Ever since the amazing George R.R. Martin released the first book of his epic fantasy novel serial called “A song of Ice and Fire”, it captivated the minds of millions of people throughout the world, and no one ever expected that a single book would make people scream for more. And as Martin formulated an epic fantasy fever that spread out even into a more mainstream audience, the fantasy drama TV show Game of Thrones set the world on fire, so now we’re living each day expecting next season to appear and eventually, another character to die. This show deeply triggered our imagination, and we must admit that the Lannisters’ and the Targaryens’ have left a mark on our very own Houses. Westeros is no place to live, with a Great War raging around, and another one just brewing up, but it is best kept safe as a dash of inspiration in our oh-so-mortal mundane life.


Brave men did not kill the dragons – they let them into their houses

Indulge in the passion of the fearless Targaryens and use the powers of the almighty dragon world by permeating your house with gothic-influenced dragon motifs. Apart from pillowcases and wall banners illustrated with the recognizable Targaryen crest, you can go step further and enrich your anteroom with glamorous dragon sconces just made to keep you away from dark nights. Your bedroom can become Fire and Blood for all unwanted visitors should you introduce dragon printed beddings, but scaly dragon eggs and winged reptile sculptures on side tables will turn your living space into the safest place in the world.

Image source: www.home-designing.com
Image source: www.home-designing.com

Your own Winterfell

The glorious Starks are having all but a good time these days, and yet they remain absolute fan favorites. There’s just something about the strength of their familiar bonds. Their medieval spirit will always be powerful and fearsome when necessary, and you don’t want to miss out on their might when you know that Winter is Coming! Bring the Stark sensibility into your home by dressing your bedroom with furry pillows, bed covers and shaggy rugs but don’t forget wooden accents, such as candleholders, an effective chain & wood chandelier and a rustically styled hardwood closet. Fear cuts deeper than swords, and your own Winterfell shouldn’t lack an elaborate display of medieval swords on the wall. Once winter comes, have a rustic stone fire pit ready, for yourself and your family dog- uh, dauntless direwolves. Top it off with stone brick walls decorated with a Godswood tapestry, dark timber high back chairs with rusty iron frames and plenty of wolf sculptures, and feel like the Lord of Winterfell. Keep your head!

Opulence – because everything’s better glammed up

Richly ornamented, golden bed frames, glowing branchy chandeliers and obvious golden upholstery is a smooth way to show who’s boss, so even if you’re not fond of the strikingly rich and surprisingly canny Lannisters, don’t feel bad should you steal a bit of their sass. A solid mahogany table ornamented with curved lion legs, paired with an ottoman with a curvy bronze trestle is an excellent way to “lux” your living room. Hear YOU roar! You can get really on point with lion door knockers, or soften things up with pillows wrapped into embroidered pillowcases, damask patterned crystal pottery (especially wine glasses) and gold ornamented mirrors. We hope your personal wine cellar can keep up with this task!

Image by eyeliam
Image source: www.flickr.com

Moroccan comfort of the fiery south

Going in-hand with popular interior styles, the Martells really provide us with some fabulous yet exotic ideas, from warm orange, red and yellow hues incorporated into geometrically patterned rugs and upholstery, to sun-inspired motifs over table tops, beddings, and most practically, mirror frames. Martells are fans of soft leathers, so feel free to enrich your living room with red leather stools and chairs covered with impressive oriental reliefs. Add embossed leather pillows, red glass lanterns and Moroccan-style side tables, and you’re ready to declare yourself Unbowed, Unbent and Unbroken.

As you’re transforming your interior décor into a taste of the mythical kingdom of Westeros, always have back-up plans, and keep your friends close. As you know, when you play the game of thrones you either win or die.