Displaying family photos is a fun way to showcase your personality and turn your house into a home. With careful planning and intentional placement, you can showcase your images in a way that looks designer-inspired without being tired or cliche. Here are some helpful hints for displaying family photos on your walls. 

Avoid Sunlight

Before you hang your family photos, note how the sun moves through the room throughout the day. Consider placing your photos in a shadowy corner or wall that doesn’t get direct sunlight through the windows.

Placing family photos in direct sunlight will cause them to fade and disintegrate over time. While this may not be a significant concern for newer prints that you can redo at any time, it should be a huge concern for heirloom photos from the pre-digital era. If you’re displaying old family photos, consider having your family photo film and negatives digitized and stored safely in the cloud. 

Use Cut Outs for Spacing

It can be difficult to conceptualize how your photos will look on the wall, even if you organize the frames on the floor beforehand. It’s best to get the spacing and layout right before you start putting nails in the drywall. 

Trace your frames on craft paper and cut out the silhouettes. Use some tape and paper versions of your photo frames to organize your display on the wall. This strategy allows you to take a step back and see how all of the images will look together. Then, you can quickly move some blocks around until you’re ready to make it real.

Create Balance

When hanging photos in a gallery format, try to create a sense of symmetry. This aesthetic consideration doesn’t mean hanging all of your photos evenly spaced or in a grid formation. Instead, consider how you’ll balance smaller and larger frames— perhaps offsetting one large photo with two smaller ones on the other side. 

Creating a sense of balance will help you find that fine line between creativity and chaos.

Add Other Decor Elements

Consider mixing other decor elements into your family photo display. There are endless options for making this feature more personal and sentimental. For example, you could punctuate photos of your grandparents with framed recipe cards from their kitchen. Pictures of your children could be set alongside imprints of their footprints from the hospital and some of their art from over the years.

The decor elements don’t have to be personal in nature. You can use color blocks, plants, or geometric sculptures to add dimension to the display. 

Consider Alternatives to Framing or Hanging

Instead of framing and hanging your photos, consider some of the other ways you can create an eye-catching display. One modern approach is to install floating shelves and lean the photos, layering smaller ones over the larger ones for a more casual look. You can also leave the prints unframed, using string and clips to hang them artfully along the wall.

Standing frames are another great alternative to consider. These floor structures are perfect for larger prints. You can get simple stands or room dividers with space for your favorite family pictures.

Create Consistency

Try to create a sense of consistency between your photos, especially if they feature different color schemes or time periods. You can accomplish this by matting them with similar colors or frames. 

Make it Versatile

Finally, consider making your family photo display versatile and easy to revise. This strategy allows you to keep things fresh and change out your photos for updated versions without having to rethink your display.

With these simple tips, you can create a stunning display of your family photos to make your home feel warm and personal.


People often want to make a change in their homes and this is something natural, and while most of you would first think of painting and redecorating the walls, we bring you something that’s both old and new, and that never fails to make an impression.

Using wallpapers can prove to be a smart choice for a variety of reasons. This is the best and fastest way to decorate your house, no matter if we are talking about your bedroom or kitchen, and you have a variety of options to choose from. Just imagine how expensive hiring a professional painter would be compared to simply attaching the pictures to the walls, and we have just the thing for you.


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You can choose from the imagery that combines classic and modern themes. There are also models with abstract themes, and if you feel you have something great in mind, you can have that made for you too!

Now, if we are talking specifically about murals and designs, floral models work best, and there are Asians themes, more particularly, Chinese and Korean, that are among the most sought for when it comes to remodelling. If you want something exotic, there are also Indian models with elephants. This will give your home that original vibe everybody’s looking for.


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We cannot stress enough that individuality is important. Don’t go with a wallpaper you don’t like just because it’s popular. We are all different, with different preferences. While some people find comfort in nature and prefer nature-inspired wallpapers, others enjoy in skyscrapers, night lights, and hectic imagery of the busy nightlife because it invites pondering about life.

Either case, what’s more important is for you to create an atmosphere inside your home where you feel comfortable and welcomed…after all, your home is the place where you spend most of your time. And yes, wallpapers can help create that atmosphere, you just need to choose the one you feel closer to.


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If you don’t want to cover the entire wall, another option is to use wallpaper stripes designed to be used exactly in that way. All you need is to place them strategically on the surfaces you think are empty. Give it some thought. For example, if you have a vintage cupboard that’s against the wall, and placed in the centre, a stripe of wallpaper on each side of it would make the interior even more marvelous.


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Turn the dull atmosphere into a live vibrant environment that you will enjoy in and will also impress your guests. Let your creativity guide your life and choices!   


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