Choosing the right lighting solution for your home can be almost as important as the choice of furniture itself. If there is one thing that can be said as true about home decoration it is that harmony is the key. What good is even the most carefully planned design if you are going to wreck it all with a massive, out-of-place chandelier? For this reason alone, it is probably your safest bet to go with a pendant light as a great universal solution. Regardless if you decide to go for modern, avant-garde or classical design, pendant light somehow always seems appropriate. However, you would need to find the perfect pendant light first. Here are some tips which we hope will help you make the right choice.


Harmony is the key

We said it once and we shall do so once more. In order for your room to look good, everything must be in its rightful place. Because of this, our first advice in choosing pendant light would be to always look at the bigger picture. Your choice of light should never depend on the design of pendant alone, but of the rest of your room as well. For this reason, when buying, always try to envision what it will look like in your room and stop thinking about how good it looks in the shop.


Choosing the right material

Now, choice of material will decide on many things. First of all, if you chose to go with the glass pendant, the input of light that your room will get will be vastly different than if you make up your mind for plastic or metal one. Next, it goes without saying that metal or glass pendant will go better with modern design while cloth will look better in a more classical surrounding. Finally, different materials require different maintenance. This alone is a reason enough to pay special attention when choosing the pendant light.

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Size and height

When it comes to the choice of the perfect pendant light there is one more thing that requires your full and undivided attention. This thing is special positioning of the lighting solution in question. Whether ceiling light should be up high or a bit closer to the rest of the room is no small matter. Also, the choice of the size of pendant light affects everything so it should not be decided upon lightly. The decisions you make here will have a great impact on the entire room which is why you need to be extra careful when making it.


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Plug-in: pros and cons

As far as connecting pendant light goes, there are basically two solutions. Plug-in or hardwiring. Although it is undeniable that hardwiring looks a lot better there are some serious advantages of plug-in method as well that simply need to be addressed. First of all, plug-in is much simpler and less expensive way so solve this issue. Furthermore, even the “negative” effect it can have on the room’s visuals can be nullified in many creative ways. In the end however, the choice is all yours.


Going green

One more thing you can do (when lighting solution in your home is in question) is decide to go a bit more green and planet friendly. All one needs to do in order to achieve this is replace the regular light bulbs with the LED ones. Even though they might be a bit more expencive to purchase. The energy savings are alone suffice to make this investment worth your while. Doing a favor for your planet and your budget as well is an idea that is almost impossible to top.

Remodeling of your home is not something you do every day, so when the time comes for this lengthy and elaborate project, give it your best. This means, paying attention to every tiniest detail and every aspect of your homes design, especially your lighting solution. In this way, even a thing as tiny as the choice of the best pendant light for your home can make a world of difference.