Top 7 Home Improvement Ideas for 2018

The new millennium is no longer a juvenile. This means that everything you’ve learned about it by now is a thing of the past – you know, puberty, adolescence and all. Jokes aside, the year of 2018 has way too much to offer – both new and old. But let’s not procrastinate anymore, shall we? Here are some of the biggest home improvements trends for 2018.

Wood flooring

Whether you love it or hate it, wood flooring has made a huge comeback. And if you were thinking of upgrading your floors, this is the way to go. There are many options to choose from, but three of them are definitely on the top: herringbone parquet, gray wood and distressed flooring. If you love that Parisian vibe – go with a traditional light-colored parquet (or dark-colored depending on your interior and personal preferences) with either a chevron or herringbone (which is currently more popular) design. On the other hand, if the rooms in your home don’t receive enough natural light – go with gray wood. It is going to add brightness and a luxe feel to the space. Finally, if you are aiming towards a rustic look – naturally, you will go with distressed wood flooring.

Bright colors

Since this year’s Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet – you can just imagine the things that are about to happen. Even though earthy tones are still at the top of the trends list – this year, we’ll also be seeing a lot of jewel tones. We’re talking emerald green, sapphire, amethyst, ruby etc. These colors are representing originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking – which is exactly what the world needs. Also, the time of rose gold is up. Instead, real gold and brass are taking the throne.

living room with bright colours

Curb appeal matters

Home improvement is not just about renovating your home’s interior. Even though we are all aware of the fact that beauty is on the inside, your home’s curb appeal is also really important. This year, do your best to fix it. Replace your old garage doors, replace those old and dingy house numbers and the rusty mailbox, illuminate your front yard, and maybe even rethink that new façade idea. All this is going to both make your home prettier and increase its value – which is also something worth having in mind.

Embrace the coziness

Light room dividers, reading nooks, plush pillows etc. are what modern home improvement is all about. The pressure of modern life simply requires these comfortable corners that will allow you to relax, unwind and enjoy your peace. Take time to decorate those small areas of your home and turn them into relaxing micro zones you will enjoy.

Leather and natural stone

When it comes to leather, it isn’t just about sofas and chaise lounges, it is also about many accents such as wall artwork, shelf holders and even leather flowers and other decorations. These are the ultimate elements of the 2018 modern interior design. And when it comes to color, have in mind that chocolate brown is the new gray, or in other words, now the primary neutral color. When it comes to stone, marble, granite and pebbles are still at the top of the popularity list. Go with carved designs or geometrical prints.

Flowers instead of word art

We will no longer be seeing those “Live, laugh, love” signs everywhere we look. And it is such a relief actually, because, you will agree on this one, this concept has seriously been painfully overused. In 2018, ‘focal pointing’ will be all about floral printed pillows, blankets, maybe even floral wallpapers, or even simply regular flowers… you know… like those you put in a vase… on your table. Pretty, right?

Cork, bright lights, dark wood

Dark wood, especially chocolate brown, as said above, is what gives any room a luxe feel, while cork is there to balance it – if it’s used for the right accents, such as doors and cabinets, for example. And when the room is crowded with wood, textiles, cork etc., it requires bright lighting in order to reach its full comfy potential.

No matter which idea you opt for, note that the most important thing is that you are feeling 100 percent comfortable in your home.

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