The Top Ten Eco-Friendly Features for Modern Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are often not very eco-friendly. They take over a large amount of land, produce a lot of CO2 and require huge amounts of energy to stay warm, cool, and functioning. However, there are home features that can make any luxury home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Opt for locally sourced materials

Before huge cargo ships took over our seas, sourcing local materials was the norm. Even though shipping makes other materials much more available, it came with a big environmental cost. So, if you want your luxurious home to help keep pollution at bay, you can opt for architectural solutions that involve the use of locally-harvested wood from wood farms, as well as local stone and clay that can be transported to your building site quickly and easily.

Good insulation and air-tightness

Many large luxury homes tend to waste a lot of energy through air leaks, drafts, and uncontrolled airflow (sometimes even up to 30% of the home’s heat). However, new air-tightness solutions and better insulation can keep your energy loss at a minimum while keeping the optimal indoor temperature.

Energy-efficient windows

Utilizing double- or triple-glazed windows is another great way to further reduce heat loss and eliminate cold spots at home. These windows make every home energy-efficient while providing the interior with plenty of natural light.

Green roofs and walls

Green roofs are nothing new in architecture, but today, there are new technologies and trends that are making them appropriate not only for rural, but urban environments too. They are very practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing roofing options that can help reduce energy consumption and prevent the “heat island” effect in cities. Additionally, living walls, both in the interior and exterior, can help regulate air quality and serve as an interesting design feature.

Solar power

Luxury Homes

Opting for renewable energy sources is becoming more and more popular and many companies try to perfect their designs and technologies to make the best use of the natural resources. Aside from the “passive” design, installing solar panels can also help homeowners harness the energy of the sun and use it throughout their homes. When combined with batteries, solar panels can make homes almost completely energy independent. Additionally, they can be an elegant and modern exterior decor element, especially in contemporary-designed homes.

Natural heating and cooling

Just like solar, geothermal energy can also be used in luxury homes. It can be utilized for heating and cooling while keeping the home’s environmental footprint relatively small. This allows the building and designing of extremely luxurious and aesthetically pleasing homes without any feeling of guilt.

Eco-friendly swimming pools

Luxury Homes

Swimming pools were never synonymous with eco-friendliness and sustainability. They are perceived to be very wasteful, especially in areas prone to frequent droughts, and they require many chemicals to stay clean and energy to stay warm. However, today there is a way to keep your swimming pool without creating a huge water and energy waste. There are pools that use solar panels for heating, have amazing heat retention properties, and even natural plants to keep them clean. Plants not only keep natural pools clean and free of chemicals, but they also attract local wildlife!

LEDs instead of traditional bulbs

In the last twenty years, lighting experienced many radical changes, mostly due to advancements in LED technology. LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan, which reduces waste and energy spent on constant bulb demand.

Tech integration

The integration of smart tech is another practical and effective way to make your home more luxurious and sustainable. Gadgets that help manage lighting, heating, cooling and irrigation can all reduce total energy consumption and remote-control options allow owners to have control over their home even when they are away.

Smart gardens

Gardens have always been a great way to improve the look of the property and provide the owner with a private place for some outdoor relaxation. However, some gardens require a lot of irrigation, fertilizing and tending to in order to look good. But, if you opt for local plants and greenery resistant to droughts, you can greatly reduce water demands. Additionally, planting vegetables and fruit can be as good for the Earth as it is good for you and your family.

Eco-friendliness doesn’t have to involve living a life devoid of luxury. By utilizing these green features into your home, you can enjoy all the luxury and help keep the environment healthy and free of pollution.

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