The Start-to-Finish Guide Before Moving to a New Place

Moving from one home to another is always difficult, no matter how old you are, how many times you’ve done that before and how many possessions you actually have. Being forced to pack up everything you own and move it to another place can be a logistical nightmare, but if you plan ahead and know what you’re doing, moving can turn out to be easier than you’ve ever imagined. It includes a couple of vital stages, and you should pay equal attention to every single one of these, so here’s a handy start-to-finish guide that might help you get prepared for a move and tell you everything you need to know about the entire process.

Decide what stays and what goes


Moving to a new home is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all those things you don’t use anymore, but still keep them around, just in case you ever need them again. But, to be honest, the chances are you won’t need them at all, so this might be the perfect time to get rid of them.

Some of the things most people get rid of when moving are clothes, DVDs, CDs and books – the things you don’t use anymore – as well as old mugs, towels and kitchen appliances because you can always replace them with new ones. Once you decide what you don’t need, sell or donate these things, and then move onto packing the things you’ll take with you.

Provide enough boxes


This might seem like the silliest thing in the world, but the fact is that many people just don’t have enough boxes when they’re packing their stuff. They start with a couple of huge cardboard boxes, thinking that’s going to be enough, but then realize that these huge boxes are neither practical nor strong enough for all their possessions.

Instead of doing that, you should get lots of smaller boxes, preferably of the same size. These are easier to handle and carry around, and you can stack them together easily because of their unique size. This way, you’ll be able to pack and unpack your things in a matter of minutes without wasting time and energy at all.

Ask your kids to help too


Moving to another home can be stressful for your kids, especially if you’re moving to a new town and they have to leave all their friends behind. That’s why you have to find ways to make this a bit easier for them and minimize their stress as much as you can. Talking to them and approaching them in advance is the key, and if you manage to do these things subtly, your kids won’t even notice the move.

You’ll have to make a ton of promises to your kids in order to get them to cooperate in the move, and you’ll probably end up being more stressed-out than them. But, if you manage to get them involved, they could actually end up helping you quite a lot – packing their own things, labeling their own boxes and decluttering their own toys. This way, you can trust them to help you organize the move, and that means you have fewer things to worry about, which is quite amazing.

After packing all your things, loading them into the moving truck and getting your new home ready for your arrival, there’s nothing left to do than to say goodbye to your old home and leaving it for good. This is an important part of the process, and it will help you and your family get some closure before you can start your new life in your brand new home.

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