video games

An essential and very important part of your overall gaming experience is the space you spend your time in. Creating a comfortable, unique, exciting and relaxing environment at the same time can be a difficult and demanding task, but it’s a must when we are talking about video game rooms.

The Space

Choosing the right space in your home to set up a game room in is one of the most important things you’ll need to consider, as dimensions and the shape of a room will have a big impact on your options and limitations while creating the game room of your dreams. Basements and attics are the most popular locations that people choose, thanks to their functionality, privacy and seclusion, sound insulation and usually a large space.


Comfort is a priority! As you and your guests will spend a lot of time in this space, sometimes even a whole night, comfort is of curtail importance. Forget about the edge of a bed, wooden chairs or stools as a sitting option, stretching your budget and investing in special ergonomically created PC chairs with lumbar support, lazy bags or cosy sofa will not be a mistake. Additional comfort can be provided with memory foam cushions or gaming keyboards created especially for usage for a long period of time.


The general idea and main point of every game room is entertainment, and when we are talking about video games there is a big industry devoted just to consoles running them. Investing in the most modern and performance-wise most quality consoles is pretty important, as they will be the focal point of your room and the reason you and your friends got together in the first place. Of course, placing a big screen TV with surround sound system will serve as an extension to your console and complete the gaming experience. As most of the video games have no actual usage without the internet, a strong and fast connection is required. But why stop there? Depending on the space of the room and your budget, you can add other cool sources of entertainment like pinball and arcade machines, ping pong table, darts, a poker table or even a pool.


You can additionally emphasize the atmosphere and overall experience of your gaming room by decorating it in a carefully chosen theme. Having your walls painted with a popular game, space craft, military vehicle or a fantasy movie imagery would do the job. Showcasing collectables and memorabilia and providing your room with quirky furniture is a great idea as well.

Cool items

Equip your space with cool and very useful items like especially made gaming router that will provide a much needed strong and reliable connection, convenient CD storage where you can showcase all your games, a cable organizer which is essential in rooms with this number of electronic devices and a smart remote that will control everything from the air conditioner to the TV and sound system. Installing a sound shaker in chairs and sofa that vibrates according to the sound will have a strong, impressive and unique effect as well.

Having this kind of a room with no mini fridge and some storage for all your refreshments and snacks is a sin, as game nights are unthinkable without them. More than often, the mini fridge will be the most important part of equipment in your gaming room.

Air conditioner

Having a room full of people with this number of electronic devices running can sometimes lead to unbearable heat, and as mentioned before, comfort is a priority. You need a cool environment to fully enjoy the atmosphere of your gaming room. Installing an air conditioner is essential as it will protect your hardware from overheating as well, and as these devices are usually pretty expensive you would want to avoid damaging them.


Equipping the space with controllable LED color lights is a great idea, since this trick can transform your whole room with a click of a button or a scroll of a wheel. It’s impressive how lighting can affect the whole atmosphere and be transcendent to the mood.