You just recently got wed and now it’s time to settle down in your new home and start planning for the future. The home that you’ve moved into to start a family needs to be a reflection of your young, vibrant, and sophisticated personalities. It is also a place where you will be spending most of your time, so it’s vital that you compromise while finding your decorating style in order for both of you to feel comfortable and happy there. And in order to help you design your dream newlywed nest, we have created a list of necessary steps that every young couple should follow. So, let’s take a look at some suggestions room by room.

Personality and intimacy of the bedroom

First things first, the bedroom is the most intimate place where you spend time with your spouse so it’s important that it matches both your personalities and interests. Therefore, always check with one another that both of you love the choices you’ve made. For example, when you’re deciding on the colour of your bedroom, there are bound to be different opinions, but in order to reach a compromise, we recommend consulting Pantone’s colour report for the latest colour trends and get some inspiration. Additionally, if your budget is limited, just knowing that you have bought something together will add an immense value to that item. Finally, if you really want to give the room some character, you should include photographs from the most memorable events where you two were together along with other dear memorabilia.

Bringing style to the living room

The living room is the place where you come to relax after work, organise get-togethers with friends and family, or just snuggle on the couch next to your partner during a movie night. When it comes to the design of your living room, think big, cosy and elegant, and go for a vintage style lounge that will contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. Since all of your guests who come to your home will see your living room, make sure to invest in living room accessories which will make everybody’s head turn. So, go shopping together and find the items which will be a clear reflection of your sophisticated taste.

A modern bathroom for a modern couple

A bathroom is the place where both of you come to relax, take a bath, and freshen up for work or a night out. But when it comes to personal hygiene, men and women have different needs. If you don’t want to end up fighting who’s getting to keep their products in the medicine cabinet, make sure to invest in smart storage solutions for your bathroom that are not only practical but stylish as well, since you want to have a classy bathroom that matches the rest of your house.

Backyard décor ideas

If you’re lucky to have a backyard, then it’s high time you put it to good use. Firstly, this part of the house is typically more spacious and can be used for hosting birthday parties and other events. So, if you already own a barbeque, don’t keep it in your garage to collect dust. Instead, you should take it out and call your friends to enjoy a tasty outdoor dinner. Additionally, you can buy cute flowerpots and some low-maintenance plants to give your backyard that final touch.

Kitchen flare

Many marriage counselors agree that the couple that cooks together stays longer together and is generally happier. For this reason, don’t shy away from keeping your pantries stacked with spices and herbs for when you and your partner decide to prepare some interesting dishes. Also, keep in mind that investing in some modern kitchen accessories, such as a manual coffee grinder or a classic steel cookie jar, will certainly make this room the talk of the town and add that traditional feel to it. What’s even better, by cooking together, you will also be able to create some special secret recipes for just the two of you to enjoy.

As we can see, it doesn’t take much for a newlywed couple to create their dream home. All it takes is a lot of compromise and imagination. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors as a couple. Good luck!