Remember when a couple of years back DIY took over the interior design world? Everyone was trying to make their own pallet furniture and other similar items. This year, one of the biggest interior design trends lies in artisan works. Handcrafted products require skills, time and artistry which, when combined, breathe life into pieces enriched by the attention and creativity of the artisan behind those creations. This is the reason why these craftsman designs integrate well into various interior design styles and elevate the entire room once introduced. No matter if you own your place or rent an apartment, here are a few ideal ways to add handmade décor into your home.

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A statement furniture piece

Handcrafted furniture comes at a hefty price, so having an entire set of these pieces is a true luxury. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to equip an entire room with such designer pieces. It is enough to invest in one conspicuous piece to add a touch of glamour to your home and inspire every guest to ask you “Where did you get such a thing?” Wood carving is especially designed with the intention to be in the limelight, but you can also go for woven chairs, stools with tassels, teal carved chairs or metal objects.

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An attention-grabbing rug

Handmade rugs are hardly a new thing. In fact, they have a long and exciting history that dates back to 500 BC. Originally they were intended for making floors warmer, but eventually they began to stand for prestige and class. Introduce a breath of these ancient refinements to your home by getting a handcrafted Persian rug that is an instant showstopper with its numerous colors and patterns you can’t look away from.

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Designer pots

When you want to enrich your home with a fresh new look without spending too much money or changing too many things, you can simply go for foolproof accessories such as hand painted pots. In combination with lively houseplants, these unique pieces bring a sense of originality into your home and can be added to every room ranging from the bathroom to the lounge. The best thing about them is that you can find such designer pots online at affordable prices, when considering the work the artists invested into making them.

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Pillow talking

If you have ever read a magazine article about making your home look comfier and more elegant, you have probably ran into tips saying you should add more throw pillows to sofas, couches and beds. However, if besides coziness and elegancy you also want to add more individuality, you should opt for handmade throw pillows that come in a range of fascinating designs that can fit into every design style. Some are hand painted, some knitted and others sewn with incredible attention to detail – the mass produced throw pillows can’t compete with that.

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The cover up

What goes hand to hand with pillows? Of course blankets and furniture covers. Similarly to the previous item, these products come in various designs and the artisans use different methods for making them. The borders of their imagination are nowhere to be seen. Depending on your overall home design, you can decide for having ethnic patterns on your blankets and covers, or go for a more modern look such as a chunky arm knitted blanket throw in a vibrant shade.

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Lights up

Chandeliers, pendant lamps and table lamps have always contributed to home décor in two ways: by providing ambiance and by being distinct decorative elements. Handcrafted chandeliers can serve as a unique centerpiece, not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom and the bathroom. There are many different styles handcrafted lighting fixtures come in, ranging from industrial metal pieces to chandeliers with crystal beads, such as the ones that used to light up ballrooms around the world.

It takes only one artisan piece to make your home look like a million bucks, because it is impossible not to notice the care and attention invested into making them.

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Everyone has their dream house. A place you would live in if you were rich. Most of us cannot afford such luxury. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. You can mimic their design ideas and integrate them into your own house. Lets get started.


Chandler’s living room

Mathew Perry has got style. His living room is cozy and tidy. You can achieve this too without having to spend a ton of money. It is all about the colors. Pick any color you like and combine it with white! You can see how the brown carpet matches the color of the wooden table. The table itself is great because it doesn’t take up too much space. There are other things you can try. Buy or make a sculpture and put it in the corner of your room. You will immediately notice some improvement.


John Abraham’s kitchen

Light placement can do wonders for your kitchen. Simple designs can be improved with the use of spotlights. Focus them on the most important parts of your kitchen. Parts of it that are less important will remain in shadow. This gives the illusion of an interesting paint job. Did you ever think about putting some plants inside your kitchen? It is a great idea! Place a led light bulb into the plant pot and see how it affects your mood. Green is perfect for relaxation. It will keep you calm while you make dinner.


Intelligent design

Bryan Cranston owns a magnificent house. It features a brilliant open plan living area. Vibrant orange color accents are cleverly placed to contrast overall greyness of the space. Cushions in the lounge are the same color as the chairs in the kitchen. This helps connect the different areas of the open plan. The combination of the two colors is very powerful.

Paintings can also add a lot of character and warmth to a particular space. A wide painting just above the cupboard will look great! Choose paintings which go well with the existing colors. They can fill up empty spaces and serve as a positive distraction.


Simply beautiful

Lance Armstrong’s house is not a high tech mansion. On the contrary, its simplicity is what makes it appealing. Outside walls are plain and white. The roof extends over the garden furniture. A well cut lawn stretches around the house. All of this is put together in a tasteful manner. Get this kind of garden furniture for yourself if it matches the style of your home. Wood can be replaced by metal if necessary. Always think about what colors go together but be careful not to let the furniture get wet.


Have fun!

This is the most important thing about design. It should be a blast. It should induce positive feelings. After all, you are the one who has to live there so better give it your best shot! Pay attention to details and colors. If you see a certain piece of furniture that you like, try to make a replica of it. Hire someone cheap. The results will be amazing. It is not difficult to rearrange your home. Just make sure to do it according to your personal needs and desires. This is how you will transform our house into a piece of art.