Top Five Interior Design Trends for Using Wood in Your Home

Being sustainable and eco-friendly is the only way to save Mother Earth for the future generations, and the best ways to do that is by using wood to furnish your home. This is also an effective and easy way to bring in a dose of elegance and class into your living space, and that’s something we all need. Wood is versatile, durable and visually intriguing, which means you can combine it with other materials, colors and patterns any way you want. If you still don’t know how to incorporate wood into your interior space, here are five design trends you should take into consideration.


Wooden flooring

wooden flooring
This is probably the easiest idea in the world, but it’s still among the most effective and adaptable ones as well. Installing hardwood floors is something you can do on your own in just a couple of days, but it’ll last you a very long time. There are many types of hardwood floors and you can choose between different shades, so try to pick something that will go well with the color of your wall and your furniture.


Wooden furniture

Speaking of furniture, lots of people forget how visually appealing and interesting wooden furniture can be. Yes, wood can sometimes be pricier than other materials, but it’s natural, durable and easy to maintain. When it comes to cleaning, all you need is a wet cloth, a few minutes of free time, and you’re all done! Wooden furniture can also be sustainable and made from second-hand resources, or you can even repurpose and refurbish old pieces on your own. You’ll get cheap, yet versatile furniture that’s definitely going to suit every member of your family.


Wooden beams

This is another win-win situation where you can get a nice decorating element and something that will support your ceiling at the same time. Wooden beams are frequently seen in older homes that were recently renovated, and more and more owners are deciding to leave them exposed, precisely due to the aesthetic appeal of natural wood. Beams can do wonders for your interior and take it to a whole new level right away, and you can repaint them as often as you want and get a whole new look!


Wooden walls and paneling

This is an idea not many people consider, but it’s still worth the investment. Wooden statement walls are a great way to insulate your interior space and add a dose of elegance and personality into it, while still maintaining the natural look everyone loves so much. If you decide to give these walls a try, start small and apply wood to just one wall before you go all in. If you think this might be too much, try wooden paneling instead – this is basically the same idea, but panels go only halfway up. They’re easy to clean and repaint, and the change they introduce into your living space is enormous.


Wooden décor

Now, if you’re a real fan of wood and want to have it in every corner of your home, you can do that by finding the best wooden décor there is. Luckily, there are a lot of DIY ideas you can explore, from wooden picture frames, candle holders and coat hangers, to wooden coffee tables, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling bookcases and kitchen countertops. All of these things will make your interior space more rustic and inviting, and all your guests are surely going to notice how special your home décor really is.


Using wood in your home isn’t as hard as it seems at first, and the opportunities you have are enormous. Whether you’re a fan of wooden flooring or prefer seeing wood on your walls and ceilings, you can explore these ideas and adapt them to your own interior design style and the space you have. In the end, keep in mind that wood is generally easy to maintain and clean, so you won’t have any problems keeping your place spotless all year long.

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