Drawing and painting can be quite an intense activities that normally begin with enthusiasm. They are supposed to be a great escape from boredom,a relaxing several hours you take only for yourself and a great thing to do when you need to take a break from everyday life. However, as one gets deeper in the craft, things may become more demanding, so challenging in fact that people forget to have fun while doing it. In everything we do, it is important to work with an open mind and enjoy it in order to get maximum results. With more experience we get better and we progress faster, starting to enjoy more the process of creating.


Play with Colours and Techniques

One of the things you can do in order to make drawing or painting more fun, is to play with new supplies, new painting surfaces and new ideas. Start by using only basic colours and slowly learn how to mix up tones and create transitions. Don’t be afraid to try out different types of paint, painting techniques and accessories. Experiment by combining classical painting techniques with a brush with some other objects in order to create unusual textures. Combine acrylics, water colours, chalk or even a spray paint with newspaper, yarn or glitter if sparkle is what you prefer.Use stencils to create a unique art which you can display in your home afterwords.

The other thing you could do is play with pastels and try out new things like having a limited colour palette. Challenge yourself and make the experience of creating a whole lot interesting. You could also just open your box of pastels and try using as many colors as possible. At times, the painting will come out fantastic but other times it won’t. However it is, as long as you are excited to try out new things and enjoy the experience of creating, chances are that you’ll be successful at it.


Create in a Good Atmosphere

Filling the studio or the room where you draw and paint with music can emphasize the whole creative experience. A colorful setting, a lot of natural light and a cozy atmosphere will put you in a happy mood. One thing is sure: it is when you are having the most fun that you create some of the best works of art!

If in the middle of painting or drawing you get tired, demotivated or feel lack of inspiration, there is nothing to worry about. Permit yourself to have fun and play with paint or even the subject matter. You can put green or blue in the faces of the portraits you are creating, which might transcend into something surreal, infinitely creative and interesting. In case the subject matter becomes predictable, try selecting one section of the piece and have fun with new textures and materials. Don’t over think the process, just be spontaneous and you will find new creative possibilities emerging.


The same goes for drawing where you could use colouring pencils and experiment with new things. Try drawing abstracts as they can be very exciting, as well. Be sure to use quality colouring pencils that are smooth and pigmented and that will make the whole drawing process easier and more enjoyable.

Push yourself into the dimension of infinite creativity and allow yourself to get lost in it. Through combination of colours, textures and patterns, the thrill will follow.