Another great idea is to put the table under the window so that you could have enough natural light, especially when two windows only.
Leave your desk right where it is now, and build the bed right over it, just make sure that you install the right lighting fixtures so that it is not too dark when you work on your computer or read a book.


A Place for One More

You always wanted to invite a friend for a sleepover, but you had no bed to offer to them. The simplest solution is to hide one mattress under your own bed, and pull it out only when you absolutely need it. And it is not only for sleeping, you can pull it out every time you need an extra sitting space, as it is perfect for playing cards, board games, or just chatting with your friends.

Get a custom bed

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and worths most of your investment. According to Jonathan Prichard and the Mattress Insider Company, custom and odd mattress designs are mostly made to fit extravagant and unique bedroom settings.
A custom-design bed can come in large size or foldable form, with metal or wood frame, depending on you what tone you want to set for the room.

Hidden Storage

There is enough space in your room for most basic furniture, but as you are growing up, you realize that you need more and more storage space. You have sorted out all of your clothes and shoes, but what to do with all the books? You can always add more shelves on the wall, but sometimes even that is not enough. So instead of the pull-out mattress, pull out and empty storage space, where you can place all of your valuables and collectibles. It is also very practical for bookworms, who would not need to get out of bed in the evening to grab one for a bedtime story.


It is all about the Little Things

When you finish with reorganizing the room so that is fully functional, it is time to think about the details that make it a warm and welcoming place. First think about the linens, as after a hard day all you will want to do is come home and throw yourself on the bed, and dive in the sea of cushions. You can get or make one of those with messages or quotes on them, as they always make and interesting decorating detail.


Then, if you feel a little bit of claustrophobic, put a big mirror on one of the walls, as they reflect both picture and light, what will make your room seem bigger.

Chose an interesting wallpaper or a sticker for the wall that you like, but if you are going for the wallpaper that will take up most, or all the walls, go with more neutral one, and then add other colorful details in the room to break the monotony. However, if you have a small place, do not over clutter it, but go with just a few figurines or scented candles.


Some of the things you can do yourself, and save some money on redecorating, but most important thing is not to be discouraged with the lack of finances. You do not need to make a big change all at once – start from one thing, and then others will come with time, and soon you will have your little seventh heaven.