This year’s interior design scene is characterized by creative blends of retro decors and contemporary elements, with just a few green additions to spice up the mix and achieve a flattering natural effect. Home designers throughout the world have come to regard vintage as the new modern, but old-fashioned decors have been re-imagined in different ways across countries. If you have not had a chance to check out the biggest home decorating trends in 2015, take a quick look at the top five national reinterpretations of classic designs: we guarantee you will love them!

1. Russia: Mix of old and new


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The Soviets are known for their sentimental attitude towards the past and an undying love for furnishings evocative of bygone eras. The use of imposing wooden pieces, overhauled antiques and charming vintage details such as ceramic figurines, lavish art objects and rich drapes creates an ambiance of grandeur and Russian bourgeoisie style reminiscent of the Belle Époque. For a décor borrowed straight from the set for Anna Karenina, add vintage nightstands, solid wood armoires and crystal chandeliers to your living area, and round off the look with a set of old-fashioned wine glasses and a black-and-white chessboard.

2. India: Craft Revival


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The cradle of beautiful carpet patterns and supple fabrics, India has ventured to restore its traditional crafts to the global interior décor scene. With fascinating rugs and elaborate throw designs crafted by antique quilting and weaving techniques, Indian homes are characterized by abundance of cultural motifs and appealing textures, and old-fashioned elements also occupy a prominent place in wall treatments, linens, artwork and various decorative accents.

3. Spain: Sophisticated and youthful


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The Spanish decor revolves around deployment of sophisticated furnishings and playful designer accessories such as vividly colored textiles and unique ceramic items. Outmoded sofas and armchairs paired with bold splashes of youthful tones and textured fabrics with creative patterns render a charming eccentric feel to homes on the Iberian Peninsula. A spot where the real world and fairytales collide, Spanish home decor is an endless source of inspiration for every crafty homeowner with a penchant for colorful experiments following in the footsteps of Picasso and Dali.

4. Mexico: New vintage


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Though gentrification is rapidly gaining momentum in Mexico, Latin homeowners have not conceded to forgo their artisan past and have resorted to the use of colorful vintage elements to complement the modern decor. The combinations of the antique and the contemporary in Mexican houses represent a creative deviation from the mainstream and open room for personal expression. Driven by imagination and supplemented by a handful of classic furnishings, Mexican homes represent probably the most intriguing trend on the global interior design scene, so make sure you give Latin look a serious thought if you want your living area to be an extension of your personality.

5. Japan: Green Interiors


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Fueled by affection for nature, Japanese home decor is marked by a refreshing note and deployment of outdoor elements inside. To spite drab concrete and glass surfaces lurking at every urban corner, designers have managed to visually enrich the proverbially tiny Japanese home and compensate for the lack of garden space by abundance of green details such as potted plants, blossoms and dry flowers. This trend is perhaps to an extent aided by increased environmental awareness and preference for clean, organic choices in all aspects of life, from personal care and lifestyle products to spruced-up home designs and work environments. Either way, the Japanese decor is a true eye-candy!

6. France: Country Decor


French country décor is both sophisticated and cozy. It is characterized by ruffles, shabby chic patterns, distressed woodwork and appealing combinations of neutral and bold colors. It has recently become very popular around the world.

If you like what you see, go ahead and transplant a piece of global décor into your home: after all, multiculturalism has been hip over the past few years, and the trend of merging different cultures into a style fit for each and every nation will probably stick around for another decade.