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The number of decorating shows you can watch on TV or stream online is enormous and all of them focus on different things – some are all about saving money, others about DIY projects, and the third about renovating your home as quickly as possible. However, Nate & Jeremiah by Design is one of the most special decorating shows out there because of one simple thing: its stars, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, are among the most special decorating couples in the world. Their style is simple yet visually attractive, and their approach to interior design combines frugal and effective approach. If you too are a fan of Nate and Jeremiah, here’s what you can learn from them and how to use their ideas when decorating your own home.


Make a plan and follow it

source:  https://www.nateberkus.com

Every episode of Nate & Jeremiah consists of three separate segments: first they pick a home they’re going to renovate, then they talk to the homeowners, listening to their wishes and determining the budget, and only then do they start the actual work, planning out the remodeling projects and inviting their demolition crew. This is basically what you too need to do when renovating your home, so be sure not to skip any of these steps.


Dining table as a focal point

Every home needs a focal point and if you decide to set up yours in the dining room, Nate and Jeremiah recommend focusing on the dining table. This is where your family gathers and where you welcome your guests, so it has to be inviting, cozy and perfect. You can also display your best piece of décor here and thus add some personality to your home, which is something every homeowner appreciates. Finally, all of your guests will immediately notice your vintage dining table, especially if you pair it with cool and comfortable chairs, so it’s definitely an idea worth exploring.


Learn how to compromise

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Of course, you need to learn how to compromise the wishes of all your family members and keep in mind that even this amazing decorating couple doesn’t agree on absolutely every step of the way. On the contrary, they too sometimes argue about certain ideas, but this is a part of the process, so learn how to compromise and listen to everyone’s input.


Add a rug here and there

While some people don’t like rugs, Nate and Jeremiah are all for them – in the dining room, the living room, the bedroom and everywhere else. Rugs give your space a dose of personality and a ton of depth, particularly if you layer them one on top of another and use rugs that differ in size, color, texture and pattern. This trick is both easy and cheap, so use it when renovating as often as you can.


Try to save a dollar or two

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This is probably the most important tip Nate and Jeremiah can offer: every dollar can be stretched far beyond your expectations if you plan in advance and know what you want. They can help you realize this in just a couple of episodes, and some of the things they recommend doing include shopping online instead of the expensive stores, focusing on one room at a time, using lots of cheap vintage pieces, as well as reusing, repurposing and recycling everything you can, from furniture and decorations to flooring and building materials. This way, you can use every single cent you have and make the most of your budget.


There are lots of other things you can learn from Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent – from incorporating plants into your interior design and using 3-D art on your walls to letting lots of fresh air and natural light into your living space, and keeping things clean, simple and cozy. While you certainly can’t replicate all of their ideas, you can always adapt them to your needs and budget, and you’ll surely come up with an amazing new space you’ll enjoy in the years to come.


The world of furniture and interiors has never been so rich and colorful thanks to the creativity and inspiration of young and unique designers. One such remarkable designer is Samuel Amoia who manages to join completely different worlds of material and architecture in order to create something new yet familiar, interesting but simple and most importantly both beautiful and comfortable in his breathtaking designs.


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Fascinating material combo

The most distinctive feature characteristic of Amoia’s furniture design is his impeccable sense to combine magical materials like minerals and crystals with industrial materials such as cement and plaster in order to create a piece that can be said to represent a modern world fairy tale. Heavy textures and color combinations in his work embody both the grungy and gentle feeling that appeals to a lot of people nowadays. Most of his designs are nature-inspired which can be seen in his never ending inspiration to mix and match different crystals and colors but the true value of his creativity lies in the fact that he always manages to create something that would prove to be a great addition to minimalist style homes as well as the complete opposite ones.


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Unique minimalism and perfect comfort

Amoia’s work in the field of interior design leans a bit more towards the minimalist and functional style but he never misses the opportunity to add some quirkiness into the décor. Therefore, regular furniture and lighting will be a sufficient accessory on their own with Amoia’s specific approach to the use of materials and incorporation of a bit unconventional details and positions of the furniture without ever sacrificing comfort and basic purpose of the specific piece.

Functional art

No matter how you look at it, this designer’s work is a form of art and the sculptural vibe of his furniture proves this point without fail. It seems that the main priority for Amoia’s creations is to bring art itself closer to people’s daily lives and enrich the homes with warmth and calming properties of crystals and minerals.


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Refreshing and beautiful accessories

Amoia studio does not only provide stylish and timeless interior design and functional and sculptural furniture but also pays attention to details that give the final touch to any home. For example, different lighting solutions will illuminate the room perfectly while at the same time being fun and outstanding. Special attention that is given to the design of mirrors is bound to make people love their reflection more while the incense collection from Cinnamon project effectively unites mystique and sensuality in the smallest and simplest decorative accessories.

Many grand things are expected from Samuel Amoia and his team in the future. Someone who is able to incorporate intriguing sculptural concepts with purposeful functionality will always be an ascending star in the world of design because no matter how much the people’s need for order and unity in homes intensifies, a dash of something special and personal is more than necessary.

Every sphere of life, and every profession has its own hall of fame. Every sports club has it, every music genre has it and here interior design is no exception. Of course, no list would be big enough to encompass every design mastermind that this world have ever seen, still there are some who with their ideas managed to change the world as we know it. Today, numerous magnificent edifices around the world serve as their legacy and in most cases, many of their visitors are not even aware of this fact. Now in order to shed some light on people who did so much for the interior design here is the list of five greatest interior designers in the world.

  • Philippe Starck

designer: Philippe StarckImage source:, 2

They say that in order to successfully break the rules you have to know them by heart and French designer Philippe Starck is a perfect example of this. Starck’s work mostly relies on combination of different styles and materials, even if they were not supposed to go along in theory. His design of bar restaurant KONG in the heart of Paris, is something truly outstanding. Here, he demonstrated how glass, wood, metal and plastic can all work together to create a truly futuristic chic ambiance.

  • Karim Rashid

Karim RashidImage source: 3, 4

Now, when speaking about glass, plastic and metal it is nearly impossible not to talk about industrial style. When talking about industrial style it is absolutely impossible not to reflect its absolute sovereign, Egyptian interior design genius Karim Rashid. According to many, his most notable piece of work is a pharmacy Oaza Zdravlja in Belgrade, Serbia. His full brilliance can be seen in the fact that he managed to take something as bland and faceless as pharmacy and transform it into something truly majestic and unique.

  • Martin Brudnizki

Martin BrudnizkiImage source: 5, 6

If you find the work of the two previously mentioned designers to be too flashy for your taste, than you are bound to like the creation of Martin Brudnizki. This Swedish designer simply excels in minimalistic approach. The most curious thing about his designs is that with these elements he does use he somehow achieves the sense of absolute luxury. For this reason alone, most people refer to his style as “minimalist deluxe.”

  • Patricia Urquiola

Designer: Patricia UrquiolaImage source:  7 , 8

Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola, is most known for her designs of spa and resorts. Her ability to create a spontaneous interior that perfectly matches the nature that surrounds her is something absolutely unprecedented and unmatched. One of the most curious things about her is that most of her work takes place abroad, mostly notably in Puerto Rico. Still, her works in Spain are not to be neglected as well.

  • Miles Redd

Designer: Miles ReddImage source: 910

Finally, although originally from Atlanta, it would be redundant to say that a true designer such as Miles Redd belongs to any nation. Same as all of his aforementioned brothers and sister in arms, he too is the citizen of the world. The best representation of this is his style which perfectly reflects his cosmopolitan character and personality. Miles is known for borrowing for not restraining to borrow from any culture anything he finds to his liking.

There are many other people that deserve a spot on this list but we simply weren’t able to mention them all. Still, any name on the list has definitely earned its spot on this designer Parnassus. Because of this, as their contemporaries, we can safely say that we truly do live in an exciting time since we have the privilege to watch history being written in front of our very eyes.

When people speak of luxurious homes and different designers, they might come across some differences as to what luxury is all about. With many different styles emerging, that show off uniqueness and creativity, it is not that easy to pinpoint only one style as luxurious. New luxury designs’ range is vast so we asked some of our bloggers for their personal opinion.

Marie Nieves and perfect comfort

According to Marie, the perfect new luxury of a proper and cozy home is the ability to make it feel like it belongs to you completely. This does not mean buying expensive furniture and paying great amounts of money to decorators, but simply listening to your own likes and dislikes, and step by step, with help of some DIY projects, making your place comfy and a reflection of who you really are.

Comfortable decor

Clean and bright for Chloe Taylor

To Chloe, the idea of perfect home corresponds to the Scandinavian style of home decorating. Minimalistic approach is highly valued in this style and the code ‘less is more’ is more prominent that in any other style. Utilizing bright colors and simple and functional furniture designs while getting the most out of natural light is the luxury anyone would be thrilled to incorporate into their lives.

Scandinavian decor

Lana Hawkins’ indoor garden

Lana is a nature lover and therefore it is not surprising that her dream home embodies indoor green walls. Having a whole wall made of plants not only looks magical in any type of home but it also cleans the air and provides peaceful environment due to its ability to reduce outside noise. Being able to relax in her own home filled with invigorating greenery is all the luxury Lana needs.

Indoor greenery

Daniel Rogers’ take on Game of Thrones

It seems that the whole world went crazy about Martin’s Game of Thrones, so much so that it is nothing strange that some fans, like Daniel, want motives of Westeros in their home. This kind of décor is not that difficult to achieve. Everyone has their favorite House which details can serve as a way of accessorizing. Adding more wood, embellished frames and medieval-like candleholders and kitchenware can turn your home into luxurious Seven Kingdoms paradise.

Game of thrones decor

Zoe Clark values sensitivity and class

For gentle feminine souls like Zoe, shabby chic home décor is something to look forward to when spending time at her place. Mix and match of different styles and even different eras, all lined with a lot of white color, distressed wood and girly details with a vintage vibe represent both the innocence and sophistication of the owner.

Shabby chic decor

As seen above, new luxury home design solely depends on the person in question. Still, there is no question about the fact that all these ideas are perfect for bringing the best out of you when it comes to redecorating your home and finding the best way to express your genuine self, which, in all honesty, is the most luxurious way to live a life.