roman blinds

Window coverings come in a wide variety but most important of them are Roman blinds, which are put in place to block the sun’s rays. Unlike other shades, they turn to build up evenly when open. With this type of blinds, users have the ability of controlling the height of the covered area when opening them using the cord mechanism. This type of blind can be made from materials such as wood and fabric as they are capable of meeting the needs of everyone. There is a wide variety of styles to consider when deciding on a choice of roman blinds to use in your home.
roman blinds

Types of Roman Blinds

#1. Flat Romans Blinds: These blinds are made out of a single piece of fabric hanging flat in front of the window when fully extended. They present your house with a clean and delightful look and they often extend horizontally 8-10 inches apart. This particular kind of blind always compliments your décor regardless of the kind of home you posses.

#2. Hobbled Roman Blinds: They are also called waterfall sheds due to the overlapping folds, it retains when extended. The particular nature of this type of blind makes it a good choice for the living rooms and bedrooms.

#3. Relaxed Romans: These types of blinds are mostly suited for windows below 54 inches, which gently bow down when raised by the homeowner.

#4. Balloon Romans: These are blinds are more ideal for traditional home settings.
roman blinds

Other Types of Roman Blinds, Which Users Could Look into Includes the Following,

  • Butterfly Romans
  • Pleated Roman Blinds
  • Austrian Roman Blinds
  • Faux Romans


Roman blinds are often available in a variety of colors and textures all aimed at meeting the needs of the user. So, whatever your needs maybe, it is with certainty, you will find best roman blinds that suit your home decor. Often, these colors are made to blend with the house furniture, which gives it a more refined and attractive look.

Are you Thinking of buying Roman blinds?

When you eventually make up your mind to acquire these blinds, take into consideration the following,

  • Consult a house decorator
  • Make sure you save enough money
  • Your needs and expectations should be clearly explained to the house decorator
  • You should seek referrals from friends and family members as regards to a house decorator choice
  • Research the internet on the wide variety of roman blinds available in the market

What are the Benefits of using Roman Blinds?

#1. Temperature control: These blinds unlike other blinds posses a lot of flexibility when it comes to temperature control, as they can easily be controlled to meet the room temperature needs of the homeowner.

#2. Customizable nature: They can be customized easily to meet the needs of the homeowner. As such, he or she is capable of giving the house a desired unique look whenever he or she deems it necessary.

#3. Ease of creation: These blinds can easily be created at home by anyone by simply going to the internet, researching the steps involved and then follow them to the later.

#4. Timeless appeal:  Roman blinds simply never go out of style, because they can fit any traditional or modern design. As long as the fabric is carefully chosen, they can last for a long period of time.

#5. Cost savings: These blinds are one of the most effective in terms of saving cost. This is because once installed in your home, they can last for a long period of time often requiring little or no maintenance cost at all unlike the other types of blinds, which might require constant washing and with time, eventually lose their bright appearances.
Thus, install roman blinds to get the timeless appeal.