Lighting home solutions are essential for ensuring the full comfort and coziness for both the exterior and interior. What’s more, adequate lights can make a fine accessory and improve the overall design of one’s home. In that respect, you shouldn’t neglect this aspect of your home. With the possibility of proper lighting influencing your mood and energy levels, illuminating your home in a proper and personal way is a must for any homeowner. If you lack the ideas, take a look at the following list – you never know where your true inspiration may lie. 

1. Living room lights

Of course, it’s always best to have a lot of natural light, especially in the living room where you spend most of your time during the day. But, for some people and homes, this is not an option. In that respect, it would be wise to have one central ceiling light and several smaller ones in different areas of the room. Smaller dimmer lights that can be adjusted are one of the best solutions in this case. Also, if you value modern and minimalist style, you can always use wall light as a statement piece. There are many ways to decorate and reorganize your space, you just have to find inspiration. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with an open floor plan, floor lamps can also come in handy. They will act as dividers and you can find many interesting designs in the market that would suit your style. If you’re on a budget, make sure to visit garage sales or try some fun DIY projects that can help you make an ordinary floor lamp very interesting and unique.

2. Bedroom lights

When it comes to bedroom lights, things are a little bit different from the living room. In the bedroom you don’t need lights that are too bright. There are some amazing choices if you want to change your lighting – I recently came across a great store that has LED lighting that is soft and can be nicely placed into any bedroom. The Renovator Store is a place where you can find lighting, but also find an amazing inspiration on their blog and learn how to incorporate lighting into your bedroom.  If you like to keep things creative, you can install interesting ceiling lights. These can be smaller in-built lights arranged in certain patterns or a large statement piece. For example, a forest chandelier that cast a shadow similar to trees and branches is very suitable for the calming atmosphere of the bedroom. You can always buy this type of chandelier or make it yourself to save some money. Also, mood lights are more than suitable for bedrooms because they can relax and calm you. Of course, if you’re a big reader, don’t forget to include a lamp on your nightstand or a wall lamp right above your bed. 

3. Bathroom lights

In the case of illuminating your bathroom, you can pretty much go with whatever you find appealing and proportioned to the size of your bathroom. Still, most people opt for wall lamps instead of central ceiling lights since these add an additional touch of décor to the bathroom. Moreover, you can always add LED light strips to the bathroom cabinet so that you can get ready without having to squint. 

4. Kitchen lights

Kitchen is not that difficult to illuminate adequately, but it’s also very important to have a proper lighting solution in this room, especially if you spend time cooking there. In order to avoid eye strain, you can always add self-adhesive strips of LED lights at places where you spend most of your time. Also, the kitchen gets stuffy and full of odors pretty quickly and in that respect you might want to consider a fan ceiling light for sufficient brightness and fresh air all the time. This will help you in creating the most gorgeous kitchen that will be the focal point of your home.


5. Outdoor lights

When it comes to illuminating your porch, front yard or backyard, you can always spice things up a little with creative and proper outdoor lighting solutions. If you’re worried about the security of your home, don’t forget about motion sensor lights. Moreover, you can put small lamps along your driveway, use interesting lamp posts for porch fences or strings of LED lights to recreate the starry sky in your own yard. It’s all about what you want to highlight. If you have a beautiful garden and spend your evenings outdoors, you should definitely go for something more personal and unique.

Proper lighting in your home can undoubtedly improve your mood and provide you with enough brightness to go about your daily tasks. What’s more, these lights can create interesting effects and present a work of art themselves. Therefore, take your time to look for the perfect lighting solutions that would not only illuminate your home but your mind as well. 

The moving day is usually very hectic and exciting, but unfortunately, it can also be very stressful – especially when there are unpleasant surprises in the form of broken or damaged furniture items. Delicate things, like artwork, antiques, mirrors, and similar, can’t just be loaded into a truck and driven away; they have to be handled with care. With that in mind, here’s how you can protect your fragile furniture when moving.

Grandfather clock
If you happen to have one of those old grandfather clocks, you probably don’t want to see it broken. After all, their sentimental value is usually much bigger than their financial one. So, to make sure it doesn’t get damaged, remove any weights and pendulums from it, secure any moving parts, and pack it or crate it. Since it’s usually very heavy, make sure there’s enough padding in the box, and you should have nothing to worry about.

Large photos, paintings, and mirrors

The best way to pack larger photos and canvas paintings is to put them face down on a piece of bubble wrap that is about double the width of the painting. Then, tape the bubble wrap around the painting, and pack the painting in a bit bigger box. Of course, you should label every box, so you know which boxes you need to be more careful with. Moreover, when you start loading the boxes onto the moving truck, make sure they are placed standing up; it reduces the chance of damage. Also, if you can, try to put them in between mattresses, sofas, or some other upholstered furniture. The same goes for mirrors, just don’t forget to secure any hardware that goes with the mirror.

Smaller photos and artwork

Smaller artwork should also be wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with some tape. You can pack more items together in medium-size boxes, label the boxes, and put them on top of some softer furniture, so they are safe during transport. Make sure not to pack too many pictures in one box, though; you don’t want it to fall apart while being carried. Keep in mind that the extra space can always be filled in with lighter items, like linen or paper.

Rent a truck

Since you know exactly how fragile your furniture is, what is in which box, and how valuable all those items are, the best would be to rely on the help of professionals and hire a moving company. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to let somebody else handle your delicate items. This would allow you to organize everything else the way you want it, and not worry about anything getting damaged. Just make sure to give appropriate tips to those professionals. After all, they will be caring delicate and probably some pretty expensive stuff.

3D art

3D artwork, like shadow boxes or block letters, are quite popular decorative elements. However, moving them can become a bit tricky. The safest way to do it is by wrapping them in bubble wrap, just like photos, and packing them vertically. You can also add in some pillows, stuffed toys, or some other soft linen, for some extra padding.

China plates

If you have any expensive china plates, the safest way to pack them is by using barrel cartons. The bottom of the carton can be layered with packing peanuts or crumpled paper for some padding. Needless to say, before you place the plates in the box, you should first wrap them all individually. You should place them in the carton sideways, so there’s room for fillers. You can fill in any extra space with more papers, and make sure not to place anything heavy on the carton.

Smaller sculptures

Packing sculptures is always scary since it only takes one wrong step to break them. Moreover, sculptures like swans, elephants, and most animals, have extended parts that are especially vulnerable to being snapped off. In order to protect a sculpture, you need to cover it in plastic wrap first – to protect the finish. Then, wrap the vulnerable parts of the sculpture in bubble wrap. After you’re done with the vulnerable parts, you can wrap the entire sculpture. Once you’re finished with that step, you should end up with an egg shape, which you can then put in a box with some padding.

Larger sculptures

First, you need to know the approximate weight of the sculpture so you can choose an appropriate box. Sometimes, a cardboard box will simply not do, and you’d need a wooden crate instead. If the sculpture is not too heavy (depends on the material it’s made of), you can, perhaps, use a cardboard box – but with a lot of padding. Either way, wooden crates, in general, are a good thing to have. They are sturdy, and they are noticeable, which means that they are less likely to be mishandled. And even if they do, whatever is in them is more likely to survive the moving process.

When it comes to moving, the last thing you want is to start unpacking your things only to find some of your most valuable items damaged or broken beyond repair. So, make sure to pack every fragile item correctly, pay attention to how you stack the boxes in the truck, and they will be safe in your new home in no time.

Kitchen cabinetry remodel can be done any time of the year as fits your schedule. Here’s the truth: the best time for renovation in Bob’s house may not be the best time in Jenny’s tiny home. Meanwhile, Steve lives in a van and uses a hamper as a cabinet. Everybody is different. The best time to remodel your cabinets will have some variance.

This writing will focus on a few general things you want to take into account as you determine when is best to remodel. For example, if you remodel “in season”, you’ve got a better chance of getting the right contracting help and having the job go faster. If you remodel “out of season”, you might get better deals on cabinets, but worse deals on contractors.

When it comes to remodel, for a lot of good reasons, spring tends to initiate projects. There is a lot of walking in and out during renovation. Many different tools must be used, and when the weather is not too hot or cold, it’s ideal to get such work done. When it’s cold contractors track in the snow. When it’s hot, everybody sweats.

Spring And Summer Sweet Spots

For most people, the sweet spot will either be in spring, or after summer. However, because spring also initiates “real estate” season, many want to get the work done before they list.

So with remodeling specifically, your sweet spot may be late August to early October, depending on the seasons where you live and the availability of materials. Summer is usually a fine remodeling time, but it depends on your region. It can get hot. Spring and summer are most popular; hardly anybody remodels in winter.

Co-Opting The Internet

You might want to consider purchasing cabinetry options from the internet. There are always going to be options online which are available when those in brick-and-mortar stores dry up. Also, a physical store will have a selection vastly limited over what’s available through an online outlet. Just to help give you an idea, check out these kitchen cabinets for sale.

Online options also feature the latest innovations in cabinetry. Take Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinets, for instance. These are ordered online to specification, sent to your location, and then you put them together on your time. So when is the most convenient time for you? It’s going to differ per person. With options like RTA, you just determine what is most sensible.

Property Value Considerations

Then there’s the consideration of property. Where is your property in its lifecycle? Is it a new property, are you on the cusp of selling, did you purchase an as-is home? Depending on the answers to these questions, the time to remodel kitchen cabinets will vary.

If you’re planning to sell, get the remodel finished at least six months in advance. If you just bought an as-is property, you might want to renovate as soon as you get it. If you have a new property, the right time to remodel the kitchen and add new cabinets could be a few years away.

Budgeting is also something that will help you determine the proper time for remodeling. Remember, more money doesn’t always equate to a better investment. If you pour a million dollars into a property in a neighborhood where nobody’s buying, even if it’s worth more, you might never sell; so the investment is wasted unless you want opulence for your own use.

Meanwhile, if you just clean things, repair things, add a lick of paint, and go the cheap route, you could very well create a more valuable property with only minimal investment. You want to make your renovations match your budget, and budget carefully. Consultation can help you spend not too little and not too much—each property has a sweet spot.

Be Flexible

Going the DIY route will generally yield the best results in terms of cost savings, but this isn’t always the case. With any renovation, things tend to go over time and budget; understand that and give yourself a monetary cushion. Start the job when you’ve got a few months where you could have an upended kitchen and it does not disrupt the flow of daily life.

At the end of the day, your best remodeling time will depend on you, and your specific situation. Generally, it’s going to start in spring or autumn owing to the weather and economy, but be advised: a one month job can become three pretty quick, even if you know what you’re doing. So give yourself wiggle room.

A sneak peek into the Beckhams’ home has revealed a look that has swept the members of the design community off their feet. Known for her refined style, Victoria Beckham has managed to capture a true sense of elegance and luxury in her home. Thus, if you’ve always been inspired by Victoria’s style or you’re simply charmed by the lavish appeal of her plush mansion, here’s how you can recreate such a look in your own haven.

Go with a simple look


First things first, the luxurious look of the Beckhams’ home doesn’t stem from excessiveness. On the contrary, their beautiful space features a rather simple look that exudes luxury and style. Victoria has opted for a simple design, combining both classic and contemporary design elements. Therefore, if you want a home that captures the elegance of Victoria Beckham’s mansion, you should keep it simple, subtle and sophisticated.

Add a touch of marble

Marble is one of the most prominent materials in the Beckhams’ mansion, so it’s no wonder that their entire home has lavish appeal. This extravagant material is used for a beautiful fireplace, white staircase, Victoria’s bathroom and in other areas in their home. Introducing marble to your own space is definitely the perfect way to recreate the appeal of Victoria’s home. However, if you’re limited by your budget, you can also find some great marble alternatives at a more affordable price.

Accessorise in style

As already mentioned, Victoria isn’t a fan of excessiveness and clutter, so she uses just a few impactful details when accessorising her space. Silver details, such as an elegant bowl, go hand in hand with her understated backdrop. Therefore, you can follow in her footsteps and decorate your sofa with sophisticated silver cushions that will both elevate your home décor and introduce a feeling of cosiness to your space.

Choose an understated colour scheme

color scheme

Mostly, Victoria’s home features an understated, monochromatic colour scheme of whites, off-whites, beiges, soft browns, greys, etc. However, she occasionally uses dark tones to create a striking contrast and break the monotony in her space. For instance, her hallway and staircase feature a soft, creamy white backdrop while the banister stands out with its dark look. She uses this subtle colour scheme beyond her walls, making most of her furniture elegant, white and made of natural materials.

Make your wallpaper textured

Wallpaper is widely used in the Beckhams’s mansion, creating stunning visual appeal. However, for a true touch of elegance, Victoria has chosen to go with textured wallpaper designs. One of the rooms features a stunning silver-toned floral print wallpaper that creates a truly elegant ambience. You can also try out this idea in your home, using it for your entire room or creating a single accent wall.

Invite plenty of light to your home

What makes Victoria Beckham’s home even more inviting and appealing is the amount of natural light that permeates the space. Big windows allow sunlight to illuminate her living space, making it seem airier, more open and welcoming. Some of her home’s slightly darker rooms seem certainly more enjoyable and bigger when brightened up by natural light. Therefore, you should definitely move your curtains to the sides and let floods of light inside, especially in your smaller rooms.

Show off your hardwood floors

hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are definitely one of the most stunning features of the Beckhams’ sanctuary. Such elegant floors give their space a timeless look that will never go out of style. In addition, this flooring option offers high-quality and durability, which makes it the perfect choice since they have a furry family member, Coco. If you’ve been hiding your hardwood floors underneath wall-to-wall carpeting, you should definitely reveal their beauty.

Go matte in the kitchen

The Beckhams’ kitchen is certainly stunning, featuring a sleek, modern look. Cabinets and other furnishings are dark-toned while appliances match the dominant colour scheme with their black matte finish. Yet, the entire arrangement is set against a sleek steel wall, which creates a striking contrast. So, you know what to do – make your kitchen sleek, modern and matte.

The home of Victoria Beckham is certainly a stunning example of luxury that stems from simplicity. Therefore, you should take a page out of her book and design a lush haven by introducing an elegant design that combines both classic and modern features.

It is common for all fashion trends to come and go, but there will always be certain elements that never fade and go out of style. If you’ve been thinking of redecorating your home lately, consider giving your home a timeless look, something that will stand the test of time but continue to radiate elegance, beauty and serenity in the years to come.

A timeless décor can serve as a perfect background for displaying all the eclectic pieces that you love and here is how you can achieve that in grand style.

Go neutral with colour

It can look truly amazing to play with wall colour or fancy wallpaper, but you can’t really tell how long those patterns and shades will stay pleasing to the eye. Neutral colours never go out of style and remain as constant communicators of freshness and cleanliness. For a timeless and elegant look, stick to neutrals and solids and achieve beauty and balance with flashy accessories.

One trap that many eager homeowners fall into is buying fundamental furniture pieces in a trendy colour of the year. Rather go with colours and patterns that will survive passing trends and add layers with decorative pieces such as lamps, art, throws, pillows, bedding, rugs and tableware.

Be detailed, but don’t overcrowd

As the saying goes – the devil is in the detail –give some extra consideration to choosing those details carefully. Pay attention to lighting and elements that can bounce off light, such as gilded mirrors. They are very classic in style and help balance the natural light.

Use scented candles to uplift the space and create an atmosphere of warmth and harmony. Besides colour, fragrances are also very therapeutic and picking different scents such as lavender, passionfruit, jasmine, lemongrass or vanilla, can help in soothing the nerves and improving mood. Moreover, if you arrange them tastefully in elegant glass containers on a beautiful vintage tray, you’ll have a gorgeous decorative piece to go with the style of your home.

Your only concern should be not to overdo it. Timeless look is all about balance, so less is actually more. Be selective in your choice of decorations, colours and furniture and let the overall look show off each piece.

Mix the old with the new

Timeless décor typically blends old with new and it’s one of the best ways to create interest and add beauty to your space. By mixing pieces from different eras and painting them into a fresh, modern shade, or upholstering a classic piece of furniture into a fabric of intricate pattern, you can create a unique blend and give your own stamp to the design.

Carefully balanced with the contemporary, old, vintage pieces such as armchairs, mirrors, chandeliers and side tables can give any room a lot of charm and appeal.

Illumination is essential

Lighting is an extremely important element of any home and a great ally in designing. It doesn’t only light up the space, but it has the capacity to make a room seem bigger, brighter and more inviting. You can use it cleverly to your advantage and highlight your favourite furniture pieces or artwork. By using light to showcase your minimalist design, you move the focus form the light fixture itself and make a statement of the whole space.

Tone down your furniture

Try to stay away from big, chunky furniture pieces and rather go with toned down, petite elements, as they can have a much more powerful effect in big rooms. Also, pay attention to the practical aspect as well as aesthetical. Smaller and moveable items of furniture won’t give the room a heavy, old-fashioned vibe and will allow you to be more flexible when it comes to the layout. So when you get weary of one set up, you can easily rearrange the furniture and have a fresh new look without spending a dime.

Display your favourite photos

Family photos always give the space a note of warmth and love, but be careful not to go too eclectic by mixing too many textures, colours and shapes of frames. A classic, timeless look is easily achieved with monochromatic or black and white scheme. Choose a wall and make it your gallery that reflects your family’s unique personality.

Finding the best design for your home that will represents your personality and taste is never an easy task. It can also be quitter challenging to find a timeless look that will make you comfortable and be aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, by incorporating some basic features listed here, you’ll be able to style your home in a way that will stand the test of time.

Ok, let’s spill some tea right at the beginning – Valentine’s Day is definitely not everyone’s favorite holiday. However, those who do love it – love it to the extent of making everyone else around them very much aware that they do. But, jokes aside, this fun little lover’s holiday gives all of us the perfect excuse to romanticize a bit and embellish our homes with some pops of color and other little décor items reminiscent of spring that’s ahead of us.

Now, while hearts, roses and XOXOs can be seen wherever you turn during this time of year, that doesn’t mean that those are the only symbols allowed to be used in Valentine’s Day décor. Au contraire! There are so many beautiful ways you can decorate your home for this holiday, you wouldn’t even believe. Let’s check out some of them.

Décor doesn’t have to be over the top

Newsflash: You don’t have to go crazy with the décor! Actually, more subtle décor pieces will make a bigger impact and look way more stylish and modern. So, instead of painting your entire home in pinks and reds and hanging little Cupids and hearts on your chandelier, consider putting up a single piece of wall art with a romantic theme, or adding just a couple of heart-shaped throw pillows and a soft throw blanket to your sofa.

Pro tip: instead of going for the already-seen red and pink heart-shaped pillows, try to get ones in Live Coral (new Pantone color of the year) and express your style and taste to the max.

Décor doesn’t have to be IN your home

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need to limit your Valentine’s Day décor to your home’s interior. If you’re in love and you want the whole world to know, you can romanticize your patio or gazebo! Simply hang some light, sheer curtains, add some fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere, a warm and comfortable blanket is also a must, as well as a couple of tea lights. A nice little vase with some freshly picked flowers is also a detail you can’t go wrong with, and maybe even a nice heart-shaped wicker wreath embellished with some (preferably) fake flowers.

Floral arrangement

In the “Great Gray beast February” we could all use as much spring as we can get our hands on. And what screams “spring” louder than anything else? Flowers, of course. Therefore, put together nice little flower arrangements and scatter them throughout your home to boost the romance (and your mood) and skyrocket love in the air. However, make sure you avoid expensive roses (that have, at this point become a cliché) and go for something out of the ordinary, such as field flowers mixed with Chrysanthemum or place some Hydrangea bloom in a simple, clear round bowl for the maximum touch of romance.

Limit your décor to the bedroom

To really make this holiday extra special, limit your decorating efforts to the master bedroom. Invest some money into luxurious, romantic bedding (again, you can opt for Live Coral for that extra oomph) and a big, warm duvet cover with some romantic floral print. Additionally, get some scented candles to set the mood and even place some fresh flowers in vases on the nightstands. Finally, here as well, you can use fairy lights for some extra magic or even light dimmers if that’s more your thing.

So, as you can see, whether you’re in love or not, you can give your home some pizzazz with these modern Valentine’s Day décor to lift the overall mood and welcome spring with open arms.

The New Year has been in action for some time now, the holidays are over and it’s time to do some actual work. In order not to let winter post-holiday depression get to you, it’s important to get moving to a new project. Think about the interior of your house. When was the last time you redecorated? If you’re bored with the current look, new home decor is just the right 2019 project for you. It will keep you occupied for a while and you won’t lack motivation as you’ll be working on making your everyday life better and your own home more beautiful. In that respect, here are a few things you can do to make this happen.

Sectioning space

If you have a big living room and your furniture is aligned with the walls, you probably have a bunch of unused space in the middle of the room. There’s no time like the present to change these circumstances. Building a wall inside one room is not a very simple solution and it narrows the space down, which is a shame for a living room or any large room that has a lot of light and should generally be spacy. Instead, try to section the space using your own furniture. The back of a couch or a moving shelf are great for this.

Cutting out sofas

A popular 2019 trend involves ditching the couch for a more modern look. Not only is it very chic, but it also frees up the space in your room. Therefore, you can use a settee instead of a sofa in a smaller room. Match it with some tabourets instead of armchairs as they would look strange paired with a “backless couch”. Side tables are also great space savers. Metal ones are particularly trendy now and they come in all colours and shapes, gold and silver being the most popular currently.


If you were never a fan of minimalism, then this is the right thing for you. Introducing the anti-minimalistic style where cosy and decadent furniture is not only allowed, but encouraged. Say goodbye to neutral and plain everything and hello to colours and bold combinations. Go nuts and stuff all sorts of furniture and colours as the motto of this style is “More is more”.

Matte black

Matte black is the new neutral and if you, like Morticia Addams, think it’s such a happy colour, then this is great news for you. You can combine it with practically any colour and it will still look amazing. Black is elegant and classy, so if you aim to achieve this effect, then this new trend is meant for you.

White and crazy

Complementary neutral is white, of course. While many people dread using this colour since it has always been a go-to colour of almost every house we ever visited, there are some amazing combinations that can be done with white. For instance, white goes great with silly. Having that in mind, it would be fun combining white with some colourful patterns and crazy colours in general. Let your imagination run free and create a unique combination that will end up being anything but ordinary or generic.

The fact that all these things don’t even require a lot of money makes it all more enticing and realistic. So, the only thing keeping you from having the most amazing home décor there is, is actually yourself. Make a firm decision and a plan, arm yourself with some good ideas and DIY enthusiasm and you’ll be good to go.

One would think shopping for home design enthusiasts is a mission impossible. It goes hand in hand with buying someone a perfume. It’s exhausting and incredibly difficult and the odds of the person liking it are not really on your side. Another problem is not even knowing where to start. Home décor is such a vast universe. How on Earth should we know where to look? Despite the pain this type of shopping brings, when you imagine the look on your friend’s face after getting them the best home décor gift there is, you’ll realize it’s all worth it. So, let’s get to it and see how to narrow it down and crack the code for getting the perfect present.


Contrary to popular opinion, minimalism enthusiasts actually like getting home décor presents. However, they may be the most difficult target audience as any gift you get that they already have or dislike, is considered clutter. That’s why you should tread carefully when it comes to buying gifts. However, if you know your friend’s inventory stats, a nice set of trays or cups and a teapot seem like a good idea. Scented candles goodie bags can also bring your friend joy. You can even pair coasters and candle holders. Regardless, your main guidelines are to stick to neutral colors and plain designs.

Antique lover

Unfortunately, given the delicacy of the situation, one cannot exactly categorize antiques here due to the fact that the availability of items depends on luck and circumstances. This is where you simply need to go and search until an item “speaks to you”. It is best if you go live as online shopping won’t give you the real idea or show you the true charm of the items. For instance, my mom wanted to have this special old book. It was about history of mathematics and not many copies were printed so it was impossible to buy it in any bookstore. However, one day, her friend found it in an antique store accidentally and bought it for her. She was ecstatic. So, go and try your luck at various antique stores and flea markets and you might just find the perfect gift.

Natural types

People find it quite easy to shop for this group. When in doubt, buy a plant. You can never go wrong with buying a beautiful plant in a nice naturally designed pot. Success is one-hundred-percent guaranteed. However, if you want to be a bit more creative, there are some lovely cooking sets that are nature-themed with branches for holders. There are also amazing curtain designs and drapes including scenery, animal prints and many more nature-inspired patterns. You could even consider a DIY of cacti in a glass terrarium. It will be a great touch in your friend’s home and it also has a personal note.

Bohemian rhapsody

Bohemians have that wonderful sense of romance. Your friend probably likes to cuddle up into a blanket and enjoy a good book and a glass of wine on a rainy afternoon. In that respect, you should consider getting them a soft warm plushy blanket that also has an interesting design. This would make any bohemian happy. Another gift idea would be pillows or even a plush toy that fits their living room. It’s important that the materials are natural and they feel good against the skin.

Hopefully, this classification gave you some idea on where to start and what to look for when getting home décor gifts for your friends. It will take you some time and effort, but once you see how happy you made them, you will have zero regrets.

Moving from one home to another is always difficult, no matter how old you are, how many times you’ve done that before and how many possessions you actually have. Being forced to pack up everything you own and move it to another place can be a logistical nightmare, but if you plan ahead and know what you’re doing, moving can turn out to be easier than you’ve ever imagined. It includes a couple of vital stages, and you should pay equal attention to every single one of these, so here’s a handy start-to-finish guide that might help you get prepared for a move and tell you everything you need to know about the entire process.

Decide what stays and what goes


Moving to a new home is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all those things you don’t use anymore, but still keep them around, just in case you ever need them again. But, to be honest, the chances are you won’t need them at all, so this might be the perfect time to get rid of them.

Some of the things most people get rid of when moving are clothes, DVDs, CDs and books – the things you don’t use anymore – as well as old mugs, towels and kitchen appliances because you can always replace them with new ones. Once you decide what you don’t need, sell or donate these things, and then move onto packing the things you’ll take with you.

Provide enough boxes


This might seem like the silliest thing in the world, but the fact is that many people just don’t have enough boxes when they’re packing their stuff. They start with a couple of huge cardboard boxes, thinking that’s going to be enough, but then realize that these huge boxes are neither practical nor strong enough for all their possessions.

Instead of doing that, you should get lots of smaller boxes, preferably of the same size. These are easier to handle and carry around, and you can stack them together easily because of their unique size. This way, you’ll be able to pack and unpack your things in a matter of minutes without wasting time and energy at all.

Ask your kids to help too


Moving to another home can be stressful for your kids, especially if you’re moving to a new town and they have to leave all their friends behind. That’s why you have to find ways to make this a bit easier for them and minimize their stress as much as you can. Talking to them and approaching them in advance is the key, and if you manage to do these things subtly, your kids won’t even notice the move.

You’ll have to make a ton of promises to your kids in order to get them to cooperate in the move, and you’ll probably end up being more stressed-out than them. But, if you manage to get them involved, they could actually end up helping you quite a lot – packing their own things, labeling their own boxes and decluttering their own toys. This way, you can trust them to help you organize the move, and that means you have fewer things to worry about, which is quite amazing.

After packing all your things, loading them into the moving truck and getting your new home ready for your arrival, there’s nothing left to do than to say goodbye to your old home and leaving it for good. This is an important part of the process, and it will help you and your family get some closure before you can start your new life in your brand new home.

Patios are the most stylish parts of a garden, but for them to remain stylish, you need to give them a makeover from time to time. Without taking care of the patio covers, cleaning out the leaves and dirt left over from rainy weather and reviving the furniture, your patio won’t stay as beautiful for long. It’s also a good idea to replace some ruined pieces with new furniture and reorganize your patio space. Here are some ideas what you can invest in.

A wood pergola

Pergolas are not only marvelous design pieces, but are a necessary protection from the sun, as well. You can make your DIY pergola or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It takes less time to build a pergola than to renovate your whole patio, even though you get the same effect. Adding this wooden detail can completely change the look of your patio and make it feel more comfortable for both you and your visitors. Pergolas are useful for rainy days, as well. You just need to add a decent cover.

Bathe in luxury

In order to completely spoil yourself, there is nothing better to do than installing a luxury spa in your garden. Built-in spas are made with soothing jets positioned to target acupressure points and relieve tired muscles and designed to take into consideration the human form. A spa with a range size to fit 2-4 people might be just about the right size for your patio zone without you having to rearrange too much. Coming home from work and jumping straight into a luxury therapeutic bath might be just the thing you need for stress relief.  

Nooks and hammocks

If you are a fan of easy and cheap DIY comfort, then nooks or hammocks are just what you need. For the simplest solution, you will need only two standing points and a long net. For something more convenient, you can find hanging chairs that can carry up to two persons, but in this case, you will need a ceiling standing point. There are self-standing single person hanging chairs, as well. Reading nooks should be efficiently located in one patio corner that has the most light. Including a hammock in this same corner can make it the most picturesque place of your home.

Gravel and stone

Although most patios are typically paved, think about investing in a flagstone patio floor. Building a flagstone patio can be as fun as putting puzzle pieces together. A flagstone patio is also a dream to clean and remove dirt and dust quickly with an electric pressure washer. If you have already defined the shape of your patio and dug it at least 5 inches deep, think about covering the soil with landscape fabric so that weed can’t grow between the stone.

Vintage details

Some rusty old tables, chairs, pots or other patio details can look rather stylish if you redesign them just a bit. Take one weekend in the garage to transform your broken armchair from unusable junk to a vintage must-have hand-made accessory. Also, hardscape elements like arbors or trellises can be found at flea markets and garage sales for a small amount of money, and can make amazing changes to your patio design. Details like colorful flowers in rusty recolored pots or just in simple old and torn up rubber boots are an adorable and creative way to make new use of things you would otherwise throw away.

Putting new life to your patio can simply be done by shining some new light within. Spreading some lovely lighting through the patio will give a beautiful romantic vibe to any evening. Coloring the light bulbs with colorful transparent paint can also have an interesting effect. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative in order to make the most enjoyable patio for your home.