spring 2016

With yet another long year behind us, we are softly welcoming 2016 into our hearts and most importantly – into our homes. Forget about sterile and blank surroundings and minimalist trends, 2016 is stepping up the game and bringing you luxury, grandeur and bliss in the design industry. So let us take a sneak peek in what the interior design industry has installed for us this Spring:

Rose Quartz and Serenity


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Is it a boy or a girl? Is it pink or is it blue? How about we blend the two? The color of the year, as it was declared by Pantone, rose quartz and serenity represent the ultimate blend of two gentle tones: soft, gentle and feminine rose and the soothing shade of mesmerizing blue. The never-ending battle between two contrasting colors has finally found its balance by combining them into one glorious entirety. The brilliant spring mix of the two will bring your home the tranquility it deserves and transform it into a perfect relaxing sanctuary.

Design Detox


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Seems like 2015 was too hectic for some, as this year we are solely focused on bringing some peace and quiet into our living spaces. Moving away from the cold and distant shades of the previous design trends, we are carefully approaching the safe place enriched by warm stone hues, designed to put our minds to ease and help us achieve that Zen state of mind we are all so desperately trying to get to. The design detox, as they like to call it is simply a way to create a calm surrounding away from all the noise and racket from the outside world.

Rough Luxe

plank form long large format concrete tiles plankform concrete - great for vertical or horizontal applications - by mode concrete in Kelowna BC - modeconcrete.com.JPG

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With all the talking about serene surroundings it became clear that a rough twist was in order. In an environment which is designed to put you into your comfort zone and dive you in a world of gentle tones and soft breeze, there should always be a place to add some texture and roughness. This is accomplished quite easily without a lot of hassle, as Jon Sherman, the founder and creative director of the wallpaper company called Flavor Paper, claims that the biggest trend of the following year will be papers that mimic industrial finishes. Details like painted bricks or salvaged wood are quite a breath of fresh air, or should we say rough air in a tranquil sanctuary of gentle hues.

Customized Interior


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It looks like not all design trends of 2015 have been completely forgotten, as the idea of customized furniture, which had its peak in the previous year, has found a way to continue its marvelous work in 2016 as well. The customization tools found on several leading interior design websites allow you to modify the furniture according to your own personal preferences allowing you to add a unique touch to your living space. By choosing your favorite colors and fabrics you are bound to create some extraordinary designs on your own. The latest innovations are algorithms that allow you to even choose the shape and form of your desired furniture pieces.



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Let us take a stroll down the memory lane and welcome 70s once again into our lifestyles. If you thought that you have seen the last of those bold geometrical patterns, polished metals and rough designs, you have never been so wrong. The era of bright colors, funky embellishments and natural raw materials is a true blast to the past and is here to stay so you better take the most out of it.

If you take a step back and reminisce on the past year you will notice how contemporary and modern design had overruled over our homes. This year has prepared an entirely different set of trends that you will simply have to adore.

 Feature image credits: Nestopia.com